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"Can someone tell Frank I’m not a baby hater?”

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A/N: Ok guys,two things: 1) To everyone who is reading this and has left me reviews and suggestions,giving me my inspiration, you guys ROCK!! And I love yall for it! :D 2) I know its short but I had to get it out of the way & I needed to leave you with a little something else to tide you over till the next chapter. The wheels are a' turnin as I write this note, but I promise you your gonna LOVE this next chapter. So be checking back this weekend.
xoxo, Dani

“Thanks for the ride,” Mikey said as he climbed out of the Toyota. Ray nodded as he slid back into the drivers seat.

“I’ll pick you up in the morning if you need me to, if things aren’t going great between you and them.”


Ray drove off as Mikey carefully made his way up the icy walk. He entered the living room, tossing his bag and jacket on the couch. Hearing voices in the kitchen, Mikey cautiously peered around the door frame.


“Hey Paisley. Mom.”

Without acknowledging his brother, Mikey sat down across from their mom.

“Michael James Way, from what Paisley and Gerard have told me, I’m shocked and ashamed of you.”

“I know you are. I figured as much,” Mikey suddenly became fascinated with the salt shaker.

“Explain, please.”

Mikey took a deep breath and glanced at Paisley before speaking.

“What I said today came out wrong obviously, but why didn’t you tell me before this afternoon. I didn’t mean that Paisley’s pregnancy wasn’t important. I don’t see the reason to be so secretive about it.”

“We weren’t going to tell any of you right now, except Ray figured it out spot on. We figured since he knew, all of you should. It wasn’t anything personal Mikey,” Gerard replied.

Paisley sipped on her apple cider slowly before setting it down.

“Mikey. You’re smart. Think about it. What is the least tolerated thing that anyone can do at Richard Lennon?”

Mikey thought for a minute before smacking himself, “Shit. Paisley I’m sorry. That’s why you two weren’t saying anything.”

Gerard rolled his eyes, “Captain Obvious over here.”

“It’s also considered bad luck to tell people you are pregnant if its only the first trimester,” Donna watched Mikey over her coffee cup.

Mikey lowered his head, “You two, I’m really sorry. Honestly. “

“It’s ok Mikey. We should have at least told you. I guess Paisley and I got a little caught up in our own world” Gerard said.

Paisley nodded as she stood up. Bending down she hugged Mikey, “And I’m sorry Mikey for telling you I didn’t love you. This afternoon was full of emotions, and some got away with us.”

“It’s ok Paise, you’re right. Emotions were just a little high all around, “Mikey hugged Paisley back. As an after thought he added,“ Can someone tell Frank I’m not a baby hater?”
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