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Ten Minutes.

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The boys return to the hotel rooms to get changed, but is that all they have planned? ;D

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Frank Oreo’s POV XD

I smiled against Gee’s lips and kissed him softly, feeling him pull me gently closer. I slipped my arms around his waist and held him against me as I lazily kissed him, wanting to just push him down onto the grass and have my way with him, but other families on the resort were making their way outside with their kids to go find restaurants and so it wasn’t really appropriate.
I broke the kiss before anyone could complain about us – I mean I’ve had my fair share of bags thrown at my head for kissing in public, and so I know when it’s a good idea to just stop.
“Mm?” Gee pouted and gave me a questioning look as I relaced our fingers and began walking towards the main building. I glanced at him and grinned.
“What?” I asked innocently and he raised an eyebrow at me.
“All that sulking earlier and that’s all you wanted?” He asked and I giggled, finding it immensely amusing that he was having a taste of his own medicine.
“I never said that.” I shrugged, leading him to the elevator and stepping inside. Pressing the button for our floor and watching the doors slide close. As soon as the elevator began to rise and the annoyingly cheery music began playing his arms were once more around me and he was pushing me into the wall, his lips finding mine.
With an amazing amount of will power (I mean seriously, gold medal worthy will power – you try pushing Gee off when he’s kissing you. It’s like trying to make yourself stop eating cookies when you’re starved to death) I broke the kiss and smirked at him, winking.
“Later.” I teased and he pouted, making me giggle.
“Frankie.” He whined and I pecked his lips as the elevator doors opened. I bit back my laughter as I stepped into the hallway and began making my way down to the room I shared with Mikey.
“You’re seriously just gonna go?” He asked, sounding hurt and I turned to give him a soft smile, reaching my room and pulling my key out of my pocket.
“We have to get changed for tonight.” I pointed out before turning to put the key in the lock. Gerard’s arms snaked round my waist and he pressed his chest to my back, flicking his tongue over my ear. If the key hadn’t already been in the lock I would have dropped it, I tensed and a shiver ran through my whole body as I felt him smirking against my ear.
“Mmhmm… Can I watch?” He chuckled playfully, his soft voice tickling my ear as he spoke and I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath and swallowing as I tried to keep my composure. It shouldn’t be legal to have such an affect on people with so little effort.
Damn my body.
No – Damn his body. Damn him and his damn hotness.
“Damn…” I whispered quietly and I heard him chuckle as he began kissing the tender flesh beneath my ear, nipping softly.
“Gerard… not in the corridor…” I whispered, trying to keep a firm grasp on all my senses which he was beginning to steal.
“Then open the door.” He said in a playful ‘duh’ tone. I scowled and tried to push him off but he began kissing beneath my ear again and I just couldn’t do it.
This is seriously not fair.
My hands were shaking lightly as I turned the key and pushed the door open, walking into the room with Gerard close behind me. I shoved the door close and threw the keys onto the counter in the mini kitchen before wrapping my arms around him and pushing him into the room, stopping at the nearest wall and pushing him against it.
“Eager?” He grinned and I blushed lightly.
“Shut up.” I said quickly before pressing my lips to his. If I was eager he was the one to blame. He just has this effect on me, I’ve never wanted anyone like I’ve wanted him and now I can have him its just a little overwhelming. Excuse me if I can’t keep my eagerness in check.
