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A shoulder To Cry On

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"Gerard, please, please come down baby", Lyn-z said in my ear as she held me on my bed, rocking me back and forth.Hell I'm a grown man and shes holding me?
"But I'm so-so ugly", I tryed to pull myself together.
"No your not", she smiled, "Gerard, your damn sexy so shhhhhhhh", She kissed my forehead.
"If I'm so sexy than home come we haven't made love in over two months?", I asked drying my eyes on my sleeve.
"Thats nothing to do with you I-"
"Nothing to do with me?I'm your husband, it has the world to do with me!", I protested,"Just face it, I'm getting old, and your still beautiful"
She frowned"Baby your not that old"
"I'm 32", I pouted, getting out of bed"Ya know, I'm gotta have Frank make me brownies,the I'll get fat, and then we really will have a reason for not being intimate", and I
left the room to talk to Frank.He and Jamia were downstairs, playing peek-a-boo with Bandit.
"Frank, make me brownies!", I ordered.
"Ask nicely Gee"
"Franklin Antonio Iero, would you ever so kindly make me some brownies so I may feed my fat face?"
Frank grinned"See thats better!", And he ran for the kitchen.
"Gerard", Jamia said looking up from her phone"Lyn-z wants you to come upstairs-right now, seriously"
"Fine "I muttered, getting up and walking up to our room.The room was lit up by candles, I was tackled to the bed by my wife, she was wearing nothing.
She cupped my face"You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this, again Gee"
I let my eager hands rest on her hips"Oh, me too Baby", I kissed her lips.

Franks pov

"Jamia are they-"
"Yep", sha said, rocking Bandit in her arms.
"Jerk, and the brownies are even done", I mumbled.
"Oh, chill, let them have some time", she told me."Here", she handed me Bandit"I really need to use the bathroom".
"hi Bab Ban", I smiled, she was so adorable.She giggled and her little hand touched my chest."Whats so funny", I smiled, but she wacked my chest agaian"Hey now voiolence is never the amswer", I reminded her,Her little fingers pulled on one of the buttons on my shirt."oh, your hungry", I said"Sorry, I can't help you, see, no boobs", I told her"And your daddy is very busy with your mommy"
I went into the kithchen to mix her a bottle of formula, I knew she prefered the real stuff, but this would have to do.
I fed the little girl her bottle, the burped her, awwwwwwww, she was just the cutest little-"Ehhhhhh!", I whined as she puked all over my shirt"Thats not nice miss", I told her, taking her up to her room.I took off my puke filled shirt, I would have to borrow one of Gerard's shirts.
I changed her oytfit and made sure she would not puke anymore, and carried her back downstairs.
"Frank, why the hell is your shirt off?", Jamia asked me, I explained.

Gee's pov

"We really should go downstairs", I said holding her close to me."They have our daughter you realize that?"
She smiled"Don't worry, Jamia won't let him corrupt her too much", She started kissing my neck, the gentilt sucking on the delicate flesh
"Ohh, Lyn-z ", I moaned as I slid back on top.

p.s. a little longer, hoped ya liked it!
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