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"I’m a trooper.”

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The next morning, Gerard hurried outside and opened the Mustang door. Quickly he started the engine and shutting the door, he ran back inside. When he didn’t see Paisley in the living room, he peeked in the guest bathroom. She was standing over the sink, splashing cold water on her face.

“Ok, Paise, the car is warming up. Let me grab your bag and we’ll go.”

She dried her face and walked past him and into the living room.

“Gerard, I’m not incapable of carrying my book bag. Not yet anyway.”

“Why wouldn’t you be able to carry your backpack?”

Gerard and Paisley turned to look at Mikey as he slung his bag over his shoulder. Mikey wasn’t yet aware of Paisley’s condition. Only Don and Donna knew.

Gerard replied, “Have you ever felt her backpack when it’s full? It’s ridiculously heavy.”

“Oh,” Mikey shrugged past the two of them and climbed into the back seat of the Mustang.

Gerard glanced at Paisley before shutting the door behind them. Paisley understood the glance; they weren’t to tell anybody she was pregnant. Not yet anyway.

Paisley buckled her self in and stared out the window as Gerard put the car in gear and pulled out of the drive. Gerard had barely even came to a stop before a half frozen Frank opened the passenger door and crawled over Paisley into the backseat. Paisley would have giggled at the look of irritation that swept over Gerard’s face but she was focusing intently on the feeling in her stomach.

“Frankie Iero!”


“Don’t climb over Paisley. You could hurt the ba--” Gerard mentally smacked himself as Paisley glared at him.

“The what?” Frank and Mikey exchanged looks of confusion.

“The back of her neck. She’s tender there dude. She’s been sick and her whole body is sensitive. That’s what the doctor said yesterday.”

“Oh. Sorry Paisley.”

“It’s ok , Frank,” Paisley replied as she watched Gerard out of the corner of her eye.

Gerard pulled into the school parking lot and got out of the car, letting the two in the backseat out. Once they had exited the car, he sat back down.

“Aren’t you two coming?”

“Yeah in a minute. “

Frank looked at Mikey who shrugged in return. Turning, the two friends went to go find Ray.

Gerard watched the two of them in the rearview mirror. As soon as they were gone, he turned to Paisley.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean for it to almost slip.”

“It’s fine. It’s just going to be hard to keep this quiet. Especially with someone so prone to blab, Gerard.”
Gerard bit back his retort.

“We’re just going to have to keep the other one in check,” he amended his discarded comment.

“One of us more so than the other,” Paisley snapped as she got out of the vehicle. As soon as she had started to exit the car she felt dizzy. Quickly she moved away from the car and to the nearest bush. She bent over just as the wave of nausea hit. Gerard had begun to move the minute Paisley had. He brushed her hair back out of her face and lightly rubbed her back. Glancing past his girlfriend, he saw Ray staring at him. From the look on the taller boy’s face, Gerard knew he knew.


Paisley groaned, “What?”

“Ray knows.”

“How would he know, ugh.”

“Ray knows everything.”

Paisley straightened up, just to crouch back down.

“Think he’ll tell?”

“I don’t think so.”

A look of concern crept over Gerard’s features as he tried to soother Paisley.

“Are you sure you wanna go back to school today? I can take you back home and just come in late.”

Paisley took a deep breath and stood upright again.

“No, I’m good. I think I’m done for now. I’m a trooper.”

Gerard gave a slight grin as he wrapped his right arm around Paisley’s waist and pulled her close.

“Yes you are.”
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