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Just a little longer

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Frazzles POV

I was so relieved that the guys were okay with us. I wasn’t too sure how they’d take it when they found out me and Gee were together, I still wasn’t sure how to take it myself. It was still like some weird yet amazing dream and my head was in a spin. The others seemed to have come to terms with it pretty well though. I knew that Mikey would be fine with it, he did try to help get me and Gee together after all, but it was huge relief to find that Bob and Ray didn’t mind either.
Hell. They even thought it was cute.
We were the main topic of conversation through out the meal, resulting in some embarrassing questions of “when we’re going to do it”, provided by darling Mikey who really shouldn’t take such an active interest in his brothers sex life. I mean really… it’s creepy… It’s none of his business when Gerard has sex, no matter who with…
And it’s definitely not his business to know who’s “gonna bottom.”
That question resulted in an extremely awkward silence between Gee and myself, broken by Ray swatting Mikey round the head and telling him to stop being such an ass. Which had been a lot more humorous than it should have been I suppose… but there’s just something immensely funny about the way his fro sways when he hits someone. Plus it meant we didn’t have to answer, which made me giggle with relief.
I mean seriously… what do you say to that? I don’t know who’d be bottom – I don’t even know if either of us would ever be ready to do… that at all. I mean, I know I’ve liked Gee since forever, and I might have dreamt about him once or twice… maybe… but I don’t think Gee’s ever had a boyfriend before. And the only boyfriends I’ve had only lasted a couple of weeks so we never really did that much (I blame Gee for my past relationship failures. I just couldn’t get into it when I was having such a school girl crush over him). I know Gee has that effect on me where I just want to dive on him all the time… and okay, in the Hotel room earlier I might have got a little carried away. But I honestly don’t mean to. I mean seriously, it’s only our first day together; I don’t want to rush into anything…
Though of course that’s easier said than done when every little thing he does is like another push to the floodgate currently holding back all those pent up emotions from years and years of adoring him…
Will power. That’s all I need.

“Mmm…Frankie…” I breathed heavily as he moved his kisses from my mouth to my neck, nipping and lapping hungrily at the skin as I counted backward from one hundred in my head. So I have a serious lack of willpower… but I have many methods of how to stop lust taking over.
I always knew maths would come in useful one day.
“Gee…” I breathed, one hand trailing up into his hair. It had meant to be a question, but somewhere in the time it took to string the sentence together in my head, form it with my lips and kick it from my mouth with my tongue it changed to his name.
“Mmm…” He breathed against my neck, trailing the point of his tongue up my vein to my ear, nipping at the lobe.
Okay… try again Frankie…
“G – Gee…” Nope. Again? “Erm… we should…we should…” Getting there…
“We should…?” He asked slowly, not relenting his delicious attack to my neck and ear, making it insanely difficult to concentrate.
“We should…err… stop?” I wasn’t sure if that had been what I had planned to say but there it was, and Gee instantly pulled back, looking at me with questioning eyes.
“We should stop?” He repeated, raising an eyebrow. I could see amusement in his eyes and pouted. It’s really not fair what he does to me. Especially not when he knows it himself.
“Yes.” I nodded, able to think a little clearer now he wasn’t practically devouring me. And hold that thought – before I get tempted.
“Why?” He asked innocently, trailing butterfly kisses across my jaw to my lips.
“Because…” I whispered into his mouth, my hands coming round to wrap around his waist. “If we don’t now… then I will not be held responsible for my actions…” I whispered with a smirk and he laughed, pulling back to grin at me, his hands holding my hips gently.
“And what would those actions be exactly?” He teased. I giggled and poked his nose, pulling out of his grip to walk over to my bed.
“Just cos’ you want me to say it.” I smirked, squeaking when he caught me round the middle and held me to his chest.
“Damn right I do.” He chuckled and I laughed, touching his hands as I tipped my head back to look at him upside down.
“Okay fine. If we carried on then I’d end up raping you manically on the floor. Happy?” I joked and he laughed, nodding with a smirk.
“Exceedingly.” He answered and I giggled, letting him peck my lips before going back to my bed, tidying it up a little.
After the meal the others had gone back to the bar for a ‘good night drink’ as Mikey put it, and Gerard said he’d come back up to the room with me to watch a movie. It was no different than what would happen when we were touring but I don’t think that statement has ever elicited wolf whistles from the others before.
Or maybe I’ve just never noticed…
No comment.
“So what movie should we watch?” Gee asked casually as he sifted through the small pile of DVD’s we had brought with us. I shrugged and finished smoothing out the duvet, turning to face his back as I pulled my shirt off.
“Erm… Do we have Sleepy Hollow?” I asked, tossing my shirt to the floor and blinking in surprise when I saw him smirking at me from over his shoulder.
“Yep.” He said brightly, his eyes flicking to my midriff and dragging back up to the base of my throat, making me blush. He then turned back to the DVD’s as casually as ever as I absent mindedly wrapped my arms around my torso.
When the film began he joined me on my bed and we both sat up against the headboard. He pulled me gently into his lap and wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing the back of my neck.
“Does this feel weird to you?” He asked me softly after a few minutes and I frowned, biting my lip as I shrugged, slumping a little in his arms.
“No…” I answered honestly. “Do you feel weird?” I asked, not wanting to sound hurt. I didn’t want it to be one of those ‘it was too good to be true’ moments.
“No.” He said without hesitation and I felt the disappointment that had begun to build in my chest instantly evaporate. “But I thought that I would have… I mean. Why don’t we feel awkward?” He asked and I shrugged. I didn’t really care, so long as he was happy to be with me like this then I was happy.
“I guess it’s because we used to do this anyway. Even when we were just friends.” I said softly and when he kissed the back of my neck I felt that he was smiling.
“I guess your right.” He giggled and I smiled brightly, snuggling into his chest just as the door opened. Mikey’s head appeared round the door and he grinned when he saw us, looking back over his shoulder to say something to Bob and Ray.
“Ah okay, it looks safe. I won’t be having to sleep with you guys after all.” He laughed and I glared at him as I heard the others laughter.
“Nice Mikey.” Gerard commented as Mikey chuckled and walked into the room.

