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kinky actions with pool cues

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yeeah, you know this sounds like fun xD

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Feebees POV

Okay. Me – Hot weather, we don’t get along. I’ve established that before I think. But ya’ know… sometimes it’s nice to be civilised to people you hate, and so I was giving hot weather a chance.
I mean, as insanely hot as it was, it does have its plus sides like…
Erm… Catnapping in the sun… yeah…
And err…
An excuse to drink lots and lots of juice and erm…
Fuck it.
It has Gee half naked.
There I said it.
I couldn’t help myself but stare at him as he flopped back onto a sun bed and opened his sketch book, pencil poised on the page as he nibbled on his lip, searching for inspiration. I tried to move my eyes away but couldn’t, I mean come on – he’s half naked. I’m sure if the object of your affection… or obsession –whatever – was just lounging around with no shirt on you’d stare too.
The problem was he kept looking over at me and catching me staring which was making my cheeks tinge pink with embarrassment. He usually starts drawing and gets lost in his art work for hours, but this time he just wasn’t.
Probably because he could sense me staring at him.
Ugh… great. Now he probably thinks I’m a perve. Which means he’ll never want to be around me again, or kiss me again and and and…
Wait. He kissed me last night.
I still need to talk to him about that. I know he didn’t mean anything by it but… I don’t know. This morning when we woke up it felt so right lieing next to him like that. I hadn’t wanted to get up, I just wanted to stay there with his warm body pressed against mine, my hands in his silky hair. He’d even had his arms around my waist and nothing had ever felt so much like it was meant to be.
But that’s probably my wishful thinking.
I should stop watching Disney movies. It’s turning me into a romantic…
How come it’s only cartoon Princesses who get the men they want? Those bitches.
Oh fuck. Now I’m getting jealous of Disney Princesses…
I knew this obsession was unhealthy.
“Ya’ know Frank, if you stare at something for too long its image gets imprinted into your minds eye and you see it everywhere. Like when you look at the sun.” Mikey said casually beside me, licking his thumb and turning the page of some war novel he was reading.
I dragged my attention from Gee and turned to face Mikey, my eyes watering from the sudden change in scenery.
“What?” I asked and Mikey smirked, not looking up from his page.
“Seriously. Close your eyes and I bet you’ll see Gerard.” He insisted and I frowned, closing my eyes to prove him wrong only to find that I had a somewhat hazy and rather yellow image of Gerard in my mind. It was like it had been drawn on the inside of my eyelids.
“I wasn’t staring.” I said quickly, opening my eyes again to find Mikey grinning at me.
“Yes you were.” He laughed. “It’s like your eyes were glued to him or something.” I bit my lip, knowing I had a guilty expression on my face and that there was no use trying to lie to Mikey. He’s like a genius or something.
“I… He… don’t tell him.” I begged, giving in and making Mikey laugh to himself, turning back to his book with a shrug.
“Okay. But word of advice, find something else to look at before he starts getting suspicious.” He smirked and I scowled at him.
“I was just about to.” I said lamely, turning and flopping onto my back on the sun bed, folding my arms across my chest in a huff, choosing to look at the sky instead. But the sun was so bright even staring at the sky itself was too much for my eyes and I closed them instead, trying to push my thoughts into any direction that didn’t lead to ‘Gee’ and ‘Mmm’.

