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Why dont you stay for the night

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Geeness's POV
I love you. I swear my jaw just hit the floor at that point. I couldn't say anything, let alone even think about moving, I was completely starstruck. I know for the past few hours that that was all Bob was talking about, and I was finally starting to establish it. But hearing those three words from him brought me straight back to shock again. I looked at him and saw his worried gaze, shit Gee it's been like five minutes you dumb ass. He was on the verge of tears again and bit his lip, his grip on me tightening a little. Fuck I'm so stupid.
'G-gee?' He asked softly, a tear slowly rolling down his cheek. 'I.. I'm s-' I cut him off quickly by gently pressing my lips to his, breaking and resting my forehead against his own. I kept my eyes half closed and looked at his slightly parted mouth. I rested my thumb on his cheek to stop the tear from rolling any further and pouted gently against his lips, snaking my arms round his neck.
'I love you too,' I whispered softly, opening my eyes and looking at him. He looked almost confused at me before his expression turned into one of happiness. As soon as I saw that beautiful smile, I felt a warm tear roll down my cheek slowly, followed by another, and another... And- 'Oh God Frankie, I love you so much,' I said, choked with tears and slight laughter at the same time. He smiled and hugged me tightly to him, brushing his hand softly through my hair as I wept. He put his face in my neck and soon I felt that getting damp with his soft tears. I clung to him, wrapping my arms further round his neck and cupping the back of his head with my hands. 'We're such girls...' I whispered in his ear, laughing softly through the tears and breaking to look at him.
'Yeah, lesbians...' he said, laughing with me and pulling me close to him for a warm kiss. I smiled and pressed my lips tenderly to his own, savouring his beautiful taste. Though the kiss was only a couple of seconds long, it was one of the most amazing kisses I had shared with anyone. I pecked his lips softly and took his hands in my own, holding then gently. I kissed them softly and turned round, entering my room and smiling at Bob. He smiled at us both and crossed his legs on the chair, looking at Frankie.
'You don't know how worried he was about you,' he said softly and I blushed, Frank awwhing and wrapping his arms round my neck. 'I know huh? I told him it would all be okay.' Frank nodded and sat with his legs parted, shifting me to sit inbetween them and cuddle close to his chest.
'See Gee, there was nothing to worry about babe.' I smiled and looked up at him, then at Bob who... Wasn't smiling as much... I looked confused at him and snuggled further into Franks warm hoodie.
'So... What happened er... Up there?' He asked softly and I looked at Frank. Shit, of course. 'I mean, can you stay?' He paused and looked down at me, then back at Bob.
'Well, if I'm wanted...' He said quietly with a smile. I sat up and wrapped my arms round his neck, kissing his cheek gently.
'Of course you are, please stay with me Frankie, with us...' I said softly, seeing him smiling at me.
'Meh, I suppose I could...' He giggled and kissed me tenderly. 'I'd love to.' I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder, wrapping my arms round his waist and back.
'You've fit in real well here Frankie, does that mean everything's sorted with your parents?' I looked at him and massaged my fingers in little cirles round his waist as he bit his lip and looked down. He looked upset, so I moved out of his lap and held him close to me, slowly massaging his sides.
'Erm... Not exactly, no... But I mean, I don't care about Steve, because he's not even my dad and he's a jerkoff anyway so he doesn't matter, but-' I could see tears starting to roll down his cheeks as he began to talk about his mom and held him closer, shhing him softly and stroking his hair gently. 'I... I just think I've r-really hurt her.... A-and since dad, s-she's the only b-bit of family I've g- got...' The rest of his words were just choked sobs and I cuddled him close to my chest and kissed him softly on the forehead. 'Thankyou...' he said quietly, hugging me to him.
'We're going to sort everything out with your mom okay honey? Everything's going to be just fine...' I looked at Bob and he nodded, coming to sit on the bed with us both.
'Gerard's right, Frank, it's going to be okay.' He suddenly paused, and looked down at his hands, as if scheming something. He then looked back at us both. 'Frank, would you like me to talk to your mom?' Frank looked up from my chest and at Bob with wide eyes. 'I mean, Gerard, you could speak to her too, maybe if we phoned her or something it would help sort things out?' Frankie bit his lip and looked down for a minute, sniffing and wiping his tears.
'W-what would you guys say?' I looked at Bob questionably and tangled my hand gently in Franks hair to relax him slightly.
'We'd just tell her how worried you are of losing her and how pure Gerard's love is for you and stuff, if she's any decent woman then she'll understand.' I smiled and massaged Frankie's scalp gently and he sighed, smiling and resting his head on my chest.
'You would...?' he said softly, closing his eyes as I flicked his ear by mistake. I scooped his legs up so he was fully in my lap and gently ran my fingers over his ear, kissing his temple softly. He sighed again and put his face in the bed of my neck, mewling as I rocked him and carressed his scalp and ear gently.
