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“Thanks Uncle Rick.”

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Gerard sat down on the examining table and began telling the nurse what had happened. Paisley waited patiently off to the side as she watched the nurse doctor Gerard’s wounds and clean off the excess blood. As soon as the nurse had finished and left the room to go find Principal Monaghan.

No sooner had the door closed than Paisley sprinted over and sat next to Gerard, burying her head in the crook of his neck. Wrapping his right arm around her, Gerard clenched his other fist before speaking.

“That’s it Paisley. I’ve had enough of their shit. I’ve dealt with many things the past four years but that draws the line. I can deal with them messing with me, but not you.”

Paisley looked up at him, “Tell me exactly what happened from the moment I left.”

“I turned on Nicole. But her boyfriend got in front of me before I could say anything to her. I called her a bitch and he swung at me, but I moved. By that point Frank, Mikey, and Ray were beside me. All the jocks teamed up against us and that’s how I got here.”

“What about Frank and Mikey? Frank punched out that jock who broke his nose earlier in the year. He ran out with Mikey right behind him. Ray went to find them and they’ve already left.”

“Mr. Way!”

Principal Monaghan stormed in the nurses office, causing Paisley to jump. Making sure no one was in the hallway, the principal shut the door.

“Gerard, just because I am married to your aunt does not give you special rights to act the fool and get in a fight. Is Miss Walker the reason for your scuffle?”

Gerard shook his head, “No sir. I was going to speak to Nicole Williams, the girl who let it slip that Paisley is pregnant, but her boyfriend intercepted me. He must have believed I was going to hurt her, which I would never do because unlike most of the other males in this school, I respect women. Anyway he punched me so out of self-defense I struck back.”

Principal Monaghan rubbed the bridge of his nose before giving Gerard an earnest look.

“Gerard, I understand that for the past four years of high school you and your friends have been the object of disdain and hatred, but I’m begging you , please don’t do something that is going to endanger your education. You are a senior, you only have to last five more months. Think before you act, please. Unfortunately I have to expel you because you know that fighting is prohibited at RLPH.”

Gerard nodded, “I understand.“

Principal Monaghan straightened his blazer, “As for the young man who started the fight, he will be getting OSS as well.”

Gerard grinned, “Thanks Uncle Rick.”

“Gerard, we’ve went almost four years without people knowing our kinship. Let’s keep it that way until graduation, hmm?”

Gerard nodded and draped his arm around Paisley’s shoulders, “Are we free to go now?”

Principal Monaghan nodded, “Yes. You are both ‘expelled’ until further notice.”

The principal exited the nurse’s office with Paisley and Gerard right behind him.
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