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"Would you hold my hand? I hate needles."

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A/N: Any pregnancy information comes from I have never had any personal expirience with any of this :D
xoxo, Dani

"Paisley Walker?"

Paisley looked away from Gerard and glanced at the nurse.

"Dr. Yates can see you know," the nurse smiled at Paisley as she and Gerard made their way into the exam room.. Once in the room, Gerard sat in the chair next to the exam table and picked up Paisley's hand. The two of them sat in that postition for the next few minutes until Dr. Yates entered.

"Hello Paisley. My name is Dr. Yates."

Turning to Gerard, the doctor extended her hand, "You must be the father?"

Gerard nodded, "Yes ma'm."

Paisley stifled a giggle when she noticed just how uncomfortable Gerard looked.

"Well, before we do an ultra sound, I would like to ask you some questions," Dr. Yates pulled a stool over in front of Paisley and sat down.

"Is this your first pregnancy?"

"Yes ma'm."

"Ok. Any surgeries or medical conditions?"

"I've never had any surgeries. According to family history, I am at risk of developing diabetes. I have been checked regularly for the past several years."

The doctor nodded and jotted down some notes as Gerard gave his girlfriend a puzzled look.

After several minutes of questioning, a nurse came in and gave Paisley both a physical and pelvic exam.

While all of this was going on, Gerard was standing off to the side waiting for when the nurse would draw Paisley's blood.

"Oh,"Paisley sat back on the table just as Dr. Yates and the nurse reappeared with a set of needles, "Gerard could you--Gerard?"

Gerard's face had been drained of all its color.

"Are you ok?"

The three women watched him as he wiped the sweat off of his brow. Swallowing hard, he nodded.

"Yeah I'm fine. What do you need," Gerard sat next to Paisley trying to act like he hadn't just had a near panic attack.

"Would you hold my hand? I hate needles."

Gerard complied with her request as the nurse pulled out a needle.


"Ok Paisley, we're almost done. Why don't you lay back and lift up your shirt. Gerard, if you would move

to her left that would be great."

Gerard moved as the doctor rubbed the jelly on Paisley's bare belly.

"All right, lets see if we can find the fetus." Dr. Yates manuvered the wand, searching.

Paisley wrinkled her nose at the word 'fetus'. To Paisley it was a baby from the moment it was
conceived. Fetus made it sound like it was an alien or something.

"Ah here we go. See this dot?"

Paisley and Gerard nodded.

"That is the fetus."

Paisley grinned up at Gerard who beamed back at her.

"We have a dot."

Dr. Yates laughed as she cleaned Paisley's belly off.

"Well it seems that you are almost three weeks pregnant. The fetus was conceived around December 22 .You should be due sometime in August."

Dr. Yates printed off the ultrasound and handed it to the young couple.


"All right Paisley. I think we're done for today. Be sure to take that prescription for prenatal vitamins and get it filled ASAP. Your next appoinment will be in a month. Any other questions you would like me to answer?"

Paisley and Gerard looked at each other and blushed.

"Um would it be safe for the baby if we uh, you know, had sex?"

Dr. Yates stifled her laughter as she nodded, "Yes it would be safe. But if you start feeling pain while having intercouse you should stop. If lubricant is needed, make sure it is water-based. Other than that you should be fine."

Paisley nodded, "Thank you."
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