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He left home

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drumroll dun dun duuuun Guess Who.

I woke up the next morning with someone’s hands gently shrugging my shoulders. I stirred fractionally from my deep sleep and cuddled more into the person, mewling softly.
‘Mmm....’ I mumbled, feeling myself being shifted onto whoever’s lap. Dear God I hope it’s not Ray. I crinkled my nose at the thought and tried to shift myself from their lap.
‘Whoa whoa baby...’ I felt arms wrap round me and pull me back to sit with them and I mewled again, giving up my fight for freedom and resting my head back on their shoulder. ‘Wake up honey... Gee, wake up...’ I groaned softly and shook my head, hearing a soft giggle from whoever it was. ‘Gee.... Gerard... Baby-’
‘OI FATASS!’ Within minutes, I was awakened harshly and laying on my back, rubbing my head from where the... Football had impaled it. I glared at it, then at the person who threw it, Mikey.
‘What.’ I said tiredly, sitting up and being pulled back into... Ah. Frank’s lap. Good.
‘Frankie’s been trying to wake you for about ten straight minutes now, and no offence Frankie but if I hear ‘Baby, come on Gerard wake up’ once more then I may have to shove that football somewhere dark and dangerous.’ He giggled and Frank stuck his tongue out, cradling me in my arms and snuggling his face in my hair. ‘Besides. Your mom’s gonna be here in about half an hour.’ I looked at Frank and he nodded, smiling widely.
‘Then we can officially welcome you into the Way household.’ I said softly and leaned in to kiss his cheek, massaging my lips against the silky smooth skin gently. He giggled, a sound I just couldn’t get enough of. It was pure divinity, so light and chirpy, but deadly deadly cute at the same time. I smiled and got up out his lap, walking past Mikey and into the kitchen, immediately flicking on the coffee machine and smiling at Ray and Bob. It was kind of instinctive, it always has been, when you’re in the kitchen, make a coffee. If you’re not making coffee, get the hell out of my kitchen. I sat in my usual place on the counter and looked out the window, Ray passing me a piece of toast. Almost on cue as I took it from him, Frank came in and smiled at me, exchanging salutary dagger glares to each other. I smiled at Frankie and wrapped my legs round his waist from behind, my free arm round his neck as he leant up the counter against me. ‘Ray put another slice in would you?’ He smiled at me, but frowned at my request as I mentioned it was for Frankie. He glared at him for a second, rather like a ninja glare and shoved the toast in the toaster, popping down the timer. Bob rolled his eyes a little and thwacked Ray upside the head. Though I couldn’t help but notice the way his hand brushed through Ray’s fro as he did it. God, why do I want those two to date so much? I always think it. Ray and Bob should date... They’d be really cute... It’s true, they would be. Plus, it’d get Ray off my back so I could be with Frankie more. But I mainly think it for the cute thing. They just fit, you know? Like Frank and I, we fit perfectly, so do they. If Ray’s being an asshole or gets too worked up about anything, Bob is literally always there to calm him and soothe him back to his normally quite composed self. He’ll just talk to him or hold his shoulders and massage them or something, and within a matter of minutes, he’s okay again. It’s the same with Bob. When he’s stressed, or just can’t get past the problem in the way, he always rings Ray to come round and help. And Ray’s great help to him. Like, really awesome. If we ever call him for anything, it’s always ‘Ugggh, fine, I’ll be there soon...’ But as soon as Bob’s number comes flashing on his caller ID, it’s ‘Hey dude! You what? Yeah sure I’m on my way!’ We should know that, we tricked him into helping us retrieve ‘Bob’s’ CDs, DVDs, old converse and most of ‘his’ stuff from... Our attic, when we couldn’t reach it last year. He didn’t even question why all the stuff was in our house, he just raced up for it all for Bob and got it down in minutes. He’s devoted. I smiled at the thought and ate a bit more toast, not realising how much I’d zoned out then. Frank was looking at me and smiling with his usual playful smirk, finishing his toast and holding the coffee under my nose, the warm smell wafting me out of my thoughts. I smiled and looked down at it, blushing a little and taking it from him. ‘Thanks,’ I said softly, kissing him shyly on the lips and sipping my coffee. He giggled and bit a bit of my toast off, eating it cheekily and kissing my cheek, before turning back to Mikey who he’d obviously been in some deep conversation with. Damn I need to listen more.
‘So Frankie, now my brother’s back in this realm,’ he giggled and I glared, ‘are you sure you don’t mind spending twenty four seven with him? Seriously, I’m his brother and I’m on punching point sometimes, I mean, it’s every single day, man...’ He and the others laughed, much to my reddened cheeks and he stuck his tongue out, ‘Gee I was joking, dude.’ He laughed again and I flipped him off, looking at Frank.
‘Well, I’ll find it tough...’ He looked at me and laughed, kissing my lips tenderly, ‘But I think I’ll manage. Just.’ I smirked at him and kissed his nose gently, being startled by a knock at the door, a small call of ‘Frankie?’ sounding through the mailbox. God, talk about speak of the devil.

