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Oh Shit. SHIT.

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I glanced over at Gee to see if he was still there, frowning when he wasn’t. I swear he was just on that sun bed right by –
“Oh my God! Someone help him!” A woman was screaming loudly and pointing at something in the pool and Mikey turned round with frown. There was something on the edge of the pool, a small smudge of red stuff, and then under the water, the image shimmering a little, was a body. Clouds of red were twisting and turning up through the water before disappearing completely, and people were climbing out of the pool as if a shark had just appeared.
“Oh no… NO!” Mikey’s shout made my ears ring and before I knew it his cue had clattered to the floor and he was running towards the pool as if Satan himself were chasing him with a dildo.
Seriously. I’ve never seen him run so fast.
At first I couldn’t understand, but then I leaned forward a little, squinting at the wavering image of the person in the pool and suddenly the air was pushed out of my lungs as if I’d just been hit by a wrecking pool.
Sweet holy Fuck.
“GERARD!” This time, it was me being chased by the ruler of hell and a sex toy, and people barely had time to get out of the way before I was speeding past them.
No…no no no no no no no no NO!
This can’t be happening. This can not happen, not now. Gee can’t die, I have to tell him I like him – he has to know me and Mikey were only messing around. He can’t leave me like this!
Okay… freaking out. Must…remain…calm.
“GEE!” I almost slipped on the water round the pool but managed to stop myself just in time. The pool was now empty and people were just stood around staring at him. Why the fuck wasn’t anyone helping? Why the hell don’t Spanish people have lifeguards?
“Frank! Frankie get him out of there – please!” Mikey begged, tears in his eyes. Mikey was practically hyperventilating and I could see a panic attack coming on, clearly he was in no fit state to dive down him self.
An old lady offered him her inhaler and he thanked her breathlessly as I ripped my shirt off, my heart beating wildly inside my chest.
Christ, where’s Ray when you need him?
I tried to force myself to calm down as much as I could, my chest feeling uncomfortably tight. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion, it was like a ridiculous scene from Bay watch. I stepped onto the edge of the pool and sucked in a deep lungful of air before diving into the water, forcing my eyes to stay open as I swam down to Gerard, looking like nothing more than a smudged blob with my watery vision.
Beneath the water time seemed to go back to normal again, and my heart rate slowed. The sounds of screams and shouting were muffled down here, I could only hear the groaning of the water about me, and my own heart thumping loudly in my ears.
I reached Gerard within seconds and I wrapped my arms around his waist, going to swim back up but he felt ridiculously heavy. I mean, beyond normal heaviness. And that’s when I realised I couldn’t hear the suction of the filter –
“Umph…” I wrapped my arms tighter around his waist, a strange pounding in my throat as my lungs began to burn with the need to breathe. I planted my feet on the pool floor and heaved with all my strength, using the floor to spring myself up and through the water.
The muscles in my arms strained and for a second I thought I was just going to break my arms, but then the next thing I knew my head was breaking the water and Gerard was safely in my grasp, free from the filter.
“HE’S GOT HIM!” I heard someone shouting, maybe Mikey, but I couldn’t tell, I heaved in as much air as I could as I used one arm to swim to the side, loads of hands grasping at Gerard and tugging him out of the pool. I bobbed in the water for a second, breathing heavily and trying to get my head straight before clambering out of the pool.
Gerard was lieing on the pool side and people were arguing over whether he had to be laid on his front or his back. Mikey was still sucking at the old ladies inhaler, looking pale to the point of death as he stared with wide eyes at his unconscious brother.
“He has to be on his side – the recovery position!”
“What’s the hell’s that?”
“No no – he needs CPR!”
“Mouth to mouth!”
“It’s the same thing idiot!”
“No it isn’t!”
“Is there a doctor here?”
My head was swimming as I tried to force through the ring of people surrounding Gerard. They all seemed to be saying a lot of things they could do, without actually doing anything. And I myself didn’t know what it was I was meant to do next. All I knew was what I had seen on TV, and I wasn’t sure exactly what that was.
Was CPR and mouth to mouth the same thing?
“Outta the way!” I panted, shoving someone out of my path before crawling over to Gerard. His eyes were closed and there was a thin trickle of blood weeping out of the side of his head where he must have banged it. He didn’t seem to be breathing and I felt my heart begin to hammer again.
“Give him mouth to mouth!” The woman nearest to me shouted, waving her arms about. This was followed by many more shouts and suggestions, and it was making everything so much more difficult.
“Do something already!” A fat bloke called and I panicked, I gripped Gerard’s chin and forced his mouth open before pressing my lips hastily to his, not really thinking at all.
Silence suddenly fell and I could feel everyone staring as I did what they did on TV. I only hoped I was doing it right.
