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A Prelude To....A Kick In The Balls.

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Never leave your food in front of Mikey Way....

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“All right you asses, who ate my club sandwich from Sub-Marina?” Bob huffed. He observed his fellow band mates and try to see any body language that would let him know who the damn culprit was. Touring was getting to the best of them, but each and every one of them was coping to the best of their ability.

“I didn’t have a sandwich today.” Ray said simply.

“I don’t eat meat you twit.” Frank rolled his eyes.

“Man, all I had was coffee today. I’m stressed out.” Gerard sighed. Bob’s eyes shifted directly to Mikey who awkwardly turned the other way.

“You look a little nervous, Mikes. Is something wrong?” Bob smirked.

“No. I’m solid.” Mikey said quickly.

“You’re sweating.”

“It’s hot.” He retorted. Bob leaned dangerously closer.

“You smell like pickles. You hate pickles.” Bob hissed.

“People change. It’s part of the world.” Mikey smirked back.

Bob towered over Mikey who shuddered. Bob was just so dominating. It was scary when he got mad, and a little sexy. But hey, that’s for another time. [The amazing sweet author who wrote this may consider doing so.] Mikey frowned as he was under the scrutiny of the ever so kind Bob. He finally had no choice when Bob whispered incoherent and unnecessary things.

“Fine! I give! I did eat it, but I didn’t know it was yours! I mean, I knew it tasted different, but I didn’t think much of it and it was pretty good, and I’m sorry!” He squealed. Frank giggled a school girl laugh as he applied his minimal eyeliner to his green eyes.

“I knew it you piss ant!” Bob shouted before hoisting Mikey over his shoulder while Mikey squirmed.

“Bob where are you going? Where are you taking me?” He screeched as Bob walked down the bus with Mikey hanging upside down, down his back.

“Payback for eating my sandwich.”

“I said I was sorry!”

“Sorry don’t bring back the sandwich that‘s sitting in your skinny ass tummy, now does it?”

“No.” Mikey frowned.

“Exactly.” Bob smirked as he carried Mikey to the neighborhood pool that was nearby the tour bus. They were on their way to Florida, and got sidetracked as the bus mysteriously broke down a couple times along the way. It pissed off most of the crew, including Brian.

“PUT ME DOWN! You Oaf!”

“No can do, Michael. Plug your nose sweet cheeks.” Bob smiled sweetly before grabbing Mikey and tossing him into the pool like a rag doll. Mikey screamed as his body was attacked by the cold water, and his clothes began to soak in the chlorine, his once straightened hair was now wavy and un…perfect. Bob laughed as Mikey glared daggers into him and Mikey flipped him off and then rubbed his eyes.

“You’re ass is grass Bryar!” He shouted.

“Hey! You started this. You’re the one who decided to put your grubby hands on my sandwich!”

“It was an honest mistake!”

“Sure it was.” Bob replied, and Mikey growled as he got out of the water and prepared himself to chase Bob, who got the hint and ran off.

“Why you running bitch?!” Mikey yelled, and ran after him completely soaked, making squishy noises with shoes. His lanky body ran full force after Bob who was laughing the whole time. Right when he almost caught up, he bumped into a short girl who cried out as she hit the floor.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay?” Mikey said softly. The girl rolled her eyes, but as soon as she saw Mikey, she gasped.

“OH. EM. GEE! Mikey Way? Is that really you?! Looking hot and wet, no less.” She gave a perverted smile.

“You know what? I really have to go!” Mikey squealed as the girl grabbed Mikey’s ass.

“Do you really have to go?” She smirked insanely.

“Umm…yes.” He got out of her grasp and took off in the other direction.

“CALL ME!” She called after him. Mikey ran back to the bus, still soaked and slammed the door open where the boys stared at him like he was frigging Frankenstein.

“You sir are dead!” Mikey pointed at Bob who resting on the couch still catching his breath from the previous run.

“Mikey you’re wet.” Bob smiled perfectly.

