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The Case Of The Missing Skittles.

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A random one shot where Frank freaks the eff off. xD

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Another out of sight one shot, because I had writer’s block for some other stories I have started. Go figure. I shall hopefully being posting the third chapter for This Blood next week, so yeah…I may just group one shots like these altogether, the non sense writing really does help. More? Let me know. xoxo xD

It was a normal day on the MCR bus. Bob and Ray playing Xbox, Mikey was texting, and Gerard was practicing his expressions in the mirror, again. All seemed well until……

“WHERE ARE MY SKITTLES?!” a voice shouted. Everyone dropped what they were doing as Frank stormed down the bus and glared.

“Where are they? Do you have them?” Frank squealed. He checked under the sofa, the Xbox, Gerard’s Japanese suitcase, and unfortunately Ray’s fro. He took extra time pushing his hands through the soft hair.

“Get out of muh hair Frank!” Ray smacked the fun sized guitarist out of his way.

“Who has them huh? HUH! What did I ever do guys? Why are you always messing with me!” He pouted. Bob just gave him a ‘are you bleeping kidding me?’ looks.

“Frank I’m sure its somewhere.”

“That’s just it! I HAVE checked everywhere. I checked my pillows, I checked my bags, the floor, the dirty clothes.”

“Why would they be under your dirty clothes?”

“I don’t know! It was just a guess!”

“Just calm down.”

“You calm down SIR! You don’t understand. I need them. I go crazy!”

“It shows.” Mikey and Ray said in unison.

After 5 minutes of searching, Frank had no such luck in finding the beloved sugary colored candy.

“I bet you Bert McCracken has it! He’s always trying to steal our thunder!” Frank exclaimed.

“No.” Gerard rolled his eyes.

“Pete Wentz?”


“Billie Joe?”


“Ryan Ross?”


“Chuck Norris?”



“No! Come on Frank!”

“Well who has them? I had them on my bed last night, and now their gone!” He cried.

“I’m bored.” Bob said giving into the game he was playing with Ray.

“I don’t know where we are, I don’t know what time it is, I don’t know what day it is.” Gerard groaned as the bus just kept moving and moving.

“I know who took them!” Frank chimed.

“Who?” Everyone said annoyance.

“Marilyn Manson! Yeah!” He nodded furiously.

“Frank. Really? Really.” Bob retorted.

“No think about it! Last night, we all kept hearing strange noises. What if he snuck on the bus and stole them!”

“Well now that you mention it, I am missing my favorite pair of socks.” Ray put a finger to his chin.

“My comic book is missing a few pages.” Mikey added.

“My drumsticks have teeth bites.” Bob suddenly called. He turned it around and groaned.

“Come on! I just got these replaced!” He cried in a child like tone.

“Can we focus here? I. Need. Skittles!” Frank huffed.

“Maybe the short leprechaun named Frank ate them.” Mikey smirked.

“AHH!!!” Mikey yelled as Frank suddenly lunged at him, knocking him down on the couch.

“You took them huh Michael?! I know you did! You’re mine piggy!” Frank yelled.

“Get off me you OAF!” Mikey shouted. They wrestled each other on the floor where everyone just watched.

“I’m gonna go get my camcorder! Don’t move, and just keep killing each other!” Bob smiled and ran off, where Ray just stood there. His fro seemed to frown in confusion.

“I’m gonna mess your punk ass up!” Frank shouted.

“Let me show you how shit works around here Frodo.” Mikey retorted and pinned Frank on the ground.

“Ah! Rape! No!”

“As you can see our dearly fans, Sir Frank Iero is getting raped by Mikey Way. For all you fan girls. Go ahead and take a minute to squeal.” Bob circled around the duo on the floor as they struggled. They finally came to and stopped arguing for the time being.

“I still want my Skittles.”

“Don’t we all.”

“Its mine!” Frank whined.

“We’ll get you another pack!”

“See this is why I gave up on being bus drivers for punks like you, a long time ago.” Ernie the bus driver called from the front of the bus.

“You better chill Ernie!” Gerard threatened.

“Ah screw ya!”

“I’ll cut you!”

“I’ll cut you a new smile!” He retorted.

“Since when are we gangsters?”


The MCR bus stopped at a local diner, after they bitched about being hungry. Frank ranted and raved about his Skittles, and Bob had to restrain himself from popping Frank upside the head. When they finished, they were about to head back on the bus until Frank screeched.

“Marilyn Manson, I prayed to God I would run into you soon. Where are my Skittles!” He yelled.

“What hell are you talking about man?” Marilyn said completely shocked.

“Don’t act like you don’t know! I know you took them!”

“Dude, you need to like take a chill pill…take a nap maybe, go for a walk. Anything to calm your ass down.” Marilyn shook his head and walked off.

“Yeah you walk away!” Frank called behind him.

“Frank no one has your Skittles.”

“Oh don’t criticize me Gerard! If your coffee was missing you tear each of us a new asshole!”

“Damn straight, but that’s not the case now is it?”


“Let’s just go back on the bus shall we?”

“I’m checking ONE last time, and then I’m gonna piss everywhere!”

“What?!” Everyone screamed as Frank ran back to the bunks.

1 hour later

“Told you asshole!” Mikey yelled.

“Shush it!”

“Butt paste!”

“Hamburger Helper!”


“Its always like this. Always with the violence.” Bob shook his head. Frank turned away from Mikey and grinned at Bob.

“Oh don’t be that way Bob The Builder. Can we fix it? Yes we can!” Frank yelled.

“Stop calling me that!” Bob huffed. Gerard laughed until he smiled, when he heard a small noise.

“Hey, shut up dawg. You hear that?” Everyone leaned in closer. The noise continued.

“What is that?” Ray asked. The guys followed the noise before stopping at the small storage door.

“Don’t open it!” Bob ignored the pleas from the guys but slowly opened the door and huffed.

“What?” Bob held up the small tape recorder and restarted it from the beginning.

Hah! You foolish humans! I DID take Frank’s Skittles and you know what? They were Delish! I gnawed my teeth on Bob's drumsticks, and I also needed Ray’s socks for my dog Nessie. It’s cold out here, and her paws are frozen. I also needed Mikey’s comic book to umm…wipe. Anyways, how did I get on the bus you ask? I snuck on, and you guys were too special to notice! I needed revenge and I got it. Suckers! Suck it! I also farted on all of your pillows. Muahahahahahaha! I got you good you effers! Muahaha!

“Who the hell was that?!” Gerard yelled.

“That my friends…is the voice of the ever popular Marilyn Manson.” Bob sighed as he put his thumb and index finger to the bridge of his nose.

A/N: I don’t intentionally make fun of Marilyn Manson it just came up, so please MM lovers don’t be offended (: Hope you enjoyed and lemme know your thoughts as I should continue my little one shots or just fuhgettaboutit xD xoxo
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