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Love is the red rose on your coffin door

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Sorry Ive been gone. New Chapter. and a new story soon!

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"Come here,Shush..Your okay" I hear Frankie whisper to me. I dont know why, I guess I had a nightmare, I was crying and shaking. All I could think of is the safety I felt now.
"Baby? You okay?" He kissed me softly.
"Gah" was the only sound I could make. He seemed to get what I meant.
"What did you dream about?" I sigh.
"You..." I mumble wiping tears away. I dont want to tell him. My night frights have been affecting my ablitiy to think, eat, or even talk at times. Lately, My dreams are blood bathes from hell, Frankie baby being the main course of it all, and theres always this hooded figure, and sure enough its me, affect pain on my love.
"Gee, Tell me"
"You...hurt....blood" I dont want to put it in detail. Everytime I close my eyes I see My lovers pained face and...and...blood. His blood.
"Oh...Well have you been taking your meds?"
I take these anti-depressants, which Im not even sure they work. I pop them like candy.
I look down at Frankies scars, and wounds. He hurts himself sometimes.
He hates when I bring it up. Throughout of life together, I used to be the strong one who never gave a fuck, but after Helena, and Trent. I just cant be strong like before.
"No, they make me act funny"
"Gee...Your nightmares would go away if you took em"
"NO! Thats want started it! I took then and my dreams are fucked!"
His arms tightend. I cloesd my eyes and relaxed. I slowed my breathing.
"Its fine, Its fine"
"Dont hurt yourself."
He sighs smiling. "You always look out for me"
"As you to me" I kiss his nose playfully.
"Come on, We'll go to the book store and look around"
I smile and jump out of the bed.
"Come on! LOVER!!" I yell, pointing toward the door
"Pants, Gee, You need to wear pants"
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