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I think if I almost let it slip again, Paisley’ll castrate me.

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Just a filler chapter.

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Gerard placed his hand on Paisley’s lower back as they walked towards their friend on the sidewalk.

“Hey Ray,” Paisley smiled as she gave him a hug.

“Hey Paise. Gerard. How was you guy’s Christmas break?”

“It was pretty good,” Gerard answered for them both.

“I’ll bet,” Ray replied as he crossed his arms giving Gerard a knowing look.

Gerard caught the look and took his hand off of Paisley’s back, “Go ahead and get out of the cold. I’ll meet you in a few.”

Paisley glanced at Gerard before catching up with Mikey and Frankie. As soon as Paisley was out of earshot, Ray turned on Gerard.

“She’s pregnant isn’t she?”

Gerard lowered his eyes and nodded, “Yeah.”

“It was during that blizzard wasn’t it?”

“Apparently so.”

Ray looked his friend in the eye for several seconds before speaking again, “Do the other two know?”

“No. Only mom and dad do. How exactly did you know?”

Ray raised an eyebrow, “I have a very quick mind. I put it together. Paisley wouldn’t be at school is she were sick enough to be throwing up. That was ruled out. You stayed with Paisley for several days, alone. That, and I heard Mikey tell Frank that the two of you have been acting odd all morning.”

Gerard glared past Ray, “Damn Mikey.”

“Don’t get mad at Mikey. He doesn’t have a clue what is going on. But I think that you should let him know soon. Frank too. You know how much Paisley means to them.”

Gerard let out a deep breath, “Paisley doesn’t want anyone to know right now.”

“That’s understandable.”

Gerard glanced up at the taller boy, “You won’t let anything accidentally slip will you?”
Ray shook his head, “No.”

“Good. Then maybe you can help me. I think if I almost let it slip again, Paisley’ll castrate me,” he shuddered.

Ray laughed at the expression on his friend’s face before leading them into the warm foyer.
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