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Mess with one of them, you mess with them all.

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Coach Harden grabbed Paisley by her wrist, “Miss Walker, I suggest you have one of your friends clean out your locker and gather your books. I think Principal Monaghan will want to have a word with you. “

“Shit,” Gerard made a move towards Nicole, only to be intercepted by her six foot tall football player boyfriend.

Paisley was being led down the hall when she heard what sounded like a fight break out from the chemistry room. She tried to turn around but Coach Harden pulled on her wrist.

“Miss Walker, I will have you know, that no Richard Lennon Prep School student has ever became pregnant. They must have been taught that its best to keep their legs closed.”

Paisley decided that a retort wasn’t the best thing at the moment, so she kept her mouth closed as Coach Harden led her into Principal Monaghan’s office.

The principal looked up from his desk with a questioning glance.

“What is it James?”

Coach Harden practically pushed Paisley into the chair in front of the desk.

“It seems that our ‘star student’ here, Miss Walker has went and gotten herself impregnated by the school’s resident slacker Mr. Way.”

Principal Monaghan glanced from Coach Harden, who was smirking, to Paisley who was staring at the diploma on the wall behind his head.

“All right thank you. Coach Harden. I can deal with the problem now.”

Coach Harden exited the room leaving Paisley and the principal to a staring war.

After several moments of silence, Principal Monaghan sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Miss Walker, you are a great asset to this school. Your grades and above average and your testing scores are outstanding. I have had several of the teachers here tell me great things about you. But pregnancy is not tolerated at Richard Lennon Prep School. We are a school with great standards, of course I’m sure you are very well aware of that?”

Paisley nodded, “Yes sir. “

“Miss Walker, I am at a personal impasse . You are a bright young woman with potential and an obvious zeal for learning. That is a rare quality in young people in this region. As an educator I would love to keep you in our program. But I’m afraid as an administrator I have to do my job.”

Paisley nodded, “Yes sir. I understand. If you want I will go and gather my books.”

Principal Monaghan raised his hand, “Now don’t be so quick to act, Miss Walker. I don’t want to make any hasty decisions but I can’t have you in the school for several days; the superintendent is to be in the building one day next week. If one of the other students were to say something, well we would be in a great deal of trouble.”

“I understand sir.”

“Until I come up with an idea, you are ‘expelled’.”

Paisley’s eyes widened causing the man to chuckle, “This will not be going on your permanent record though. But I must appease Coach Harden momentarily.”

Paisley let out a sigh of relief, “Thank you sir.”

“You are very welcome.”

Paisley exited his office to find Gerard being led to the nurse’s office by Ray.

“Ray? Gerard? What happened?”

Ray turned his head and looked at Paisley before glancing at the trail of blood that randomly spattered the floor from Coach Harden’s class to their current positions.

Paisley ran to Gerard’s other side to find him sporting what would soon be a black eye. His nose and mouth were covered in blood, which was quickly staining his white collar a deep crimson. Paisley held Gerard’s gaze as she picked up his hand, giving Ray the chance to go check on the two younger boys who were still in the chemistry class.

Paisley pushed back several strands of his black hair that had became errant in the obvious fight.Reaching up on her tiptoes she kissed him on his cheek before leading him to the nurses office.
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