I passed as much oxygen out of my mouth into Gee’s as fast as I could before pulling back and taking a deep breath, lacing my fingers together and pressing the heel of my palm into the spot just beneath his breastbone, I shoved my hands down five times before pressing my mouth back to his, repeating the whole process for what felt like a million times. Each time expecting to hear him breathe, to move, do something – but he never did.
“Come on Gee…” I growled, pressing my hands into his chest once more. “I need you.” I whispered, pressing my lips to his, filling his lungs with air and pulling back, my fingers lacing again when suddenly I heard a gargled choke, and I was suddenly falling backwards onto my hands as Gee turned onto his stomach and began choking up puddles of water.
My jaw dropped and some people cheered, Mikey dropped the lady’s inhaler and gave a cry of happiness, and Gerard’s body tensed and convulsed as he coughed up all the water he had swallowed, his nails scratching at the tiled floor.
“Oh God… Thank God…” I whispered, passing a hand through my hair and closing my eyes, taking a deep breath.
My God he was alive.
He was alive and he was choking and breathing and I have never felt so happy to hear him swear in all my life.
“Fuck…” He rasped, slumping onto the floor and breathing heavily, his eyes closed as he panted.
“Gee!” Mikey dropped to his knees beside Gerard and tugged him into a sitting position, cradling him in his arms and rocking him from side to side.
“Oh fuck Gee…you’re okay… thank God you’re okay…” He whimpered. Gerard didn’t respond, he just slumped against Mikeys chest and continued to regain his breath. His eyes still closed.
Mikeys eyes met mine as I sat up and he smiled softly, tears shining as they slipped down his cheeks.
“Thank you Frankie.” He whispered, and I nodded, feeling a little shell shocked. Mikey closed his eyes and bowed his head as he continued to rock Gerard, and hundreds of hands squeezed at my shoulder, thumped me on the back, and ruffled my wet hair. Thanking me, congratulating me, telling me I was hero. But all I wanted was for Gee to look at me. I just wanted him to smile, or say something.
I wanted to tell him I’d been so afraid when I thought he wasn’t going to wake up. I wanted to tell him that I loved him.
Funny, what freakish life or death moments can do to you.

Aggh! Gee’s POVAYY

I... I was terrified. Never in my life have I ever wanted to live for so many reasons, yet been on the very pin point of it all being over. I couldn’t stop shaking, Mikey’s grip on me tight but steady as he rocked me. I didn’t say a word to the crowds of people coming up to me asking if I was alright, they knew I wasn’t, I mean, these people had eyes didn’t they? Why couldn’t they see I just wanted to be left alone with Mikes and Frankie? I opened my eyes a crack, staring at the blood on the pool tiles and reaching up weakly to my head where the cut was. I felt a cold wet towel dabbing lightly at it from Frank and smiled a little, letting my eyelids fall shut again.
‘Do you think I should tell Ray and Bob what happened?’ Frank asked and I looked up at Mikey. He shook his head and lifted me from his arms and into Franks, standing up and kissing my forehead softly.
‘I’ll go don’t worry,’ he said with a soft smile and turned, walking down the poolside, a hand running through his hair. I rested my head on Frank’s shoulder and smiled as he cradled me in his arms, rocking me slowly and rhythmically, soothingly, unlike Mikey’s panicked shock of a hug. I looked up at him with half closed lids and rested my arm on his other shoulder, draping it round his neck so it hung lazily over his back. I felt his hand rubbing tinny circles into my hip as he rocked me gently and closed my eyes, breathing heavily. I couldn’t help but melt a little into his warm cradling touch, trying my best to block out all the other sounds around me of gossiping families, wailing Spanish kids and the incessant squealing as people splashed in the pool. I ‘mm?’ed questioningly as I felt myself being lifted, bridal style up into Franks arms. He shhed me softly and I looked at him again, seeing a soft smile forming at his lips.
‘Let’s go somewhere quieter where you can relax,’ he almost cooed, walking with me out of the pool area and down past the maze of sunbeds to the place where I ran from him on the first day. My eyes were closed again and I was still trying to regain full composure, just wanting to sleep, or at least relax like he said. Though I must admit Frank was helping a lot. I felt him sit down, up a palm tree and rested my head on his shoulder, still shaking from the shock earlier. It just felt like everything was over. I couldn’t breathe, or see, or move. I was completely out of it, and if Frank and Mikey hadn’t spotted me, I’d still be down there. I shuddered at the thought and wrapped my arms round Frank’s waist, securing myself to him as if I’d get sucked to the bottom again if I let go. I shook my head, desperately trying to rid my thoughts of the nightmarish event, but was unable to, the vivid images of my own blood, the sickening blackness and hazy white light of the sun flashing through my head wilder than ever-
‘Frank..’ I mumbled softly, opening my eyes to be met with his soft olive skin. I looked up at him and bit my lip, seeing his worried expression.
