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Franks gone!

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Gee ways pov(me duh!)

"FRANK IS IN AN AMBULANCE! WHAT KIND OF A PERSON ARE YOU TO LET THAT HAPPEN!", Brain screamed into his phone, Frank brook into giggles, I was laughing so hard it was hard to breathe.
"Dude, chill, I got Frank right here, he's fine", I laughed.
"Fucking ass, thats not funny!", Brain whined."Listen, be at the photoshoot in 20 minutes, or else mcr cocsists of 3 guys!"
"Fine , I'll just pick up frank and well be there"
"Pick him up?"
"Umm, yeah, he;s dead, i'm dragging him, bye!", I hung up my phone.
"I'm dead, your draging me?", Frank laughed"but thats so mean Gee!"
"No whats mean is the price of frickin sushi!", I muttered. Seriuosly, japan has some awesome sushi but its so expensive, and I don't have money just pouring from ass as like lots of you think.
"Gerard do you always think about food?", Frank asked"Your not fat any more, but still"
I gasped"You thought I was fat!"
Frank shrugged"Well, when you drank, but your thinner now"
"But.............but you still thought I was fat", I pouted.
Frabk rolled his eyes"Your not, calm down, your so moody!"
"No , the moody one is Mikey", I corrected him Mikey did seem all cute and quiet but he's moodier than a pregnant woman, and believe me I know, I've lived with one for 9 months!
finally we made it to the photo studio.
"You liar, Frank is alive!", Brian punched my arm.
"Jerk, You actualy want him dead", I joked.
"Do not, now get your ass in that room and get changed", Brian ordered me.
I grinned"Would you like to help me?"
He slammed the door on my face, real pleasant.
Holyshit!How tight did these pants have to be?Like, they feel like they are glued to my skin!I had on a red tee, black leather jacket, And these black jeans that were as tight as hell!
"Damn Gee", Frank said as I came out of the little stall"Did they buy you childrens clothes?"
"Its not funny!", I complained as the photographer postioned us in our places. He made me stand between Bob and Mikey, the in the middle, then next to Ray, and he was moving me again.
"Look", I said getting pissed"Where do you want me to stand?Whats the problem here?"
He sighed"Well, sir, theres a bulge in your pants,and its sticking out, I don't want it in the shot"
"That is called my cock, and my balls, and they're bulging because this stupid company gave me jeans 5 sizes too small!", I shouted.
Frank burst out into a fit of giggles, rolling on the floor.Bob lost it too, Mikey was red in the face, and Ray missed the whole thing while he ws texting somebody.
The poor photographer didn't know what to do, so 30 minutes later, I was given pants the actually fit me , and the photoshoot was done.
"Dude, that was gold back there", Bob said as we walked to lunch.
"Thanks I gotta call Lyn-z, be right back", I walked off.
"Hi Gee", She said cheerfully"How are you?"
"Good, I just had a fucked up photo shoot,they guy said I-"
"THE FUCK!", I shouted. Some car she splashed into a mud puddle, covering me in muddy water.
"Gerard!Gee, whats wrong?", Lyn-z shouted into the phone.
"I'm soaked , call ya later".
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