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Froodles POV :]


My mind was blank. Like…major blankness. I’d been through too much emotional trauma that day already and my brain just couldn’t grip on what he had just said.
I knew what he had said. And I knew what I was supposed to say back. But I just couldn’t even open my mouth. I just stared at him with wide eyes and the longer I stayed silent the more I could see it killing him, but I just couldn’t speak.
“Frankie?” He whimpered after a second. “Just forget I said that.” He stuttered. “I… I didn’t m – mean to, just forget it k – kay?” He begged and my eyes widened even more. Forget it? I wouldn’t have been able to forget it even if I wanted to. And if I didn’t answer him soon I’d miss my chance and then it would just haunt me forever, I’d never forgive myself.
Come on Frankie… Function already you idiot.
“I…you…what?” Okay. Words… that’s a good start. Now if I can just make a freaking sentence. “F – Forget it? B – But…but Gee… I love you too.” At last! My brain has woken up and –
Oh sweet holy fucking rock n’ roll.
I just told him I loved him.
“What?” He breathed, staring at me in utter shock. I bit my lip and bowed my head, feeling my stomach churn uncomfortably. Oh good Lord I can’t believe I just came out with it like that.
“Frankie… did you just say…?”
“Yeah… I err… I did.” Well I may as well be honest. I don’t even know why I’m so nervous, he told me first after all, its not like he’s gonna reject me.
At least I hope he doesn’t.
“You love me?” He asked quietly, his hand resting on my cheek and tilting my face up to look at him. He had a tiny smile playing about his lips and I got lost in those swirling hazel eyes, nodding almost hypnotically.
“I a – always have…” I stammered. “For years.”
Okay Frank… this may be a cute ‘lets confess our love for each other’ moment but that doesn’t mean you tell him THAT. Now you sound like your obsessed or something.
Geez, you fan boy.
“Years?” He repeated, his eyes going wide again and I blushed deeply, nodding almost ashamed.
“Yeah…” I admitted, biting my lip. Oh God… I hope he doesn’t think I’m a freak now.
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” He asked, sounding hurt and I looked at him in surprise, blinking stupidly.
“B – Because… you didn’t feel the same. I mean… I thought you didn’t like me like that so I just… I didn’t want to disrupt the band or our friendship or anything.” Come on. He’s gorgeous. He’s just the most amazing person I know in every way – of COURSE I didn’t expect him to feel the same.
“I always thought… you and Mikey…” He blushed a little and I stared at him in shock for a second, before unable to help myself, I burst out laughing.
“What!? Gee, me and Mikey were always joking.” I choked out, making him pout.
“I know that. But earlier… when you guys were playing pool.” Gee paused and ran a hand through his hair, biting his lip. “I dunno, it just seemed serious for a moment. I wasn’t sure.” He whined and I giggled, calming down a little as I tried not to look guilty.
“Oh…yeah.” I gave a nervous cough and shrugged. “I guess we took it a little over the top earlier.” He nodded and for a moment there was silence as both of us looked down to the grass and went through everything we had just said. It still didn’t feel like it was sinking in properly and I looked back at Gee when I felt his gaze on my face.
“Do you feel better now?” I asked, suddenly realising that for a moment we had forgot about what had put us here in the first place.
“Yeah… a little.” He nodded. “But erm… I could be better.” He shrugged and I moved closer with concern, cupping his face and examining him for any signs of illness.
“Really? Should I get a doctor or something?” I asked, not altogether sure where I would find a doctor exactly. Gerard smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist.
“Nah, I don’t need a doctor.” He said softly, leaning closer to me so that I started getting lost in his eyes again.
“O – Oh?” I breathed, my heart beginning to pound as he leaned even closer, my lips pouting without me even meaning to. One of his hands slid up to the side of my neck and he pulled me softly closer as he moved the rest of the way and connected his lips to mine.
“Oh…” I sighed into his mouth, melting instantly in his arms as he kissed me tenderly, his lips soft and warm. Everything finally sank in while his mouth was on mine and I thought my heart stopped for a second. Fuck… he… he loves me. He loves me too.
“Mmm….” I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck, playing with the ends of his hair and never wanting to stop. I had dreamt about this for so long, wanted it ever since I had first lain eyes on him, it was my forbidden fantasy, something I tried not to think about whenever he pouted in his sleep or blew me a kiss. But now he was kissing me, he was actually kissing me and I was turning into an obsessed school girl.
“Mm…better.” He smiled as he pulled away and I looked at him with half lidded eyes, feeling just a little bit high. He giggled and brushed his thumb over my cheek and I whimpered softly, leaning closer to him.
“Kiss me again?” I whispered softly, blushing at my request but wanting to taste him again so badly. He smiled and kissed the tip of my nose.
“Okay.” He giggled, and he pressed his lips gently to mine once more, making me sigh with happiness as my fingers tangled softly into his damp hair.