“Hey, Frankie… wake up gay.” I whined and smacked Mikey over the arm before relaxing again, only for him to continue poking me in the ribs.
“Mikey leave him alone.” I heard Gerard demand but Mikey was persistent.
“Nah its okay. Frankie wake up you whore.” He giggled and I groaned, rubbing my eyes before opening them slowly to scowl at Mikey who was grinning at me from his sun bed.
I couldn’t remember falling asleep but it couldn’t have been more than a couple of hours because the sun was still shining brightly and the pool was full of people.
“What?” I yawned, my stomach lurching when I saw Gerard stood by my sun bed, smiling softly at me.
“I just came over here to see if you and Mikey wanted a drink. I told him not to wake you.” Gee said before giving Mikey a death glare who chuckled and put his book beneath the sun bed.
“I didn’t want him to get dehydrated.” He said sweetly before getting to his feet. “Besides, I want him to come play pool with me – come on Frankie.” He nodded over at the pool table beside the bar but I shook my head, resting back against the sun bed.
“I don’t want to. I’ll have an orange juice though, if you don’t mind Gee.” I smiled at him a little shyly and he nodded.
“Of course I don’t mind, leave the guy alone Mikey.” He snapped as Mikey grabbed my arm and began tugging at it.
“Go get the drinks Gee we’ll be there in a sec. Come on Frank.” Mikey gave me a meaningful look and I frowned. He was clearly trying to say something with his eyes but I couldn’t tell what so I sighed and got to my feet.
“Fine.” I grumbled, stretching my arms above my head. Mikey grinned and Gerard began making his way over to the bar.
“I don’t see why it’s so important.” I mumbled moodily to myself as Mikey began tugging me over to the pool table.
“It is.” He insisted, giving me his best serious look before dropping my arm and beginning to arrange the coloured balls in the little plastic triangle. I watched him for a moment before turning my gaze to Gee stood at the bar, ordering our drinks. He was leant casually against it, tapping his fingers along his hip and making it difficult for me not to drool.
Oh that guy is just so…
“Do you wanna break, or shall I?” Mikey asked, in a strange kind of voice as he rolled the white ball around his palm. I shrugged, rubbing some chalk over the end of the cue.
“I dunno. I’m not bothered.” I said simply and Mikey put the ball down on the table before standing aside.
“You can.” He smiled sweetly at me and I gave him a suspicious look before standing against the table, bending over and aiming the cue tip at the ball. Just as I was about to take my shot I felt a sharp pain over my ass and I gasped, straightening up to scowl at Mikey.
“Ooow!” I whined, rubbing my ass cheek where Mikey had smacked it and he laughed at me.
“Couldn’t resist.” He shrugged and I gave him a long death glare before bending back over the table.
“Try to control yourself.” I snarled, hearing Mikey giggle.
“I’ll do my best, no promises though.” He said mischievously and I rolled my eyes. What’s got into him?
I took my shot and stood back so Mikey could take his, he eyed the table for a moment before going round it, passing his hand over my shoulders as he walked by me.
“Good shot.” He complimented me in that same weird voice as before, and I realised something with a shock. He was trying to sound seductive. I frowned and watched him taking his shot, trying to figure it out. Me and Mikey always flirted, but we were just kidding around and this didn’t feel the same.
It felt too serious.
Mikey potted three balls before it was my turn again and he smirked at me.
“Worried?” He teased and I shoved him playfully.
“As if, I could whoop your ass.” I smirked and Mikey leant back against the table, biting his lower lip with a smile, his eyes travelling down my body then back up again before he spoke.
“Mmm. Bet you could.” He agreed and I felt my stomach churn. He was making me feel really awkward and I could tell Gee was looking at over us.
“Mikey… what are you doing?” I asked as he scooted his body a little closer to mine. He rested his hand on my cue and leant forward to whisper something in my ear, as if sharing a great secret… or dirty talking.
“Making him jealous. Play along idiot, I’m doing you a favour.” He said in a slight snarl, and it was so like Mikey – unlike this weird seductive thing that it shocked me back to my senses. I stared at him in surprise and he gave me a sexy smile. I glanced at Gee quickly to see him watching us with a small frown before looking back at Mikey.
“Are you kidding? That wont work, he doesn’t like me like that.” I whispered angrily and Mikey smirked, resting a hand on my waist and leaning forward.
“Trust me.” He said with a wink as Gerard appeared holding our drinks, giving us suspicious glances. I gaped at Mikey for a moment, wondering whether to put him in his place or to play along like he suggested. I couldn’t see how it would work. Gerard wasn’t the jealous type even when he liked the person. But I guess with being his brother and everything Mikey knows him better than me.
Besides. I was curious.
“My shot?” I asked with a small smirk and Mikey nodded, releasing his grip on my waist and standing back.
“Yep.” He smiled and I sauntered round the table, feeling Mikeys eyes on my ass, so I swayed it just a little.
“Erm… your drinks…” Gerard said softly and Mikey took his cola from him.
“Oh, thanks bro.” He said brightly, taking my juice as well and handing it to me once I’d taken my shot.
“Oooh, you’ve got me cornered.” Said Mikey with a small giggle, referring to the position of the white ball on the table. I shrugged and took a sip of my juice, not taking my eyes from Mikeys.
“Not yet I don’t.” I smirked and his eyes sparkled with a shared plan, and I could practically hear the devious laughter in his head.

