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Frankles POV

I was stunned.
I was speechless…
(And that doesn’t happen very often).
Gee had kissed me… he’d kissed me.
And yeah I know we kiss each other all the time but this one… I don’t know. It felt different. It’s usually just a kiss on the cheek, or a peck of the lips, or on stage its full – on over exaggerated, hair pulling, mind blowing, hip grinding making out.
But this kiss… It wasn’t the usual. It wasn’t making out, but it wasn’t a peck. His lips just sort of… pressed against mine and lingered, not long enough to set off alarm bells, but not short enough to class as a friendly peck.
It felt as if he had feeling behind it. But that could just be wishful thinking.
But then when he pulled back – he looked… shocked almost. As if he hadn’t meant to kiss me but couldn’t stop himself. It was a surprised look – but that might be because I stupidly closed my eyes and then looked at him like a fan girl who had just been hugged by him…
Oh shit.
That’s why he looked shocked. Because my face gave me away – the kiss clearly didn’t mean anything but then he saw my face and realised I like him!
Oh my god!
Okay… I mustn’t panic… I might be getting this all wrong. The best thing to do is talk to him… but when? And what do I say?
In fact, maybe it was just a meaningless kiss and he didn’t see my true feelings written all over my face. After all, he’s resumed his usual position with his head on my shoulder as if everything’s normal so… maybe I’m just being paranoid.
Yeah. That works.

“Hey Mikey. Is Bob back?” Gerard asked brightly, only just managing to rest his head on my shoulder before Mikey appeared in the room. He glanced at the TV screen, grimaced and then turned back to face us.
“Nah. But I was getting bored in the bar. He’ll be back soon anyway, I’m sure.” He smiled, and I relaxed a little when I realised Mikey wasn’t suspicious of anything so we must look natural. Gerard seemed to relax a little too and he nodded.
“Yeah…” He mumbled, pressing his face into the side of my neck and yawning. I knew he was tired, he had been practically on the brink of passing out in the elevator… maybe that’s why he kissed me… Being really sleepy can mess with the mind.
I know. I’ve been there.
“You bitches mind if I turn over?” Mikey asked, already ejecting the DVD.
“Go ahead.” I sighed and he muttered a thanks before flopping back onto his bed (for some reason, only Mikey can land on his bed and not get impaled by unsuspecting objects) and flicking through the channels.
“Spanish… Spanish… Spanish… Spanish…” He mumbled with each one, waiting a few seconds to hear the dialogue before skipping to the next one, hunting for an English speaking channel.
No doubt if Ray was here he’d make us watch some Spanish stuff to get with the ‘culture’.
“Ya’ know Mikey… since we’re in Spain. I’m guessing they’re all gonna be Spanish.” I pointed out and Mikey flipped me off, still muttering to himself as he channel hopped. Gerard giggled sleepily into my neck and I felt shivers going down my spine when his breath ghosted over my skin.
“Aha! English – take that gay!” Mikey cackled as he found a news channel in English. I scowled and Gerard’s arms hooked loosely round my waist.
“Don’t pick on Frankie bro.” He slurred, his eyes closed as he began to drift asleep, fading quickly. I know Gee well enough to be able to tell when he’s completely whacked out, he starts to pout before he’s even asleep and he slumps really suddenly – as if someone just flicked the off button. And then he starts to –
I giggled quietly, relaxing fully once Gee was asleep and daring a quick glance at him. His face was still in the crook of my neck and I could feel each inhale and exhale against my flesh, his lips pouted against the skin. His black hair was falling into his eyes from the angle of his head and he looked content.
I can’t deny that Gee is the most adorable sleeper. Even his snoring is adorable – I mean, Mikey snores, but he sounds like lion, bear, Godzilla hybrid with a chest infection. But Gee’s snoring is so soft it’s practically a purr.
“Did he fall asleep?” Mikey whispered, glancing over at us and I nodded quietly, gently brushing Gerard’s hair back off his face, caressing his cheek as Mikey turned back to his boring ass news program. My heart skipped a beat as Gerard mewled softly and pressed his face ever slightly into my palm, as if leaning into my touch.
I didn’t mean to smile like a girl – but I couldn’t help myself. It was all I could do to resist the urge to squeal madly.
“Actually… I’m pretty tired too. Let me know if Bob and Ray get back.” Mikey said after a moment, tossing me the remote. I nodded and watched as he kicked some items off his bed and buried himself beneath the thin blanket. I left the news on for a moment as I waited for Mikey to stop fidgeting and begin to breathe heavily, his snores soon coming and almost shaking the room.
Gee must be really tired if he can sleep through that.
I shook my head fondly and took the remote into my hand, absent mindedly stroking Gee’s hair as I flicked through the channels once more. The news channel was the only English one, so I settled for some Spanish cartoons.
I couldn’t understand a word of it but you can’t go wrong with Cartoons – there pretty self explanatory anyway.
I watched the cartoons for as long as I could, waiting for Ray and Bob to get back, but as one hour was followed by another my eyelids began to feel heavier and heavier, starting to droop as I struggled to focus on the cartoons.
To try and keep myself I awake and challenged myself to repeat each line spoken by the brightly coloured characters. For a few minutes it entertained me, quietly whispering Spanish sentences to myself, but it wasn’t long before my sluggish mind couldn’t hold onto the sentences long enough for me to repeat them and I mumbled myself into a deep sleep.