Geebear’s POV

I smiled and wrapped my arms further round his back, gracing my fingers softly over his spine over and over in little circles. I giggled against his lips as I felt his fingertips running over my scalp, almost exploring the ground. As our lips locked and connected, I could tell his hands had been itching to mess in my locks, and now they were, I’d not felt better.
Okay, so kissing Frankie is my new favourite thing now.
But you can’t really blame me, I mean, come on. His lips are smooth like silk, but full, and leave a sweet coke-flavoured taste with every kiss.
‘Mmm...’ I mumbled softly, running my tongue slowly over his bottom lip and stopping at his lip ring.
God I love that thing. I smiled as my tongue rolled over the cool metal, dipping and locking with it, tugging a little to create almost purrs from him. I held him closer and let his hands roam further in my hair, needing to feel the damp black strands like I needed his soft touch.
It really was magic. Call it cheesy, but it was like a movie moment. The whole declaration of love thing’s never really worked out for me, last time I tried it, I came home, alone, with a red throbbing slapped face. That’s when I decided girls weren’t exactly my thing. I mean, jeez.
‘Gee...’ He mumbled softly, his tongue flicking against mine almost cheekily as our mouths gently opened. I gasped at the contact of his wet muscle and parted my lips fully, granting entrance immediately. His tongue smoothly entered, rolling over my teeth and locking with mine almost like a missing puzzle piece. It felt so right, his warm muscle against mine, his perfect pouted lips still connected, all of it was something I wanted to keep forever. I purred softly and took my hands off his waist, resting them back on the grass as I felt us tilting back a little. Frankie got the hint and leant with me, moving to straddle my lap as I eventually lay back on the grass. I giggled a little and smiled against his lips, ‘Oooh’ing softly.
‘Keen...’ I smirked, squeaking as I felt a poke in my ribs.
‘You... started it...’ He mumbled, breaking to look down at me. I bit my lip and tilted my head to the side, looking straight into his beautiful chocolate orbs. The sun was behind him so his face looked a little darker, bringing out the whites in his eyes more and making them glisten. His black fringe was brushing my forehead softly and half curtaining our kiss, tempting me up to him. I draped my arms round his neck and pouted a little, wanting to taste him again. ‘See?’ He pointed with one hand to my arms round his neck and I smirked.
‘I only just did that, and besides, I didn’t want you leaving.’ He smiled and leant closer, losing me in his soft gaze. His lips flexed into a soft pout and rested gently against mine and I closed my eyes, a soft sigh emitting across mouths. ‘Mmm...’
‘Don’t worry Gee, I’m not going anywhere,’ he growled before pressing his lips softly to mine, his hands running down my body and resting on my hips. I giggled and resumed my pout against him, kissing him softly and letting our tongues collide once more. I honestly can’t get over his taste. It’s sweet like coke, but has a hot aftertaste, like a coffee or something. I don’t know. But whatever that kid’s eating, God don’t let him stop. It’s gorgeous. I smiled to myself and rolled my tongue over his, feeling his hips grind down a little on mine.
Oh God.
I squeaked at the contact before sighing again, God that felt really good. His hips slowly brushed over mine again, moving a little closer each time. I bucked my hips up into his touch, grinding them together and making the pair of us pause and moan deeply into the others mouth. I sunk my teeth down on his bottom lip and moaned heavily as he grinded down on me, a sudden restriction starting to occur in my shorts. Fuck. I felt something rub up against me and arched my back a little, breaking his kiss to moan out loud, his boner now locked with mine.
‘Snap...’ He whispered with a giggle, looking down at me. ‘Hmm...’ He growled, ‘So, someone needs taking care of huh?’
‘You could say that...’ I said back against his lips, still a little throaty from the sensitive contact. ‘Then again.... You.. can’t... talk...’ I mumbled between soft butterfly kisses. I rested back on my elbows and leant one hand forward, running it down his chest and over the brim of his shorts. He squeaked and batted my hand playfully, his other arm, now by the side of my head, trembling a little at the touch.
‘Not here!’ He whimpered, squeaking again as I ran my hand slowly back over the brim. I saw his arm slipping a little and his eyes flickering shut, making me smirk.
‘Not here?’ I asked innocently, I mean, seriously, we’re laying, alone on the grass and in great need of taking care of, walking back through the pool to the rooms with two raging hardons is hardly gonna look subtle is it? ‘No one’s seen us so far, a little longer can’t hurt can it?’ I said with an innocent look, tangling my other hand in the ends of his hair and running my hand back and forth slowly over the brim of his shorts. Each run of my hand gradually dipped lower and lower in the top of his shorts, eventually brushing over a spot which made him almost collapse. I smiled, hearing a long throaty moan and ran my hand all the way down his erection to the tip before curling my fingers tight around it.
‘G-Gee...’ He moaned, struggling to keep supported above me. He planted his other hand on the other side of my head and I smirked, keeping the both of us up with my other hand. I pumped my hand slowly down his pulsing cock, moving it back up and down to generate a sweet, steady rhythm. With every pump and grind on his boner, I heard more angelic, desirable moans, spurring me on to go further, make my hand tighter, drive him absolutely crazy. ‘T-that’s.... Ohh... G-God.... S-..’ It eventually got to a point where the sounds he was making were almost animalistic, and from the bead of precum emerging slowly, I imagined his orgasm building up to its climax. I bit my lip and took one of his hands, practically ramming it down my shorts to take care of my now aching erection. He wrapped his hand tight around it and began building my orgasm up to an unnervingly quick peak, pausing suddenly and groaning loud into my neck. I felt a certain dampness on my hand, familiar to me from many of my own experiences, and bit my lip, spilling hot and hard into his hand soon after. I growled a long moan of his name and let him collapse on top of me, wiping his hand on the grass. I took my own hand out and cleaned it, breathing heavily and trying to compose myself. ‘F-Fuck...’ He breathed, looking up at me and pressing a soft kiss to my Adam’s apple. I smiled, tangling my hand in his hair as a response, too far gone to muster anything else.
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