Heebee Geebee’s POVee...bee? err... :D
Okay, first of all...
I swear if I wasn’t standing opposite them both, my jaw would have dropped. It nearly did just then, but I kept my cool and forced a smile, watching them play pool again. I... They’re not... They... No... Are they? They can’t be. And even if they are, it’s about time either one of them fucking told me, instead of making me look like a total idiot like they obviously have been doing for about as long as I’ve known them both!
Woah. Okay. Calm yourself. They’re always perving on each other.
God, I guess... But I’ve never liked Frank before... Well, not like that, and, I don’t know, to see him now perving on my younger brother right in front of me... It’s making me feel all... Weird.
Like, sick almost. It’s really weird. If you’ve ever been punched in the stomach then taken on the rockiest car ride of your life in the back seat, then you’ll know the exact feeling.
Or.. If you’ve liked some guy and are getting really into him, then see him perv on one of your siblings right there in front of you. It’s kind of like a slap in the face. Like, ‘hello I like you- oh.’ Type thing. Like... False hope. All last night, it was basically just me and Frankie, watching TV, my head on his shoulder... we even kissed. Well.. I kissed him...
Maybe this is some sort of message? Like a ‘Okay, bout last night? Don’t kiss me, like.. Ever’ type thing. Oh God. I knew I shouldn’t have... But I just couldn’t help it, his lips were so soft and gorgeous and so damn tempting that it’s a wonder anyone can resist them.
‘You okay Gee?’ Frank asked cheerily, watching Mikey take his shot and ‘ooh’ing as he accidentally potted the cue ball. I looked up from my staring space on the floor and forced a smile, perhaps a bit too overly for my liking. Oh God now he thinks I’ve got smile issues. Damn.
‘What? Oh yeah, yeah I’m fine!’ I smiled, looking at Mikey, ‘you’re not doing good though are you little bro?’ I smirked at him as he flipped me off, pouting a little at Frankie. As their eyes locked for a second, I felt my stomach lurch and nearly flip over. I know that fucking look. From both of them. It’s the famous ‘I want you’ eyes. They can set them on you at almost any given moment. Like when you’re eating, and Frank suddenly strolls in flashing the eyes at you, you nearly choke on your food when you think he’s serious. Now I wish he was, only not for my younger brother. I looked away and scratched the back of my neck, chewing a little on my lower lip for any form of distraction. ‘I.. uhm... I think I’m gonna go back to the pool for a bit... Uhmm... see you guys..’ I put up a hand and made my way out the bar, Mikey saying ‘kay’ almost zombielike.
‘Oh... You sure Gee?’ Frank asked and I turned round briefly, nodding and giving a less ‘oh-my-god-I’m-on-shrooms’ type smile before leaving. I walked across the white tiles to my sun bed and lay down on it, whipping on my sunglasses and closing my eyes. Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. My brother, and Frankie... Oh God this is too weird. Now I’m crushing on the same guy as my younger brother clearly is... Oh GOD. Ugh. Images, out of your head now Gerard. I shook my head and frowned, opening my eyes to steal a glance at them both. They were at the end of the pool table, Mikey whispering something to Frank. Oh Christ. I have to stop staring. God dammit I have to get out of here! But where can I fucking go. If I say I’m off to the bar, they’ll be suspicious, I mean I just went over there. I could always go up to the room to get something...
Damn. No. Bob’s up there. Ugh.
I could go check on him?
Nope... Remember what Ray said ‘I’ll stay with Bob today, I mean, you’ll wanna enjoy the sun and your drawings and I’ll burn if I’m out in the straight sun for two days solid so I think today I’ll stay in. You could use the tan as well!’ Seriously that guy is my mom. It’s always ‘Gerard you’re so pale, you wanna get some colour in you dude!’ or ‘Gee are your laces done up, no they’re not! Now, I don’t know if you think it looks cool like that or whatever, but the fact is, it’s a hazard to you and other people. Do them up.’
I’m not kidding, that actually happened once.
He’s like the mom of the band. Not just with me, with everyone. Even the roadies. All of them. He’ll come up to me one day in a panic and be all ‘Oh my God have you seen?! Sarah’s got some toilet paper on her shoe, and I don’t know if to tell her because there’s Rick over there who I know she’s crazy about and if I blurt it out to her then she’ll be all ‘ahh Ray you embarrassed me!’ but look see she’s really close to slipping and you know what a hazard loo roll can be and-’ He just gets into these manic rambling fits that by the time he’s finished panicking, she’s slipped, not only revealing the fact she’d been walking around with loo paper stuck to her shoe, but majorly exposing her ass and general self to said crush. He’s such a cringer.
Anyway. Oh God... What the hell are they doing NOW?! I never even thought of doing that with a pool cue, and I’ve taught Mikey everything he knows! God damn...
The worrying thing is, if that wasn’t my brother with Frankie, I’d think that was kinda hot... Infact- No. Gee don’t even go there. It’s Mikey. MIKEY. Ew. Oh God, just stop looking! You’re gonna get a fucking hard-on if you keep-
Fuck. Damn. Damn damn damn. I looked down and gasped, rolling over on my front and shooting up in pain as my boner crushed against the sunbed. I couldn’t let them fucking see that I was getting needy over Frankie, my potential crush and my BROTHER making kinky actions with the pool cues. No. I had to get gone somehow. I looked around and thought fast, my heart racing as I saw the cold glistening water tempting me in. Yeah, it’s gonna rip my dick off with the contrast I know... But it’d take care of it quickly.... Oh fuck it.
I sprang off my sunbed and went to dive in the pool, gasping at what happened next. I slipped on some water round the edge of the pool, and felt my feet rapidly slide beneath me, sending my head slamming down on the side of the pool before I crashed in the water. In that split second I saw my whole life flash before my eyes. I completely blacked out and started sinking to the bottom like a dead weight. I wanted to scream, or shout, or kick out or something, but I couldn’t. I just lay there, on the bottom of the pool, being harshly sucked to the suction filter on the bottom, now completely stuck fast.

A/N: Heyyy guyssies! Okay, just a little note to say THANKYOU! For your amazing reviews!!!! We seriously love reading them, and I’m so sorry for being such a shit updater! Seriously, it’s not RayRays fault, it’s mine x_o So yeah, MAJORLY sorry!!!!!!!
And the pool thing, as exagurated as it sounds actually happened to my friend. He’s okay though :D xxxxxx
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