Geemisters POV

‘What? I had to make sure you guys weren’t doing stuff like last time, what if I’d walked in then and you were-’ His rambling of the many obscenities we could be creating together was drowned out by a loud chorusing of ‘EEEWW!’ from Ray and Bob just behind him. I laughed and flipped them off with a smile, wrapping an arm a little more securely round Frank’s waist. I smiled down at him as he undid a second button on my black collar shirt, snuggling his face against my warm bare chest. My hand on his waist moved and tangled softly in his hair and I paused the DVD, the others entering the room. Ray dragged over the couch in the corner of the room so it was closer to us and sat on it with Bob, both seeming pretty drained from today. I know I was, I mean, God.
Lets think back. I’ve falsely accused my brother of being gay with my best friend, who, I’ve developed a fiery passion for in the space of forty eight hours. I’ve whacked my head on the side of a pool and plummeted to the bottom, then getting stuck to the suction fan and being unable to breathe, thus passing out and having my crush save me from a near death. Then, to top it all off, I’m dragged into the land of love and get caught, by my younger brother relieving that tension with said life saving heart throb and am now announced part of the dream couple with him.
I smiled to myself as I thought about it, Frankie pressing the ‘play’ button on the DVD again once everyone had sat down, or in Mikey’s case, dived on his bed and narrowly avoided the red hot hair straighteners he’d left on from that afternoon.
‘Impressive.’ Bob commented, receiving a bow from Mikey and a giggle, before being thwacked round the head by Ray and told to ‘be quiet and try and keep in with the plot.’
‘Oh who cares Toro,’ Mikey joked, clamping his straighteners on the brown strands of his fringe, ‘everyone’s seen Sleepy Hollow anyway.’
‘I haven’t!’ He protested, getting a wide eyed look from Bob. ‘What? You haven’t seen bad boys two and I’m not saying anything-’
‘You haven’t seen Bad Boys Two?’ Frank asked, sitting up a little, ‘Oh man, Mikey did you pack it with you? Bob you have to see it, as soon as we get back I’m stopping off to get you it.’ I laughed and glanced at Ray who if he could, would be physically fuming by now. Ray has his little habits, like the mom mode he slips into, watching movies is another. I don’t just mean he likes watching movies, he likes watching them in complete silence. As in, no talking. No commenting on the film, no half conversations between each other, and certainly no ruining the plot if you’ve already seen it. He’s like a little kid, if you do any of the above he’ll throw a strop for the whole of America, one that may get you sitting in another room. That’s what happened to me last time we tried to tune in to this movie. He was determined to follow the story and keep up, each scene getting harder and harder to understand from my ‘horrendously long anecdotes about every second happening.’
Please. They were not horrendous.
All I did was make a couple, maybe three or four mildly amusing comments about what some of the characters were doing and I get sent out. You heard.
I’m a thirty one year old ‘rock star’ and I’ve admitted to being sent out of the room like a five year old from a band mate trying to watch a horror movie.
I smiled to myself as the mini debate on Bad Boys Two continued, Mikey saying how it wasn’t really worth watching as the original was far better, Frank protesting and arguing back that there’s way more action and general excitement in the second, reducing the first movie to a dud.
