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"Gerard!", she screamed in fear, Where was she, I rounded the other corner,only to be pelted by a about a thousand needles, now I screamed, frantically pulling them all out of my skin, and seeing the blood tricke all over me.
"Gerard help me!", she screamed. I got up and continued to run down the dark hall, I reached a wooden door and flung it open.
"Lindsey!", I yelled, she was chained to a metal wall by her wrists, blood was dripping from each of them, across the room stood Bert McCracken.
"Help me Gee!", She screamed again , I raced towards her, but Bert was faster, he produced a dagger from his coat and drive it right into her heart, her eyes went blank with death.
Bert laughed as I fell to my knees in agony"look up!", He told me.
I looked up, mikey has hanging from a rope from the ceiling, along with my little girl, whom which blood was dripping from her lifeless body, it dripped into my open mouth.

"Gerard!Gerard!Wake up!", someone was shouting, roughly shaking me.
"Lindsey!"I screamed opening my eyes to look right at Franks face above mine.
"Gee calm down!", His hands had me pinned down"It was just a dream a nightmare, your safe!"
I looked around me, the lights in my room were on, Ray, Mikey , and Bob all stood around my bed. I was covered from head to toe in sweat, my hair was matted to the sides of my face, I took a deep breath.
"See, all better, now tell us about your dream", Frank sat next to me on my bed.
I sat up and wiped sweat from my forehead."Nightmare, dungeons, needles, Bert killed lyn-z, and Mikey and Bandit were hung", I whispered.
Mikey gave me a hug"Its ok Gee, no will hang me or Ban-Ban, do you want me to call Lyn-z for you?"
"Uh, what time is it?", I asked.
"almost 5 in the morning, it should be 9 back in california", he said and dialed her number, handed me the phone.
"Mikey?", Lindseys sweet voice asked.
"no babe its me", I said.
"Gerard!", she said happily"Hon, shouldn't you be asleep?"
"Yeah but I had a nightmare, I just wanted to call and make sure you were alright, whats Bandit doing?"
"Oh, I'm fine, I was just feeding Bandit", She said.
"Good, tell her daddy loves her", I smiled"Well, I won't keep you, I'll call back in a few hours, bye, love you!"
I fell back aganist my pillows, what a dream, now it was just Frank and I in my hotel room.
"You gotta be ok gee", he asked, pushing hair out of my eyes.
"Yeah Frank, thanx though"
He smiled"Anytime Gee, are you going bak to sleep?"
"Hells yeah", I pulled my covers up around myself.
"Well, 'night then gee", Frank patted my head and left my room.
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