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Sorry it's been so long peoples, but here we are again! :D

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Frankies POV

I lay on top of Gee feeling utterly spent.
Sweet Jesus… I mean fuck… how much excitement can I stand in one day? Not that I’m complaining.
I mewled and buried my face into his chest, listening to his heart beat, a gentle, reassuring thudding. His hand tangled in my hair was still and he was panting softly, my whole body felt as if it was singing with happiness.
My God.
Did that really just happen? Does stuff that good happen to people like me? It just doesn’t seem possible. I mean, I’ve been a lucky motherfucker so far in my life, pretty understanding parents, a kick ass band and now – this? It kinda makes me wonder when God’s gonna take it all back again.
“Gee?” I asked softly, keeping my face in his chest.
“Mmm?” I could practically hear his smile, and sure enough when I looked up he was smiling softly, his eyes closed.
“You err…you like me right?” I asked quietly and I felt the hand in my hair tense for a second before relaxing, his eyes opened slowly and he looked down at me with an amused look.
“Didn’t we just establish that?” He smirked and I blushed with a smile, nodding and absent mindedly drawing circles on his chest.
“Yeah, I just meant… well, I mean… what we just did… what I’m trying to say is… I was just wondering…” Gerard took hold of my chin and slowly tipped my face up to look at him again after I moved my gaze down to the grass, cutting my rambling short.
“What are you trying to say Frankie? Out with it.” He said gently, smiling at me but I could see worry in his eyes. I felt my stomach clench at the look and I forced a smile, trying to sound blasé as I answered as quickly as I could.
“I just wanted to know if you were just… That wasn’t just a one off right?” I blushed deeply and tried to sound indifferent, but the fear came through in my voice and Gee’s eyebrows rose.
“A one off?” He repeated and I looked down at the grass again, moving one hand off his chest to pull at the blades, shaking my head.
“It was stupid. Don’t answer that.” I said quickly. I didn’t want him to think I was insecure or something. I just couldn’t help but wonder if maybe what we had just done was spur of the moment, that we got carried away and now he had got his kicks he was just gonna end everything – before it even began.
“Frankie.” I didn’t respond and continued tearing out blades of grass, not wanting him to see the blush on my cheeks.
“Look at me Frank.” He said sternly and I bit my lip, worrying my lip ring through the hole as I looked up at him.
“You know I’d never use you, right?” He asked, his eyes locked with mine. I nodded instantly, not a single doubt in my mind. I knew Gee wasn’t like that.
“Of course.” I clarified, and he nodded, taking hold of my chin again to make sure I didn’t look away.
“Then why would you think that was just a one off?” He asked, sounding hurt and I felt guilt swirl in my chest.
“I didn’t… I mean, I just…” I sighed and diverted my eyes. There was nothing for it… I was gonna have to tell the truth. Now he was gonna think I was an idiot.
“It just feels like it’s too good to be true.” I cringed at the cliché way of putting it and tried again. “I mean – you’re amazing, and I’ve liked you for so long… people like me don’t get with people like you.” His eye grew wide in shock and I blushed even more. Blushing was always one of my weak points… God dammit.
“Err… Not that I think we’re getting together or anything. I didn’t mean to say that – I mean, if we did then great… err – but don’t feel like… pressured or anything. I mean, its okay if you don’t want to, I mean I’d like to – but ya’ know, I mean – I totally understand if –”
Frank. Shut up.
“Iero.” I stopped to listen to him and he chuckled as he sat up with me, cupping my face.
“Just shut up.” He laughed and I obediently clamped my lips shut, feeling like even more of an idiot. I couldn’t tell if his smile was a ‘he is just too adorable’ one, or a ‘he’s a total douche, I am so not getting with this fool’ one.
Seriously. It’s hard to tell.
“So, I’m guessing I need to clarify some stuff with you since you’re incapable of figuring it out for yourself.” He grinned and this time I could clearly hear the amusement in his voice. I relaxed a little, my face still in his hands and nodded shyly.
“It would help.” I whispered, almost shamefully and he chuckled, pressing a quick kiss to my lips, securing my full attention.
“Okay, it wasn’t just a one off. I really like you, and if you wanna get with me then that’s cool with me. And that might sound casual, but right now I have so many fucking butterflies in my stomach and you have no idea how much I’m trying not to ramble right now.” He laughed and I smiled wider, feeling happier and happier…and more of an idiot at the same time.