“Mikey why are you wet?” Gerard raised an eyebrow.

“Ask our drummer, who’s soon going to be our second one replacing, he threw me into the pool!” Gerard giggled.

“He ate my sandwich.” Bob said simply.

“I almost got raped by a fan girl! I was inappropriately touched!” By now everyone was laughing their brains off, and Ray’s fro even joined in.

“Its not funny!” Mikey screamed like a girl. Incase you missed it, Mikey sounds like Michelle when he’s really mad.

“Calm down, Michelle. It’s okay.” Bob said softly. Mikey fumed!

“I’m gonna kick you all in the balls!”

“Hu hu haha!” Ray laughed.

“Screw you! Screw YOU!” Mikey called out.

“This is really about the sexual tension isn’t it?” Gerard giggled.

“You’re right Gee. Come over here, and give me my happy ending.” Frank winked.

“Did not need to hear that!” Ray shouted.

After Mikey took a shower, and got dressed into his other normal pair of clothes. He still glared at Bob who gave him a raspberry. The bus was once again on the move, and the 5 men silently did their own thing as they watched the city go by.

“How bout some poetry?” Frank asked.

“Not again!” Everyone groaned in unison.

“Alright, you talked me into it. I’ll go first.” Frank beamed, while everyone just sighed in boredom.

“I go by the name of Frank. When I was little, I hated when my parents tried to give me a spank. I always wanted my own account at a bank, and yesterday I got hit on by a dude named Hank.” Frank smiled.

“Good one.” Gerard said sarcastically.

“Then you go, Mr. Piss, I mean Mr. Priss.” Frank, smirked as Gerard glared.

“As my right as an American, I refuse.” Gerard stuck his nose up.

“I’ll just make up one…let’s see…Bob! I have a friend named Bob, who plays the drums for a job, He hates to be called Rob, so we call him Bob.” Frank giggled. Bob did not look amused.

“How long before we get to the hotel?”

1 hour later

“Mikey you ate my cookies!!!!” Gerard screamed. Mikey laughed nervously.

“Damn it Mikey, why do you keep eating our food?!” Bob yelled.

“Cause I was hungry.” Mikey said simply.

I’m gonna kick you in the balls.” Gerard retorted.

“Come on it was just 4 cookies.”

“But they were MINE! I’ll never let this go! Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever!” Gerard called as he made his way to the bunk. Everyone rolled their as the dramaticness of the situation.

“We all know, he really won’t let this go.” Bob sighed.

An hour passed before Gerard came out of his bunk.

“I have something special for you.” He pointed at Mikey.

“Oh yeah what?” Mikey replied.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” Mikey rolled his eyes, as Gerard stormed off once again. It would be a very long night.

The next morning

“Are you kidding me?” Frank laughed as he got the morning paper from a store. He read it and couldn’t believe they would post such a dumb thing.

“What?” Ray yawned.

“Look.” He handed the paper to Ray who automatically laughed as he read the headline.


Mikey Way, bassist from rock sensation, My Chemical Romance is now known as the cookie thief. Gerard Way, brother of Mikey Way, is allegedly seeking a lawsuit against his brother, in effort that Mikey will replace the cookies, by personally making them himself and feeding it to Gerard who is suing for suffering. This has not been the first time Mikey Way has stolen cookies. Apparently the brother’s mother Donna Way has claimed her youngest son always stole cookies from the cookies jar. He will now be known as the cookie monster of modern day.

Lesson for the day: Hide your cookies!

“Are you serious?” Ray laughed and tossed the paper to Bob.

“This is as good as touring gets.” Bob shook his head.

Touring will never be the same……

Will Gerard actually sue Mikey for his lost cookies?

Will their be romance in the next chapter?

Will Bob dominate the world?

Do you like these one shots?

Should I shut up now?

*A/N: This is what you get when you eat too many Otter Pops, while watching Barbie version of Daisy Of Love on Youtube (: I hope you enjoyed, because believe it or not, this did take me a while to write (:
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