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“We’re choosing not to associate with baby haters right now."

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Paisley cringed as the girls stopped and stared at her. The blonde-haired girl that Paisley had slapped months before, whose name was Nicole, looked at Paisley and smirked.

“You let that,” she gestured at Gerard, “ touch you? I feel sorry for the baby.”

Without waiting for a reply, Nicole and her gang walked off.

Paisley tried to get up but all four of the boys were quicker than her. Gerard placed his hand on the back of her head, making her look at him.

“Do not go after her. It’s not worth it. You could injure yourself or the baby.”

Paisley’s anger receded slightly, “Ok. Thanks guys. I love you. But not you.”

Mikey was quickly excluded.

“Paisley, I’m sor--”

She held up her hand, “I asked you not to make a scene. And you did. It was a simple request. A request simpler than the one Gerard had : not to let it slip. He followed through with it, with minor slipups. Why was it so hard? Frankie didn’t. H’s happy for me. Are you not?”

Mikey lowered his eyes to keep from seeing the glares coming from the other three males.

“It’s not that I’m not happy. I just, I thought the reason for the secrecy would have been more important that you being pregnant.”

Paisley stood up suddenly, her face livid. “More important? This isn’t important?” Paisley placed her hand on her stomach, “The welfare of my unborn baby, your niece or nephew, isn’t important? I can’t deal with this. I’m not going to be able to make it the rest of the day. Gerard, take me home.”

Gerard quickly grabbed Paisley’s bag and picked up her hand. The two of them slipped out into the courtyard and into the parking lot.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the lunch period. Before Mikey could say anything to Ray and Frankie, they had left.

“Ok, Frank. I understand you’re mad, but can you please let me in the car?”

Mikey was standing beside the passenger side door of Ray’s Toyota.

Frank shook his head, “ We’re choosing not to associate with baby haters right now. Find another way home.”

Ray smacked Frank in the head, “Let him in. He’ll freeze.”

Frank rubbed his head as he let Mikey in the back seat.

“Thanks. So I didn’t mean it the way it sounded. What?”

Ray raised his hand to silence Mikey, “Just because I’m giving you a ride home, doesn’t mean I’m talking to you. I don ‘t want to say anything I may regret later.”

Mikey sat back in his seat, “I deserve that.”

“Yeah you do. Baby hater,” Frank spat.
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