“Uhmm…” I shifted a little as I felt a blanket get pulled onto me, something heavy on my side.
“Shh… go back to sleep…” A familiar voice soothed and I rolled my head to the side.
“Ray?” I mumbled, fighting to break fully out of my sleep. “Umm.. Bob…” I try to move whatever was on my side away but couldn’t.
“Yeah… Bobs here, he’s fine… go back to sleep Frankie…” Ray whispered, a warm hand brushing my bangs out of my face.
“M’kay…” I muttered, letting myself drift back into my extremely welcoming sleep.
Just before I passed the brink of consciousness I heard Ray whispering to someone.
“I guess Gee’s spending the night here.”
“Yeah.” A second person chuckled. “They look adorable. Think we should take a photo and put it on Facebook?” I scowled to myself and tried to tell them to fuck off, but I fell asleep before I had chance.

Gee-spot’s POV ;) YEAH I WENT THERE.

‘Mmm.... Frankie... Frankie?’
‘Yeah Gee? You awake?’
‘Mmmpft.... No....’ I mumbled softly, smiling and snuggling further up to him. I wrapped my arms more securely round his waist and mewled gently, cuddling into him. My eyes were still closed and I was tired as fuck, though I could tell it was late in the day and I really should be getting up now. I heard him chuckle softly and pressed a soft kiss to his neck, breaking and resting my head down on the... pillow.
But I thought I was sitting up last night? I opened my eyes slowly and looked, seeing I was laying down next to Frank, my head close to being buried in his neck like last night, my arms wrapped round his waist, one hand resting on his chest softly. I smiled and looked at him, yawning and rubbing my eyes with one hand.
‘Yeah, I think Ray shifted us in the night,’ he said in response to my confused expression and I smiled, feeling a hand running through my hair over and over again.
His hand. I noticed his hands were both tangled deep in my black locks, softly running through them, almost subconsciously as we spoke. I smiled softly, leaning back a little into his hands.
‘Ray’s been in? Is Bob okay then?’ I asked, trying to keep the subject natural. Though, it was hard, as with each passing second, I found myself fighting the urge just to lean in and kiss him again. His lips were so soft and supple, and a gorgeous rose pink, completely and utterly kissable. I bit my lip softly and closed my eyes as I listened to him talking softly about how Bob was, and how he’d spoken to them both this morning when I was sleeping. I smiled softly as his voice wafted through the air, his hands resting softly on the back of my neck. I leaned into his touch and smiled, opening my eyes again to unintentionally lock them with his. Damn. Again.
His eyes are beautiful. I’d never noticed what a rich chocolate brown they are until now, but the minute I saw, I felt instantly guilty for abusing those two wonderful orbs and not giving them the true glory they deserve. If I had his eyes, I’d just look at myself all day, I’d put mirrors on the back lenses of my sunglasses and everything. They’re such a deep colour, you could lose your way completely in them. And I think I did. As he spoke, I felt myself gradually slipping into some sort of trance, just gazing softly into his eyes, which probably wasn’t a good thing as he’s probably thinking I’m a right old weirdo.
Who am I kidding with this probably shit. It wasn’t a good idea, and I bet he is thinking I’m this pervy eye creep now.
‘Gee? Are you okay?’ Exactly. I looked up at him and smiled, snapping out of it vastly. ‘You kinda zoned out there, don’t worry about Bob honestly, the doctor told Ray that he’d just need a day or two rest and he’d be fine in no time...’ I smiled and nodded, sitting up to avoid any more hypnotic dazed moments. He sat up with me, and I released my arms from his waist, stretching and yawning again before getting out of bed.
‘Good, I’m so glad he’s okay. I’m gonna get changed out of these and make an entrance.’ I said with a smile and unbuttoned my collar shirt, seeing a pile of my clothes on Mikey’s bed. Because as much as I’d love to spend the day in bed with him, I suppose it’d be a good thing to go down and see the guys.
What am I saying?
Of course it’d be a good thing. Staying in bed with Frankie: Not a good thing. Staying in bed with the adorable, gorgeous and deadly, deadly cute little Frankie...
Yep. So not a good thing... Um...