'Of course.' I whispered softly, looking at him. 'But you should have some rest while we do, babe, you look shattered.' I cupped the back of his neck and Bob smiled, nodding. Frank mumbled a 'Gee, thanks...' softly as I stroked and brushed his hair gently, breathing warm air over his forehead and closed eyes until I heard him emitting the softest, almost purrs into my chest. I gently moved him from my lap and lay him on my bed, kissing his forehead softly before exiting with Bob. When we entered thr kitchen, I noticed Franks cellphone was on the table and flashing, so I opened it up to read the txt.
God, privacy invader?
Be quiet, it could be someone important. 'Frank, it's mom.-' Told you. 'I just wanted to say I'm sorry, for reacting how I did toward you and Gerard. If he makes you happy, then I'm happy for you Frankie. You'll always be my son, no matter what, and I'll always love you. Call me okay, let me know you're alright. X' I smiled and picked up the house phone, dailing her number. Bob sat opposite me on the counter and put a finger to his lips as Ray and Mikey entered, motioning towards me.
'Update?' Mikey whispered softly, smiling at me. Bob nodded and walked them out of the kitchen, sitting them on the couch and starting to tell them what happened, violently shifting when he saw how close he was to the cactus. I smiled and waited for her to pick up, being brought out of my thoughts when a soft 'Frankie?' was heard down the phone.
'Hey, is that Mrs Iero? I'm Gerard, Franks er... Boyfriend...'
'Oh hi, I'm so glad you rang, is Frank okay? I've been worried sick ever since we left.' She sounded it, and I bit my lip.
'Well actually no, he's not...'
'Whats happened?'
'He... Well,' Then it all came flooding out. How when they left he came straight down to my room, how he told me he loved me, how much I love him, how happy we are together. As I was telling her how purely we felt for each other, I could hear the smile in her voice with every 'yeah' and 'mmm' come from her end. I felt like she was starting to accept me to date her son, like we were... Bonding almost. I knew this talk would be good for us, Bob is a legend.
Then came the hard bit. Because, how the hell do you tell a, what seems like very fragile mother that her gay son is petrified he's just lost her from his family for dating the very messenger? 'Mrs Iero-'
'Please, call me Linda.' I smiled a little.
'Okay, Linda, can I tell you something?'
'Yes of course,' she said, 'What is it?' She sounded a little concerned.
'Frankie... He's terrified. Of losing you. We asked if everything was okay with you all and he completely broke down on us.' I heard a small gasp from the other end. 'He was so scared that he'd hurt you, because he really doesn't want to lose you, Linda.'
'I... Really?' She sounded quite broken and I sat down, switching on my 'comfort voice .'
'Really. He looked about whacked so he's resting now, but he was telling me how much you meant to him, and how he doesn't want you to leave... I told him everything was going to be okay and that you wouldn't leave, because you won't... Right?' I bit my lip and switched on the tap to get a drink.
'Of course.' She told me how much her and Frank had been through together, and how nothing he did could ever change that. 'I overreacted badly to his news earlier, and I know it was wrong of me. But, isn't it natural for any parents to be a little... Shocked? I'm
sure yours were' she laughed lightly.
'Actually mine still don't know, I don't see them that much, and coming out isn't really something you can txt' I said, laughing with her. She then asked about my parents, and I had to tell her all about their jobs and why Mikey and I like never see them. Ray wondered in as I was talking and smiled at me, filling up his cup and perching on the counter next to me. I smiled, and finally got to the end of my tedious family story.
'Oh Gerard, I'm so sorry to hear that, you're a very caring person you know.' I blushed and smiled, 'no wonder Frankie's fallen for you, he picked a good choice.'
'So did I,' I said softly, smiling. Ray got off the counter and mouthed 'food?,' putting some in when I nodded.
'You did. Listen, Gerard I want to apologize. I judged this whole situation far too early, and I, well, I'm sorry. Tell Frank I love him okay, you must make him so happy.' I smiled and blushed again, thanking her.
When I eventually hung up, it was dark, and Ray was taking the food out the oven, Mikey and Bob now in the kitchen too.
'Linda's coming round tomorrow with some of Franks stuff.' I said, hopping off the counter and putting the phone on it. 'She said he can stay.' I smiled widely and walked slowly down the stairs, silently clicking the door open. Right, time to tell him.

Frankle rock’s POV

I felt exhausted and it didn’t take much of Gerard’s soothing words and touches before I was fast asleep against his chest. Warm and comfortable, and escaping from the pain of what I had put my mom through by seeking solace in sleep.
I was vaguely aware when Gerard put me down on the bed and left the room, but I was too far gone to be concerned. Somewhere in my hazy mind I knew he’d be back… He loved me… He loved me too…
“Mmm… Gee…” I sighed, rolling into the warm touch on my cheek, reaching my hands out sluggishly and trying to take hold of whoever it was.
“Yeah babe?...” I felt someone lace their fingers through mine and I snuggled closer to them, resting my head on what I presume was their leg and breathing in their sweet scent. I’d know it anywhere, even in my sleepy state – it was exactly who I wanted it to be.
“Gee…” I smiled and I heard a soft laugh as he moved his hand from my cheek into my hair, brushing it off my face and running his fingers softly through it.