“So just shush okay?” He added and I nodded, smiling softly up at him.
“Okay.” I agreed quietly and he grinned, leaning down and pressing his lips to mine. I instantly leaned into him and kissed him softly back, our lips parting so that tongues could touch and slide together. His kiss was soft and gentle, and I melted in his arms.
God… I don’t care if he likes me or not just so long as he keeps kissing me like that.
“Come on you.” He smiled as he broke, my lips still pouted, eager to continue feeling his. He laughed and got to his feet.
“Mikey’s probably freaking out, wondering where we are.” I whined softly and he took my hands, pulling me to my feet, pecking my lips and then placing a hand over them as I tried to steal more kisses from him.
“Greedy.” He scolded playfully and I kissed his palm. “Later.” He said with a wink and I folded my arms in a sulk. He chuckled and cuddled me close for a second before taking my hand and pulling me to the path, leading the way back to the pool to find everyone.
“Quit sulking.” He smirked at me and I stuck my tongue out in response. I wasn’t really angry, I just hoped that if I pretended to be he’d kiss me again.
“Later.” He repeated. “I promise.” I sighed, well you can’t blame a guy for trying. And I couldn’t help but smile at the promise of ‘later’. Later meant more in the future. Which meant it really wasn’t a one off.
“Okay.” I consented and he pecked my cheek, squeezing my hand in his.

Gerawrd’s POV

Later. I smirked to myself at the word and walked across the tiled floor of the pool area, Frank’s hand still in mine. I let go when I saw the guys sitting by the bar and smiled at him, wrapping a friendly arm round his waist and resting my head on his shoulder as we walked over.
‘Oh God, there he is! Gee!’ It was Ray, in typical mom mode, as usual. He practically dropped his beer he’d been drinking and came rushing over, nearly knocking Frank into the pool at the rate he completely bowled me onto the side. I was knocked on to my back with a yelp, and quickly pulled into what had to be one of his tightest bear hugs ever. I rested my, now sore head on his shoulder and coughed as it seemed he was attempting to squeeze all the air out my lungs. ‘Oh my God you’re okay! You don’t know how much we were all worried about you, Mikey was in floods of tears when he got to our room, oh God thank you Jesus he’s okay!’ Ray continued to ramble, and at this rate, I was in no position to tell him to shut up. I whinced a little as he rubbed a bruise on my back and he gasped, breaking immediately and standing up. ‘Oh shit I’m an idiot, I’m really sorry Gerard, are you okay? Here let me help you up, I’m really sorry it’s just you know, we were all terrified and to see you again like, alright, it was a big shock and-’ I put a finger on Ray’s lips and laughed softly, offering my arms out for a hug. He smiled bashfully and accepted, his embrace warm, his t-shirt fabric soft and comforting. I opened my eyes and looked at Frank walking over to the rest of the guys, and broke from Ray, coughing a little.
‘Thank you,’ I said softly, ‘I’m so much better now though,’ I smiled, and I heard him sigh quietly with relief.
‘Good, I’m really glad,’ he continued, a little more calm now I’d tried to put him at ease. I do feel sorry for Ray sometimes, he doesn’t mean to worry like he does, it just happens I guess, it’s in his nature. It’s like he won’t believe you’re fully okay until you tell him about a million times, even if you’re smiling and laughing with everyone else. You kinda have to spell it out for him, then he’ll be alright with it. Kinda sad I know, but it’s what makes him happy.
We walked over to the bar with the others, Mikey looking absolutely drained from today and resting back in the chair. I gave him a soft smile and sat down next to him, holding his hand and giving it a squeeze so he’d look up at me.
‘Hey bro...’ I said quietly, so not to interrupt Frank talking about what happened to Ray and Bob, and let him pull me into a gentle hug. I rested my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms round his waist, closing my eyes and just holding him like I knew he needed. Mikey and I have always been close, ever since we were little. Sure, we’d fight about stuff, but it’d never drive anything between us, and honestly I can’t imagine life in the band without him. I know he cares about me, and felt awful knowing how much he was worrying today. He must have been terrified, though my vision was a little blurred from coming out the water, I could see his dark brown orbs shining with worry.
At that thought, I buried my face in his neck, and shhed him gently as he started crying softly into my shoulder.
‘Shh shh Mikes it’s okay...’ I whispered, unaware of the silence slowly beginning to fall around us. As it was early evening, the only people aside from us down here were the staff at the bar, and they were pretty occupied with their own business. Ray and Frank stopped talking, little to our knowledge, and turned their heads to look at us.