‘I just don’t see what’s so great about it, I’ve seen it like a million times and still don’t get that bit at the end-’
‘Mikey the bit at the end is the most crucial moment though! When they have all the fighting and that dude with the gun is just awesome in human form-’ Frank started imitating the scream the guy gives at the end, six fake gun shots soon following and making us all laugh except Ray who turned round to him, his face totally un amused. Each of us soon stopped laughing and came to an awkward silence, all looking sheepishly at Ray. I had to bite my lip and hide my face in Frankie’s shoulder to stop myself from laughing, though it was hard, I swear at any moment his afro would spontaneously burst into flames if any of us started talking again.
‘Shit...’ Frank giggled, looking at Ray. He raised an eyebrow, his finger on the ‘pause-play’ button on the TV.
‘You done?’ He asked, Mikey motioning slitting his throat to Frank and smirking, Bob smiling a little. I wrapped my arms round Frank’s waist and cuddled him up closer in my lap, giggling softly so only he would hear. He nodded with a squeak, biting his lip to stop his smile. Ray shot a mini death glare and gave a satisfied sigh, skipping back a few scenes to where we’d started talking and pressed ‘play.’
‘Ooh you got told...’ I teased softly, wrapping an arm round Frank’s neck so we were at level heights. He turned to face me fully and smirked, wrapping his arms round my back. I smiled and ran my hand up his bare chest softly, closing my eyes with a smile when his hand travelled up to my hair. I felt his hand softly capture my cheek and carress it gently with his thumb, and leant into it, moving my hands back down to his waist so he could sit sideways in my lap. ‘Mmm...’ I smiled softly, opening my eyes gently to look at him smiling.
‘You like that?’ He whispered, careful not to disturb the others. I nodded and closed my eyes again, kissing the palm of his hand gently and resting my lips there for a second. ‘Good...’ He said softly, the smile in his voice. I yawned a little and opened my eyes, kissing his cheek. I looked at Mikey smirking at us and stuck my tongue out, cuddling Frankie close and pouting softly.
‘Shut up Mikey’ I giggled, whimpering when Frank patted my hands softly and got up. I looked at him and he pointed to his case, his hoodie laying on top of it. I pouted and giggled, so I wanted him topless for a little longer.
A little longer...
I smiled to myself and closed my eyes, yawning again and resting my head against the headboard. I opened them a little and saw him go into the bathroom. I shrugged and closed my eyes again, pouting softly and letting my body fall into a soft sleep, the sound of Johnny Depp talking about something in the movie.
I bit my lip to stop them from parting and whimpered softly, feeling some weight on the bed again, and being pulled into that someone’s lap. I smiled in my slight limbo of slumber and snuggled into the soft fabric of their hoodie, smelling Frank’s sweet cherry scent and letting his gentle rocking lull me back to sleep again. There are moments in life you just want to capture forever, right? Watching a horror movie with the band and getting told off by a mom-like Ray, then falling asleep in my boyfriends lap, strange as that may sound, was definitely one of them. I never wanted to forget it, especially not what Frank whispered to me seconds before I’d fallen asleep. Not those words. Never.

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