‘Gee, you gotta relax, you’re okay now... I.. I’ll keep you safe’ he said with a soft smile and I felt a warm tingling feeling rushing through my stomach, making me feel quite sick. Though, there was something about it which I deeply loved and craved, and just caused by those four words. It turns out that they were all I needed to hear, because as soon as he uttered them, I emitted a long, mewl-like sigh and nuzzled my face in his chest.
‘Thank you...’ I said quietly after a while, looking up at him. ‘For saving me...’
‘Don’t thank me Gee...’ He said with a blush, his hands starting to resume drawing patterns on my hips. I closed my eyes, listening to him talking softly. ‘I.. I don’t know what I’d have done if we hadn’t heard that woman shouting... We... We could have lost you...’ I shook my head, almost denying it and cuddling against him. No. I wouldn’t have let that happen. I have way too many things to tell him to let that happen. ‘We could’ve Gee!’ He said, and I could hear the thick tears in his voice. I opened my eyes and looked at him, raising a hand to wipe away the soft cascading tears. ‘I n-need you Gee...’ He whimpered, smiling as I softly caressed the tears away. I felt a lump growing in my throat as I looked at his falling tears and bit my lip, resuming my head on his chest. ‘I need you so m-much...’ He was crying harder now and practically clinging to me, like he would lose me again. I couldn’t control it anymore, and let my own tears break free and roll vastly down my cheeks. I wrapped my arms tighter round his waist and back and cried against his chest, shifting to bury my face in his neck.
‘Y-you t-too... I n-need you t-too Frankie...’ I whimpered, ‘Y-you s-saved me... Oh G-God you s-saved m-me...’ I couldn’t stop saying that through my sobs, feeling his arms come up and wrap round my back like mine were his. If this were any other situation, I would probably be a little aroused at this point, if not, on the very verge of it, but I really didn’t care now. I didn’t care that my wet, naked chest was pressed up against Franks, and my face was buried deep in his neck, or that his hand was running through my hair again how I like it, or that his other hand was resting on my ass...
Okay I cared a little bit about that. But not in a bad way. Because aside from that, this embrace was just about being with Frankie, and feeling him still there, just as he was me. We needed just to hold each other and be held, and it was like there was no one in the world except for us two.
It was amazing.
I was feeling more relaxed by the second as I cried into his neck, and each tear I felt softly wetting my hair made me gradually forget about what had happened earlier. Because each of those tears was of happiness, like mine were. Happy about who’s arms I was in. Happy about who had saved me. Happy about who I was falling more and more in love with in every second spent with him.
I just wanted to tell him. To, even whisper those three words, but whenever it crossed my mind, it was like someone had quickly duct taped my mouth up, preventing me from even breathing, let alone saying what I wanted. I kept quiet and let my lips form a small pout against his neck, his hand on my ass moving more under it to move me further in his lap. I smiled, before relaxing my lips again and hearing him giggle quietly. My tears had finally subsided and I was left with the typical puffy red bags, which is another reason why my face was hidden from his. I ‘mm?’ed quietly.
‘You’re pouting aren’t you,’ he said and moved, seeing me quickly reform my pout to a smirk. I giggled and shook my head, looking at him.
‘No...’ I said with a giggle, ‘well I can’t help being relaxed now.’ I giggled again and heard him sigh with a smile, brushing a hand through my hair.
‘I’m really glad you are... You don’t know how scared I was back then for you...’ I nodded silently and continued looking up at him. Christ... I wanted to tell him, just to whisper ‘I love you’ or something, but again, was completely unable to. I mentally slapped myself and carried on listening as he told me how scared everyone was, this time much more composed than earlier. ‘It was terrifying... I don’t know what I would’ve done without you... I really don’t...’ I smiled and sat up a little so my face was level with his.
‘I know, I don’t know what I’d have done either... I..’ Oh come on just say something, ‘I couldn’t have bared leaving you.. y-you mean..’ I looked away, almost whispering ‘everything’ to myself. I closed my eyes, instantly regretting saying that and already preparing myself for a massive freak out. I heard a small gasp and bit my lip, the pause between us feeling almost deathly.
‘What was that?’ Finally. Speech. After the longest silence in history, he finally says something. I felt a soft touch of his hand to my cheek, tilting my face up to him and opened my eyes. He was looking right into them and I had to struggle not to turn completely jelloid so looked down at the ground. ‘Mm?’ He tilted my chin up again and flexed his lips into a small pouted smile. I smiled back, and found my eyes travelling down to look at his lips. Oh God he has a gorgeous mouth...
‘I.. I love you..’ I mumbled, not realising I’d even said it until I felt his hand freeze on my cheek. Oh shit. SHIT. I looked straight up at him, my eyes going wide with his and a sickening feeling stabbing me in the stomach. I can’t believe I just said that. There goes the band, our friendship, everything. All because of those three fucking stupid words.

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