Franklins POV

I turned my head to face the doorway and gasped, a smile spreading across my face.
“Mum?” I cried, pulling out of Gerard’s arms and running to the door as every one stood up and started adjusting their clothes and hair. Anyone would think the Queen of England was about to walk in, but that’s just guys – whenever some ones mom walks in everyone starts to make sure they look okay. I guess it’s just because all mothers – whether you’re their child or not – will fuss over you. I mean when I first met Gerard and Mikey’s mom – before I even met Gerard – she did the whole ‘lick – tissue – wipe – face’ thing on me. It’s embarrassing.
I pulled the door open quickly and my mom looked at me in surprise before grinning, pulling me into her arms and I instantly felt like a little kid again, where a hug off your mom makes everything okay again.
“Hi mum.” I laughed a little, wrapping my arms around her and hugging her tight, glancing over her shoulder and smiling when I saw no sign of Steve.
“Oh Frankie! I’m so so sorry that I was horrible to you before. I understand now that its not fair for me to have tried to force you into getting a girlfriend and Gerard’s a lovely person and I’m so happy that your with him, because I’m sure your wonderful together and please forgive me!” Wow… now I know who I get my rambling from.
I pulled back to glance at her face and saw she had tears running down her cheeks. I laughed a little and wiped them away before hugging her again.
“It’s okay mom. I should’ve just told you the truth all along, I’m the one who’s sorry. But are you really okay with me and Gee?” Mom laughed a little and held me at arms length, quickly regaining her composure, something all moms seem good at doing.
“I really am.” She insisted, and I couldn’t stop the tears building in my eyes as I smiled. “Tell you what.” Mom giggled as she cupped my face. “I’ll forgive you if you forgive me.” She smiled and I nodded, whimpering a little as the first tears fell to be brushed away by her soft fingers.
“Deal.” I laughed through my tears and she chuckled, pulling me into another hug before releasing me so that someone else could cradle me in their arms. I would know that embrace anywhere and I melted into it without hesitation, wrapping my arms around Gee’s waist as he tenderly kissed the top of my head and used his thumb to softly wipe away the tears.
“This better be happy crying.” He giggled and I laughed into his shirt, nodding my head as he gently brushed his fingers through my hair. I could feel mom watching us and I hoped she could see how much I loved him.
“Thank you…” I heard her say quietly and I raised my head in confusion to see her looking at Gerard, their eyes locked and understanding on their faces. It was like they were having a conversation without even saying a word.
“You don’t need to thank me.” He said softly with a smile and my mom grinned back at him as I watched on in confusion.
“I can see how happy he is with you. I was worried on my way here, knowing he wouldn’t be coming back with me. But… I think… knowing he’s with you will put my mind at ease.” I nearly burst into tears again… It was just so nice…
Okay, I admit it – I’m a pansy. I can’t help it if I’m emotional.
“I’ll keep him safe.” Gerard giggled, cuddling me close and looking down at me with a smile. “I love him.” He added, his eyes locking with mine and I grinned, resisting the urge to tip toe and kiss him long and hard.
My mom practically squealed and I turned to look at her with a giggle. She had her hands clasped over her heart as if it were melting and her eyes were bright with the last of her tears, lighting up from the large smile spreading over her face.
“Oh… you two are simply adorable. I can’t believe I was so… against this when you told me Frankie.” Mom looked as if she was going to start crying again, and as much as I love my mom, I can only handle her crying for so long… I mean. Parents shouldn’t cry… it’s so awkward.
“It’s okay mum. You were just shocked, it doesn’t matter any more. We can just forget about it now.” I said quickly, glad when she managed to keep her tears at bay and her smile in place. She nodded and Gerard passed a hand through my hair.
“That’s right… we can just forget about it.” Mom agreed and I looked up at Gee to see him smiling warmly down at me. God… he looks so amazing when he smiles like that… fuck, he looks amazing all the time….
“What about Steve?” I eventually managed to breathe out, looking back at my mom to snap myself out of the trance I had found myself in when staring at Gee. Moms smile quickly fell and she bit her lip, looking down at the floor.
“I’m sorry Frank… he still isn’t very happy.” She admitted, sounding ashamed and I bristled with anger. I didn’t give a fuck whether he was happy or not, but my mom shouldn’t have to feel ashamed for him – or apologise for him either. Mom saw my anger and seemed to misread it.
“But I’m sure after he’s calmed down… if I just talk to him then he’ll be okay. We just need to give him some time to come to grips with this.” She said quickly and I scowled a little, pouting as I folded my arms.
