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What! I'm Ugly!

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"Ya know Gee, when was the last time you and lyn-z well, ya know?", Frank asked me as we sat in my den, one week after coming home from our japan tour.
"Huh?", I mumbled, looking up from my slleping baby girl in my arms.
"You heard me , when was the last time you two , er........practiced your baby making?", he bit his lip, trying not to laugh.
I thought on that, hmmmmmmm, before the tour, a couples weeks before thr tour actually, which was like,,two months ago."What are you getting at Frank?", I asked my best friend.
He shrugged"All I'm saying is, ya don't use it, ya lose it"
"Hey, thats mean, and when was the last time-"
"Last night", He grinned.
I stuck out my bottom lip.Lyn-z still loved me .......right?Curently she and Jamia were out shopping, but I loved her so much, she still loved me right?
"Frank, is it because, I-I ugly?", I whispered"Am I turning ugly! I have even lost weight damn it!"
Frank looked thoughtful."Your not ugly at all, your just....ehh"he sracthed his head"Gerard, your not as young as you were before, theres nothing wrong with age, of course, you will lose your sex appeal to teenage girls and young women, you might start to get gray hair, maybe even start balding, then your skin will sag, and then you'll get fat, like, you'll have more rolls then a steam roller, and then you will smell funny, but we'll all still love ya!'he grinned from ear to ear.
"Take her!", I put Bandit into Franks arms and ran upstairs to my bathroom mirrior and studied my face.
My eyes weren't as hazel as they were five years age, my complexion was as pale as always, but my skin didn't look so youthful, my haih, oh my hair!
I ran my hands though it, it wasn't as soft!Or Silky!
I looked at my body, pulled up my shirt, eh I was fat! so fat I can never eat again, and my nazel looks freaky!
I was old!OLD! this could not be happening.
"No!", I said outloud, sinking to my knees on the bathroom floor."NOOOOOOOOO!", I shouted, I was getting old, and ugly, lyn-z wouldn't love me, the fans would hate me, maybe my daughter too.
I didn't want to die!
I burst into tears.

p.s. has anyone seen the new pic on the mcr website/ poor gee is losing his hottness so I had to write this, its to be continued!
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