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"It’s not entirely her fault she’s carrying Gerard Way’s baby.”

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Three days had passed since the ‘baby-hater’ incident had occurred making it Friday. This fact alone put a slight bounce in Paisley’s step. That and the fact that she had kept her breakfast down.

The trio walked across the school parking lot just as Ray and Frank pulled onto the lot.

“Paisley, the wind is starting to pick up. Why don’t you go stand inside the foyer while we wait for them. Then we’ll all go to class together.”

Paisley quickly complied with his request. Upon entering the glass enclosed foyer, Paisley found empty bench and sat down. As she waited for Gerard and the guys to come in, she pulled out a book and began to read it. She was interrupted by a group of girls who were whispering loudly. About her.

Standing across the foyer were a group of girls, all centered around Nicole. When the blonde headed girl noticed Paisley was looking at her, she quit talking. A sickening grin spread across her face as Gerard walked in and picked Paisley up off the bench. Paisley watched Nicole and her group walk towards them. Gerard, still holding Paisley, glanced over to see what Paisley was staring at. A glare fixated itself in his eyes as the girls stopped in front of them.

“Heeey Paisley. See you in first period.”,” she glanced at the four guys . By way of greeting she said, “Freaks.”

Gerard’s glare caught on amongst the other four as they all watched Nicole and her gang disappear up the staircase.

“Something’s up.” Frank said as the group slowly made their way to chemistry.

“Oh yeah. And I don’t like it,” Gerard replied as he protectively put his arm around her waist.

“Ugh, those waffles don’t seem as a good idea now as they did this morning,” Paisley grimaced as she sat beside Gerard.

Frank sat on top of the table. “Morning sickness attack,” he asked with a frown.


“Mr. Iero, if you please, Get off of the table and sit at your own seat. Miss Walker, head up off the table. You are no better than anyone else in this class room.”

Frank squeezed her hand before sitting next to Mikey. Paisley sat up and rested her head in her hands.

Gerard placed a sheet of paper in front of her. Turning she glanced at him with a questioning look.

He smiled at her, “ You might as well do some work in here so you don’t fail out, Ms. Star Student.”

Paisley smiled as she took out a pencil and started working on the assignment that Coach Harden had written on the board.

Fifteen minutes into the assignment, Paisley’s began to feel nauseous again. Standing up, she hurried over to the door, only to have Coach Harden block her path.

“What are you doing Miss Walker?”

“I feel like I’m about to vomit sir, please move. I’d hate to mess up your nice expenisve suit.”
Coach Harden’s eyes narrowed but before he could speak, Nicole stood up.

“Please sir, excuse Paisley. It’s not entirely her fault she’s carrying Gerard Way’s baby.”
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