“You awake Frankie?” He asked and I mewled softly, pressing closer to him, seeking his warmth.
“No…” I yawned, content to sleep forever. I heard another laugh and then whined as I was pulled gently into a sitting position, being placed in his lap and his arms circling round my waist.
“Come on Frankie, its time to wake up.” He said and I didn’t miss the amused tone. I pouted and buried my face into his chest, shaking my head.
“Why?” I mumbled, his fingers once again brushing through my hair.
“Because I have something to tell you.” He smiled, tilting my face up and kissing me softly. I was determined not to let him win, but his gentle kisses were insistent and I couldn’t help it, I melted in his arms and let my eyes flicker open to be greeted with his beautiful face. Honestly, this guy is too good looking. It shouldn’t be legal.
“There you are.” He giggled when he saw my eyes were open and running his fingers beneath my eyes, tracing the black shadows as if they were something beautiful.
“Yeah…” I yawned. “What did you wanna tell me?” I asked, wrapping my arms loosely around his neck and examining his face with a small smile. I really do love him…
“I called your mom… well, technically she rang me… actually no. Technically she rang you, but I answered your phone –”
“And?” I asked, hoping to stop any rambling that might begin. He blushed and grinned.
“And… she’s fine. More than fine, I think we bonded.” He said proudly and I couldn’t help but giggle. Slightly stunned.
“Seriously? She’s okay?” I asked, I knew he wouldn’t lie about it but I found it a little hard to believe. I mean… I’m not that lucky.
“Yeah, she seriously is. She said she can tell how much I love you and that I must make you really happy and that she’s happy for us and she’s gonna come down tomorrow with some stuff for you so you can live here with me, I mean… that’s if you want to, cos’ if you don’t I’ll understand I mean – we don’t really have a spare room but my mom and dad are never home so I guess you could have that one, or you could share my room with me – its your choice, unless you don’t want to live here obviously in which case… well, that’s okay cos’ like I said I’d understand and…”
He was getting flustered. And as adorable as I found it I knew I should put him out of his misery.
“Gee, babe.” I giggled, placing a finger over his lips to cut off his flow of speech. “Of course I want to live with you, I love you idiot. And… I’d want to share your room, if that wouldn’t be too much of a bother.” I added, blushing a little. I was gonna say something about ‘and sharing your bed’ but I suck at any form of flirting so I decided against it. Gee’s smile was still as wide as ever though.
“Really? That’s great, I mean – it wouldn’t be a bother. Of course you can share my room, I was actually hoping you’d say that.” He smirked, pressing a tender kiss to my lips and trailing down to my neck, kissing the skin softly before pulling away and getting to his feet. I stared at him slightly disappointed and he held his hand out to me.
“Come on Frankie, we got food upstairs.” He grinned and I whined a little, but I didn’t stop him from swinging me into his arms bridal style and walking me up the stairs. I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck and closed my eyes, cuddling close to him.
When we emerged into the living room the sound of some gore film echoed out of the TV speakers, and I could smell pizza – my mouth watered and I figured maybe having to get up hadn’t been such a bad thing.
“Dibs I get that piece!” I heard Bob shout as Gerard set me onto my feet, I looked over at the sofa to see Mikey, Ray and Bob wrestling to get the biggest slice of pizza off the plate, Bob’s foot in Mikeys face and Rays hand in Bobs, pushing and shoving each other. I yawned and giggled, rubbing my eyes and hearing three angry whines when Gerard snatched up the slice they were all after, winking at them.
“Sorry bitches.” He grinned, sitting down on the floor and tugging me into his lap, handing the pizza to me.
“But Frank deserves it most.” He added, picking up another slice for himself and Bob groaned, sulking as he took a piece. Mikey rolled his eyes in amusement and Ray pouted over at me and Gee before taking his own slice. I giggle and kissed Gee’s cheek before slowly eating my pizza, watching the movie without really taking it in.
If my mom really was as fine about me and Gee as Gerard believed she was then things would really be perfect. I couldn’t wait to see her in the morning, and to make sure for myself that she really was okay with us. And that she didn’t mind that I was going to live with Gee…
Wow. Living with Gee. We’ll be together all the time, and it’s not like we’ve even been together that long… I don’t care. It feels right, and I guess that’s all that really matters. Who cares if we haven’t been together long? Just as long as we’re happy together, then that’s really all the justification I need. I hope my mom feels the same. Gee seems to think that she’s fine now, and that they ‘bonded’. I hope he’s right.
I really hope he’s right.
“You okay baby?” Gerard asked softly and I looked up at him, smiling.
“Yep.” I grinned, popping the ‘p’ and loving the smile he gave me in return. He leant forward slightly and pressed his lips tenderly to mine and I smiled into a gentle kiss, pressing my body closer to his and letting him wrap me in his arms.
His lips were soft on mine, and I was content to sit kissing him forever, but the sound of retching caused us to pull apart and look over at the sofa, where Mikey, Ray and Bob were all pretending to puke.
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