‘Good idea,’ he chucked, taking off his tee-shirt. I couldn’t help but bite my lip as I saw his tattooed muscles flex a little when he pulled it off, the ‘Keep The Faith’ italic letters round his stomach stretching slightly before relaxing again as he chucked it to the side. I slipped the shirt off my shoulders and looked at him, a smirk crawling to my lips. I knew what he was thinking.
‘SHOTGUN BATHROOM!’ I shouted, grabbing my black trunks and racing down the room to the bathroom.
‘NOWAY YOU BITCH GERARD! THIS ISN’T EVEN YOUR ROOM!’ He shouted, banging on the bathroom door as I slammed it shut. I laughed, calling ‘sucker’ through the door and giggling to myself, turning the shower on just to aggravate him. I know Frankie, and he has this real thing about showering first in the mornings. He’s always up early and in the shower before anyone can even rise from their zombie state out their bunks. And now, for once, I had beaten the shower king. I smiled and removed my skinnies and boxers, stepping in and squealing as the temperature was-
‘Ha ha, SUCKER!’ I pouted and shivered, knocking the tap up until the water was running slightly warmer. I smiled as it warmed up and grabbed some shower gel off the side, squeezing a dollop into my palm and rubbing it over me, feeling much cleaner. I don’t know what it is about the hot that makes me feel so... Dirty... Too much sweat I guess.
Way too much. Ugh.
So anyway. I showered, and soon enough I was turning off and stepping outside, slipping on my trunks and making an exit into Frank and Mikey’s main room. My hair was still wet, as was my chest and I was drying myself off with a towel before I saw Frank sitting impatiently on the bed, looking at me. I smirked and gave him an innocent ‘What?’ look, before chucking the towel on his bed and taking my shirt in my hand as well.
‘You know what.’ He said and I smiled, kissing his cheek gently.
Okay so I can’t resist. Sue me.
‘I’ll meet you down there,’ I giggled and ran my hand down his chest cheekily before darting out the room, smirking at his shocked face. I put my clothes away in my room and slid on my shades, grabbing my book and a pencil from the side. I walked out and chose the stairs. Yeah, I know we’re up like four floors, but if all I’m going to do is eat Spanish food and lounge out drawing by the pool all day, I could use the exercise.
I started making my way down, ending up on the ground floor in a half gallop type run thing. Yep. Totally whipped that motherfucker elevator. Hmm.
‘There you are! Bob’s literally just gone up, so if that’s all you need then good, because try today not to go in there too much today, cos you know, all the summer flu thing that Mikey told you about, if he told you, did he tell you? Cos you know him, he’s so forgetful sometimes-‘ This was Ray who grabbed my arm, walking me through the lobby to the outside bar where we hung out the first day. I saw Mikey slapping on his sunscreen on a lounger by the pool and putting on his shades before laying back down on the bed, whincing in pain as his harsh sunburn contacted with the white paitenty fabric thing. I smiled, nodding as Ray continued to ramble, warning me not to disturb Bob on any costs, and to try and relax today as he would be okay, but not today as of course the whole summer flu thing. ‘-So anyway I already ordered you and Frankie some food but Franks over there on the loungers with Mikey eating his and I think Mikey may have got ahold of yours so really sorry Gee but-’
‘Woah, Ray, chill out!’ I laughed, covering his mouth for a second. ‘Seriously, dude, okay. I’m not hungry anyway. And don’t worry this is all I need.’ I smiled at him and patted his shoulder, ‘Jeez dude, telling me to chill.’ He giggled and smacked the side of my head playfully.
‘What?! I was just being careful!’ I scoffed and smiled, walking out the bar and straight onto the warm tiles where the sun loungers and pool was. I smiled and waved at Frankie with my fingertips, seeing him wave back and take off his black top, once again letting me feast my eyes on his gorgeous olive tanned chest. I’m so jealous. Yeah, I know it’s not my exact aim to get brown on this vacation, but I could do with some colour in my life rather this actual DEAD looking skin I was born with. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s really helpful for onstage, but when you’re in Spain and trying to impress your bandmate with your ‘hot body,’ only to present a mildly toned white piece of crap, you kinda wish you’d tan just a teeny bit.
But anyway. Frankie... Mmmftt.....
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