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Life and Times of Gee Way

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umm, the title says all

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Gee's pov

"Grard up, now!", Ray's annoying voice was loud in my ear, I threw my pillow at him.He ripped off my blanket."Eww, put some pants on!", he shouted, before he slammed the hotel door.
Ha ha, I sleep all natural, but thats wha he gets.
The clock said it was 10 in the morning, to early, the show is not until tonight.I rose like a zombie and took a long hot shower, I preferred my own shower, but on the road I was lucky to even have a shower.I threw some clothes on, skinnies, black tee, a little concealer to hide the bags under my eyes, and some eyeliner to help my appearence, teeth brushed, colonge, shoes, and now the world had Gerard way- he just needed some caffine.
I stopped in franks room, he had been sick last night, he sat on his bed with his guitar, pansy.
"Hey Gee", he smiled.
"Feeling better frankenstien?"
"Yeah, much, what do you wanna do today?"
"Dunno, Ray needs to calm his ass down", I said"Look I'm gotta die if I don't chug some coffee, wanna tag along to star bucks?"
So me and Frankie-kins were off.
"What?", he gave me a nervous look as we walked down the street of tokyo"your glarring"
Im looked away, he got to have his cancer sticka and I did not. Ever since Bandit was born, Lyn-z made me give them up for good, Her exact words were
"Gerard Arthur Way, If you do not give those nasty things up by the time our child arrives, we won't be doing anything to create another"
So I quit fast.But I doubt she would have kept that promise, she is no nun(and no fangirls, I will not dwell into the details..........not now)But I stopped smoking, Its all for the better, but I can stil glare at my best friend.
"Oh, sorry gee", he quickly put his out.
"No problem, but just so you know, I heard Jamia talking to Lyn-z and she's making you qiut too".
"There'll never get me alive", Frank sais dramatically, as he held the door open for me at starbucks.
I had to smile, he's had a crush on me since like the second time we met, afterall, it was his idea to start the freard shit on stage. Not that I didn't like it, it's just I'm not gay, or even bi for that matter, I just used to get drunk a lot and get a little too close to guys, then one time bob vidoe taped frank and I sucking face while drunk, and then you had Ferard.
But that was in the past, were both married, I have a three month old daughter at home with her mommy, Frank has a wife too.
But there still is that closeness with him.On a rainy day on the tourbus, we snuggle on the couch, but I would do the same with my own little bro, so you get the picture.
I grabbed a large mocha, I made frank get a small, no one, I medan NO ONE, want Frank hyper, the last time bob gave him two red bull, the tourbus was destroyed, my makeup riuned, and my balls got kicked 3 times(ladies it hurts , you got child birth, but we run the risk of our genitals in pain every day)
My cell went off"Hello"
"Morning hon", It was Lyn-z
"Hey babe, how are things?"
"Peachy, Bandit just went back to sleep, I miss you", she said.
"But I miss you more", I sighed, lyn-z was more the a soul-mate, and with out her, GeeWay got sad(ok I'm not saying depressed cause when I do everyone theng I'm gotta get wasted and snort coke-I'm not!)
"Whatcha doin?", She asked.
"Frank and I needed caffine"
"Can I talk to him?", I handed my cell to Frank.
"Yes, m'am. wouldn't dream of it", Frank gave me back my cell.
"If your worrying about Frank giving me smokes, chill, I made a promise to you, And Honey I plan to keep it"
She laughed"Hey you should use that in a song, I like it!"
"Cool, Um hey i;m getting another call, gotta go love you,send bandit my love, bye babe", I hit end and took the next call, Brian.
"Why is it, tht your phone is always busy, but I never see you on it?", He asked me.
"I'm not gonna answer that, whats up?", I told him.
"You have a photo shoot in 20 minuteswhere the hell are you?", Brian asked"And please say you have Frank, or else we have to send a search party".
"Umm, Frank? I think I saw the ambulance drive away with him
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