“Mm… Frankie…” He chuckled, wrapping one arm around my waist and the other round my neck, moving his hand up to tangle in my hair as I licked at his bottom lip. His lips parted and I was allowed access to his mouth, slipping my tongue to meet his in a wild dance as I kissed him hungrily, my arms wrapped tight around his back, wanting to feel him every where.
“I thought… we were meant…to be getting…changed…” He whispered through the kiss, tugging my body closer and closer to his until there was no gap between us. I could feel his heart beat on my chest and the heat of his groin pressed against mine.
“Don’t care.” I mumbled, the kiss growing more heated the longer our lips stayed together. I moaned softly into his mouth when he bucked his hips forward against mine and I felt him smirk.
“You know the others will wonder where we are…” He pointed out as I broke the kiss to begin kissing down his neck, flicking my tongue over his skin to taste him, wondering what all the different parts of his body would taste like, would feel like against my lips and tongue.
“You want me to stop?” I asked, silently praying that he wouldn’t say yes as I trailed further down his neck, round to his throat and over his Adams apple.
“N – No…” He admitted quietly, his voice becoming a little breathless and I felt his vocal cords vibrate against my lips. I smiled and moved down the curve of his throat to his collar bone, kissing and nipping as I went.
“Thank God.” I giggled, trailing my hands down his chest to take hold of his waist as I continued my descent.
“But we should…” He whispered, tilting his head back against the wall. I knew he was right, after all the others would be coming up soon to get changed themselves, and besides, we had only just admitted liking each other today. I wondered fleetingly if maybe I was going too fast, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop.
“Stop me?” I asked, questioning whether he would both for his and my sake.
“Stop yourself.” He giggled breathlessly and I chuckled against his skin, moving down to his nipples and curiously flicking my tongue over one. He gasped and I felt his hand on my back clench.
“I don’t wanna stop.” I said playfully, swirling my tongue around the nub I had created and nibble softly. He released a long, shuddering breath and I heard him swallow thickly, his hand in my hair gripping tighter.
“Th - Then don’t…” He whispered and I smiled into his chest, running my hands on his waist down to his thighs, squeezing softly and moving my kisses across to his other nipple.
“I wasn’t planning to.” I whispered and he laughed softly, tangling his hand through my hair.
“You’re supposed to be a Catholic.” He chuckled and I giggled as I looked up at him through my eyelashes, his eyes coming down at meet mine as I flicked the point of my tongue over his nipple. I saw his cheeks heat and his eyes begin to shine and I felt pride swirl through my stomach at the knowledge that I could affect him like he could affect me… though probably not to the same extent.
“What’s your point?” I smirked, he opened his mouth to reply but he didn’t get chance to before I heard the door open and his eyes grow wide.
“Hey Fraa – Oh!... err…oops…” I felt my stomach lurch as I straightened up and turned to see Mikey stood in the doorway, looking a little shell shocked.
Oh bollocks.
“Mikey!?” Gerard squeaked, quickly moving me to the side and trying to look casual. “It’s err… not what it looks like.” He said lamely and both Mikey and I raised our eyebrows.
“Sure…” He smirked, walking in to the room and going over to his case. “Don’t worry ‘bout me, I’ll get changed in your room.” He said as he grabbed some clothes and made his way back over to the door.
“Good for you Frankie.” He smirked, winking at me and making me blush. That ass. “And err – just so you know, you have about ten minutes before we’re all meeting in the bar so you might wanna wrap it up.” He chuckled, laughing to himself as he closed the door, his footsteps disappearing as he walked away.
Oh god I’m gonna kill him.