‘I know...’ He said quietly, ‘B-But Gee... God I was so scared..’ I bit my lip and looked up, holding him like our mom used to when we were upset as kids. I rubbed his back soothingly and quietly shhed him, looking around to see Frank, Ray and Bob all but gawping at us. I smiled bashfully, looking at Frankie with soft eyes.
‘I know Mikey, but it’s okay, listen, I’m here now,’ I cooed, forgetting my quiet whispers as I knew they could all hear. ‘Please don’t cry...’ I asked, looking at Frank again. He bit his lip and dragged his chair over, beckoning Ray and Bob to so our circle was a little closer.
‘Hey Mikey...’ He said comfortingly, taking a hand of his from round my back and bringing it round to hold. When Mikey made no response, he got off his chair and knelt down on the floor, taking Mikey’s chin in his other hand. ‘Mikes?’
Mikey slowly broke away from me, keeping an arm round my back in fear I’d like slip away or something. His eyes were slightly puffy and red round the bottoms of his lids, and Frank slowly removed his glasses to wipe them. He smiled at me as he did so, and I heard Ray and Bob start talking softly about what they were going to do. As Frank was drying Mikey’s eyes, I noticed Bob was looking a lot better today, more colour was in his cheeks and he was speaking without the usual ‘ugggghhh....’ or ‘oh shit...’ groans in between.
‘Sorry...’ He whispered, letting go of Frankies hand and resting his head on my shoulder again. I’m often Mikey’s security blanket when he’s worried or whatever, so it wasn’t surprising he wanted to cling to me when this situation arose.
‘Mikey don’t be,’ I said, ‘I know you were so scared back then,’
‘Exactly,’ Frank continued, ‘But look, he’s here, smiling at you, it’s all okay now.’ I smiled at Franks comforting voice and put a hand on his which was resting on my chair arm. He looked up at me momentarily and turned his hand over, holding mine as he spoke. ‘You know he’s never gonna leave you,’ he said with a soft laugh, ‘I mean it’s Gee, he’s a persistent little fucker.’ Mikey laughed softly and nodded in agreement, Ray and Bob both chuckling at my expense. I mocked a gasp and pouted with a smile, happy to see Mikey cheering up, even if it was just laughing at me.
‘Gee, thanks guys,’ I said and laughed, Frank squeezing my hand subtly and looking up with sparkly eyes. I smiled down at him, rubbing Mikey’s shoulder and putting his glasses back on. I let go of Franks hand to adjust them, and tidy up his hair from the ruffles it got when he’d buried it in my shoulder. God, little brothers, they can be so untidy when they’re worried.
‘God, Gee...’ Mikey half whined as I tidied him up, okay so maybe Ray’s not the only one who slips into mom mode at times. Though, in ways I am a bit like Mikey’s mom. He always comes to me if he’s got a problem with girls, or doesn’t know how to sort something out, and I’ll be there fussing over him and fixing his hair when it’s in a mess, or pulling up his skinny jeans when he tries to sneak past me when they’re hanging way too low. I don’t care if girls like it or not, I have standards for my little brother.
Damn I am like mom.
The others laughed and I tutted them away, smiling once satisfied with him.
‘There.’ I gave the rest a ‘what?’ look and smirked, flipping Ray off when he started tidying Bob’s hair up and tutting at him. ‘Oh be quiet I so didn’t do that!’ I laughed, standing up.
‘Oh okay then mom,’ he said and laughed, getting up with the others. ‘Speaking of moms, are you guys going to go up and get changed for dinner tonight? There’s this place further down the seafront that I think Bob, didn’t you want to check out?’ He nodded and I saw Frank raise one eyebrow.
‘Okay, but what does that have anything to do with moms?’
‘Um... I’m not sure... maybe we’ll see a really hot mom there?’ He suggested and I laughed and shook my head.
‘Oh God no, I am not in the mood for hot mom spotting, I’ve had too much drama today, maybe later.’ We laughed and I turned round, beckoning Frankie to come along. When we had left the pool area, I laced my fingers with his, and looked at him softly, stopping our walk. He turned to me and looked confused, smiling as I snaked my arms round his neck.
‘I thought you said later,’ he giggled, leaning forward and looking at me through his lashes. I smiled, resting my forehead against his.
‘Eh, fuck it this is later enough,’ I laughed, pulling him in for a soft kiss.
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