“I don’t care if he comes to grips with it or not. He’s not my dad – his opinion doesn’t count.” I snapped, a little harshly. I regretted it as soon as the words left my mouth – I knew it wasn’t fair to say that to my mom. As strange as it seemed to me – she loved Steve – and it wasn’t fair on her to compare him to my dad, or to badmouth him infront of her. I looked guiltily at her face as she looked at me in shock before giving a sad smile.
“I… I’ll still talk to him though. It’s only fair that he accepts you two, whether you want him to or not.” She replied quietly, trying to mask the hurt I had caused. I grimaced and pulled out of Gee’s arms to hug her again tightly.
“Thanks mom… I’m sorry. I’d really like it if Steve accepted us I mean…” Ugh… I can’t believe these words are even coming out of my mouth… “He’s part of the family too.” Eugh. That actually tasted bad. But moms look of happiness wouldn’t let me regret saying it.
“Thanks Frankie. That means a lot.” She said brightly, patting my cheek like she used to when I was kid before sighing.
“Anyway, I better get going.” She said a little sadly and I stared at her in surprise.
“Already? You only just got here.” I whined and she giggled, pulling me into a small hug.
“I know, but I need to get some food shopping before I go home, and I only really came over to apologise and drop your stuff off.” She said softly, brushing my hair off my face… which I instantly brushed back over my eyes as she went to hug Gerard goodbye.
“Thanks again Gerard. I’ll come over to visit some time.” She promised, smiling at us both. “Now, come get your stuff out the car.” She added to me and I groaned, rolling up my sleeves as Mikey walked in through the front door followed by Bob and a pissed off looking Ray. They were all carrying my things… I hadn’t even noticed them walk out.
“Already taken care of.” Mikey grinned, heading for Gerard’s room. I grinned at them all, even Ray, thanking them as Mom beamed.
“How sweet.” She commented and Mikey nodded as he kicked open the basement door.
“Yeah, I’m a sweet guy.” He smirked, dodging when Gerard threw a cushion at him. I laughed and my mum grinned.
“Well, it seems like your very happy here Frank. I’ll see you soon.” She smiled, cupping my face and kissing my cheek. I whispered goodbye as she stepped through the door, waving over her shoulder at us as she walked to the car. Gee let me stand and wave on the doorstep until the car disappeared around the corner, even after it was out of sight and I carried on waving even though I knew she couldn’t see me. After a second I sighed and lowered my arm, Gerard gripped my shoulder and turned me round, his look of concern disappearing when he saw my smile.
“See? I told you she was fine with us.” He laughed and I giggled, wrapping my arms around him and kissing the hollow of skin between his collar bones.
“Yeah… thanks Gee.” I smiled. He laughed and shut the door, cradling me in my arms.
“No need to thank me.” I could hear the laughter in his voice and smiled up at him.
“But… it’s so much fun…” I said innocently and he looked at me in confusion. I giggled and stood up on tiptoes, pressing my lips against his as I wrapped my arms tighter around him. He responded almost instantly and cupped my face in his hands, his fingers moving to my ear and tracing it softly. I felt my cheeks heat and I ‘mmm’d into his mouth, working my lips hungrily against his, getting slightly carried away by his taste. His lips are just so soft and hot, and his tongue tastes like coffee against mine and just oh god – Mmmm….
“See?” I whispered against his lips, breaking a little to smile cheekily at him. He laughed a little and pulled me back in.
“Yep…” He mumbled into my mouth, gripping my waist and pulling me tight against his body. I parted my lips without hesitation, allowing his tongue to meet mine once more and melted in his arms.
Oh fuck… Mmm… he tastes like –
“Shit.” Wait, what? No he doesn’t taste like – “They’re at it again. Everyone vacate the room!”
Maybe I forgot to mention it before… But I’m gonna kill Mikey.
Gerard giggled into my mouth and pressed hand to the back of my head as I went to turn around so I could scowl at Mikey.
“Ignore him.” He whispered with a smirk, his voice soft and demanding, it made shivers spark up my spine and I shuddered in his touch, pressing my lips eagerly back to his.
“M’kay…” I sighed against his soft lips, tangling my hands deep in his hair like I knew he loved. He moaned softly in return and he moved one hand up to the side of my face, stroking a finger down my ear lobe and causing me to mewl softly in his mouth. Mmmm God…
“Are they still – Eugh! Yep – Back to the basement!” I couldn’t help but giggle a little against Gerard’s mouth, feeling his own body tremble from laughter.
Hell. So Mikey always interrupts us at the best moments… And Ray seems slightly jealous of me… and Bobs…well… Bob. I can’t help but love this place, and I know…
Living with Gee is something I am never. Ever. Going to give up.

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