Gezzarr’s POV (what.)

‘And they were just making out when I got there!’
‘Oh Jesus Mikey we were not making out!’
‘Oh yeah, you were doing more than that...’ He said with a wink and dived swiftly out of my fast moving hand to his face. I glared at him and folded my arms, leaning up the bar.
‘For God’s sake Mikey!’ I whined, folding my arms. Bob smirked at me as he sipped his drink and I saw Frank smiling a little. Yeah, you both look all happy. But when you’re getting ridiculed about your recent action by your own brother, it isn’t very fucking funny. ‘I fucking hope you haven’t told anyone else.’
‘Hey lovers.’ It was Ray, wandering over with our drinks. Bob and Mikey both nearly erupted in giggle fits, Mikey soon stopping when I smacked him hard round the back of the head.
‘MIKEY!’ I whined. Oh great. Now Ray knows, we’ll never live it down. I scowled at Bob and Mikey and heard Frankie ‘awwhh,’ lifting my mood a little.
‘Just ignore them,’ He said with a smile, wrapping his arms round my neck. Ignore them? Easy for him to say, he hadn’t been getting complete stick from it all the way down here. Though, I did see him frequently flipping off Mikey during the walk. I mewled grumpily and rested my head on his shoulder, seeing Ray and Bob biting their lips to stop their giggling.
‘Fuck you all’ I said, wrapping my arms round Frankies waist and giving my best death glare to Mikey to shut him up.
‘No thanks, we all know who’ll you’ll be fucking,’ Mikey said, receiving another blow from my palm to his head. ‘Owww, bitch!’ I laughed with the others, lightening up as Mikey rubbed his head and scowled. ‘Oh, so you’re smiling now,’ he smirked, taking his drink off the bar side and sipping it, his hand still on his head. I nodded cheekily and took one arm off Frank’s waist to grab a drink from Ray, the five of us walking over to a table to sit down.
‘So, when were you guys gonna spill if Mikey hadn’t already found out? When you got married?’ Ray asked with a laugh, Bob nodding in agreement. I smirked and flipped Ray off, drinking some more of the beer he’d got me. Weird Spanish shit...
‘Oh be quiet. We’d have told you before then.’ I laughed, looking at Frank in amusement. ‘We... I don’t know when we were gonna spill it, I guess.. um...’ I looked to Frank again questionably.
‘Don’t look at me dude, I’ve no clue’ he said with a laugh, resting a hand absentmindedly on mine as he drunk some of his beer. I smiled and shrugged to the others, seeing Bob smirk and gasp playfully.
‘Well then we are very shocked you wouldn’t have told straight away then guys, shame on you all.’ He folded his arms and I smiled, seriously, when it comes to love problems and get togethers, we’re all like a bunch of girls.
‘Oh come on, we were gonna tell you!’ Frank said and he folded his arms, smirking at the pair of us. I poked out my tongue and smiled. ‘We were. Maybe not today as this is kinda day one but-’ Oh damn. As soon as he uttered those words, he was cut off by a loud chorus of ‘AWHHH!’s from the guys, sending my cheeks flushing a mad red. I laughed and shook my head, hiding my face in one hand. What did I tell you? Total girls.
‘Guys, that’s adorable.’ Ray said, trying to be the ‘I’m-not-teasing-I’m-the-grownup-here-’ character, but failing miserably as his ‘Awwhh-that’s-so-cute-tell-me-everything-’ eyes were still on. I looked up and smirked.
‘Be quiet you.’
‘What? I just happen to think that two of my best friends dating is cute. Sue me.’ Frank laughed and I smiled, drinking some more and sitting back a little in my chair.
‘Yeah it is cute guys, teasing aside,’ Bob added, the words ‘teasing aside’ lifting my mood greatly. They didn’t think it was weird having us date whilst we were still in the same band. They weren’t annoyed or anything. They thought it was cute. I was really worried about telling them at first, for the bands sake, that’s why I was so pissed at Mikey. Imagine if he’d told them, thinking it was all fine and dandy to, and Ray got shitty? Not that he would normally, he’s all for matchmaking, but this band is a lifelong thing, which we’re all going to keep up and play in. What if someone wasn’t happy there was a permanent couple on the bus? Bob and Ray hardly see their girlfriends (though the story with his relationship is completely unfathomable at the minute) so they could class it as unfair that Frank and I get to be together pretty much all the time whilst we’re touring. This is why I wasn’t going to spill so soon, especially after only one day, but I guess there are some things you just don’t need to talk over. The guys think it’s cute now they know, Mikey’s teasing will eventually stop I’m sure (I’ll make it stop if he won’t give up) so it’s okay.
God.. It’s okay.
All of it seems pretty easy doesn’t it? Now I’m putting everything in perspective, and forgetting so much about all my worries. The guys like us. They like us as an ‘us.’ Now I think about it, I don’t know why I was worrying. I mean, it’s happened, the guys know and they’re okay about it. So, what was the big deal? Was there even one?
I’m not sure. I think way too much into these things though.
‘Gee?’ I was snapped out of my dazey thoughts and looked up from the pair of black shoes which I seemed to be staring at, and at the owner of them, the waiter. Shit. He smiled and took away our empty glasses, walking off down the bar and sticking his order card on the board. Oh crap.
‘You kinda zoned out there man,’ Mikey laughed and I shook my head, Frank giving my hand a little squeeze. I quickly returned to normal and gave him a smile, looking at him for help on what we were just talking about.
‘Is that okay what Ray’s ordered you?’ He asked with a smile. I looked at Ray with slight wided eyes. He ordered for me?
‘You ordered for me?’
‘Yeah, where were you five minutes ago?’ He asked and laughed, ‘I can’t see you having a third night of fries, fries and more fries. If you’re gonna be in Spain, you may as well have something Spanish, and as you were kinda dead a second ago, I took the liberty of choosing something very nice.’ He looked almost triumphant that he’d just decided my dinner and I sat up, grabbing a menu.
‘So, I don’t know what I’m getting now?’
‘Well, we know it won’t be chips, sorry Gee,’ Mikey teased.
‘Hey! I wasn’t even going to order fries actually Michael.’ The guys ‘ooh’ed at the Michael card and I saw his eyes narrow slightly as he attempted a death glare. Fail.
‘What, do they have a side order of crisps or something?’ The guys laughed and I slouched back in my seat, frowning with a smirk at my brother. Frank awwed and wrapped an arm round my shoulder, shaking his head playfully at Mikey.
‘Tut tut, don’t tease your brother’ he scolded playfully.
‘Why? Afraid he won’t put out later?’ They laughed again, Bob high fiving Mikey for his double combo of a come-back sandwich.
‘No no,’ Frank said quietly, turning to me, ‘I’m sure there’s no need to worry about that side of things, right Gee?’
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