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“You knocked her up?!”

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Uh oh...

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By the time Gerard and Ray made it to first period, Paisley was fast asleep at her seat. Frank and Mikey were standing on either side of her, looking slightly worried. Mikey glanced up and upon seeing Gerard, walked over to him.

“She’s not feeling good. Why is she at school?

“She wanted to come today. She’s not contagious Mikes. You’ve had a bad cold before, you know how it drains you.”

Mikey turned around and sat down at the table he shared with Frankie.

Gerard moved past Frank and sat next to Paisley. Ray sat down behind Paisley just as Coach Harden entered the room.

“Good morning everyone. Welcome back Mr. Way and--. Would someone please wake Miss Walker up?”

Gerard gently nudged Paisley.


“Miss Walker, glad to have you with us. You seem to be tired, did you have a rough night?”

Several preps snickered at Coach Harden implication as turned to write the morning assignment on the board.

Gerard glared at the teacher and restrained himself by clenching the edge of the table until his knuckles turned white. Paisley lay her hand on his left bicep, causing him to look at her. As she shook her head at him, his gaze softened. The last thing they needed was for Gerard to get in trouble. Nodding he picked the hood up on Paisley’s jacket and placed it on her head, motioning for her to lay her head back down.

Frank and Mikey had been watching Paisley and Gerard’s silent conversation. The two of them glanced at each other before glancing at Ray, who had also been watching the couple in front of him. Feeling their eyes on him, Ray looked up. He responded to the questioning look in their eyes by shaking his head. Giving up momentarily, Mikey and Frank began their assignment. Ray followed suit, leaving Gerard to silently rub Paisley’s back while she slept.

By the time the five of them were all together again, it was lunchtime. Due to the weather, the friends all sat in the spacious hallway that encased the large bay window that over looked the courtyard. Mikey and Frank found Paisley stretched out on the window seat with Ray at sitting on the floor.

“Where’s Gerard?”

“Gone to get Paisley something to eat. He’ll be back in a minute,” Ray replied, studying his peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Frank sat next to Ray, leaving Mikey standing with his arms crossed.

“Paisley. What is wrong? You and Gerard have been acting weird all fricken morning. And now Ray is in on it. Can I do anything?”

Before Paisley could speak, Gerard appeared holding a sprite and some crackers.

“That’s your lunch?”

“Yes,” Paisley replied in a defensive tone, “I’m not all that hungry. Just something light.”

Gerard lifted Paisley’s legs and sat next to her, laying her feet in his lap. Leaning forward Gerard whispered in Paisley’s ear, “I think we should at least tell them. Ray knows. Its not completely fair that they don’t know.”

“Gerard…” she whispered back.

“I know you wanted to keep it secret for now, but soon they would know anyway . Think of how pissed they would be when you started showing and they didn’t know beforehand.”

Paisley sighed and looked down at Frank and over at Mikey.

“Ok. You two. Come here. I’m going to tell you, but you can’t freak out or do anything that will bring unwanted attention to the situation.”

Frank and Mikey both stood in front of Paisley as she whispered to them her secret.

As soon as she had, Frank almost tackled her in a hug whereas Mikey stared at Gerard

Several preps, including the girl that Paisley had fought earlier in the year ,were walking the halls when Mikey let the cat out of the bag.

“You knocked her up?!”

Instantly Ray stood up and tackled the younger boy, but the damage had already been done.
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