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“This is going to be a long nine months."

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Can you say mood swing?

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“You’re expelled?!”

Gerard flinched, squeezing Paisley’s hand harder than he meant to.

“Mom, we’re not really expelled. I’ve already explained this to you.”

“I’m sorry Gerard. I didn’t mean to raise my voice like that. You’ve just never been expelled. Pretend or other wise.”

Paisley glanced at Gerard, then at Donna.

“This is all my fault.”

Mother and son turned their heads and looked at Paisley.

“What do you mean?”

“If I hadn’t gotten pregnant, then none of this would have happened. I feel like a whore, now that everyone knows I’m pregnant.”

“Paisley, you’re not a whore. Don’t let them fool you that none of those girls there have never had sex. None of those girls are pure. At least half of the cheerleaders have gotten pregnant, except they’ve all had abortions. They don’t have any morals.”

Donna spoke up, “Paisley. None of this is your fault. There is a reason you conceived that baby. ”

Paisley looked down at her stomach, “ I feel like I’ve let down my family by getting pregnant.”

“Why is that,” Donna asked as Gerard pulled Paisley out of her chair and into his lap.

“Out of all my cousins, I was going to be the only one to actually graduate high school and do something with my life. Not bum off my parents. I’m the good girl. I don’t get into trouble, I always do what I’m told, I’m supposed to be a role model. What role model gets pregnant?”

Gerard wrapped his arms around Paisley’s waist and picked up her hands in his own.

“I thought you were happy that you’re pregnant.”

Paisley blinked back tears, “I’m not sure how I feel. I’m not sure if I’m happy or if I’m terrified.”

Donna slowly got up from her chair and exited the room , leaving the two young parents-to-be alone.

“It’s your hormones, I think you’re supposed to feel like that,” he offered.

“How can you be so insensitive? Is that the best thing you can offer? I’m supposed to feel like that? I’m pretty sure I figured out those are my hormones, thank you.”

“Paisley, I’m sorry.”

“I don’t feel like talking.”

Paisley slid off of his lap and made her way down to the basement.

Gerard put his head in his hands.

“Mom? How long is she going to be like this?”

Donna peered around the doorframe, “Was I that noticeable? She may be like this her whole pregnancy.”

Gerard groaned, “This is going to be a long nine months."
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