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Hotel. Motel. Holiday Inn

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xD Frank gets revenge for all the times he has been called short (:

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The ultimate prank collection. Thank you Erin for giving me your name (: Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget rate and review

One shot 3. Cause I love that you that much.

“Come here!” Gerard yelled as he and Mikey had a light saber match. Mikey already had a bruise from the previous match only two days ago, and Mikey had a grudge. They arrived at the hotel, and shockingly the staff knew who they were, and gave them special treatment. It felt weird, but MCR didn’t mind.

“I’m gonna touche your tushy!” He yelled as they both slammed their sabers together before Ray and Frank interrupted their game.

“Not again guys.” Ray shook his head.

“Prepare for some hurtin’ Gee!” Mikey retorted before slamming the light saber down on his leg.

“Ouch! You ass!” Gerard yelled.

“Payback for the bruise on my leg!”

“Well…that’s cause you deserved it.” He said simply.

“NO. You just like to physically abuse your younger brother. Sibling abuse!!” Mikey yelled.

“Oh don’t even go there, when you’re always eating my food, and switching my sandwiches, and hanging my underwear on the outside of the bus! You cause mental harm to me Mikey.”

“Do you think we could settle this girl fight, some time later?” Bob appeared…out of nowhere. A habit he took on recently. One minute you’re alone, and Bam! There Bob stands.

“It’s not a cat fight, it’s a brotherly discussion.”

“Not when one sounds like a girl, and the other dresses like a girl.” Bob retorted.

“WHAT?” The brothers shouted in unison.

“Are you implying I sound like a girl?” Mikey asked.

“Are you implying Mikey dresses like a girl?” Gerard asked and Mikey glared.

“Come on dudes. There’s a movie theater in the hotel, maybe could see what’s playing? Nothing better to do.” Frank shrugged. They all eventually nodded, and walked their way out to the hotel, when they heard a gasp. They turned around to find a petite girl staring at them with her jaw hanging down.

“You’re…you’re MCR!” She smiled Not another fan girl Mikey thought to himself in horror.

“Yeah, we are. Are you a fan?”

“Of course! I have all your albums. Just love ya.” She said pulling on the ends of her black hoodie

“Awesome.” Frank said eyeing her up and down.

“Can I have an autograph?” She asked nicely. The boys shrugged as she pulled out a small note pad. She came prepared, they all thought.
“What’s your name?” Gerard asked.

“Erin.” She replied and they all signed their names on the piece of paper before they heard a frustrated sigh.

“Erin? Where are you? I swear if you’re stalking that one dude…OMG It’s Bob Bryar!” A girl shrieked softly before jumping and landing in Bob’s arms who stood there in shock. Her black hair hanging from her face as she looked Bob in the eyes.

They all stood there for a good two minutes, while Bob stared at the girl in awkwardness.



“Can you please remove your body from Bob’s arms.” Erin giggled as Emma suddenly realized where she was and jumped down smoothing out Bob’s hoodie.

“Sorry about that, so sorry.” Emma flushed. They both got a picture and autograph while Emma remained dangerously close to Bob.

“Well we got to go but thanks guys.” Gerard waved to the girls. Frank smiled at Erin who blushed.

“Let’s go pirate in men’s pants.” Ray laughed as they continued onto the movie theater while Frank turned to Bob.

“Dude that Erin girl was fine.”

“I guess, though Emma sort of creeped me out.”

“Oh come on, how many times did you pout because all the cute girls went to me and Gerard? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but dude just embrace it. That girl wanted you so bad.”

“She did, didn’t she?” Bob flushed.

“Maybe their staying here?”

“Hope so.”

“What do you losers wanna see?” Gerard called to them as they looked at the listing. They were all old movies or western movies.

“What the fuck is this? The TMC theater? This all western and crap.”

“Yeah good going Frank.” Bob said slapping the fun sized [yes Frank is fun sized] boy upside the head.

“Jerk! Its not my fault they didn’t update the listings since…ever.”

“Well what else is there to do?”

“We could like go outside and just…chill like we used to.”

“I suppose.” Gerard nodded.

“Out the door we goes.” Bob said walking ahead of them. They reached the sunny blue sky and green grass before plopping their asses down. Gerard pointed out several clouds that resembled coffee or batman. Frank even found one that looked like a Skittle. While they were doing absolutely nothing, Frank decided to go back into the hotel, after claiming he wasn’t feeling well. They all nodded knowing Frankie was getting sick from the large intake of sugar, most likely. He stalked back to the hotel and smiled as he went to his band mates room. Prepared to seek revenge for the longest time, and he was insanely bored.

“This’ll teach them to stop picking on me about my size. Damn tall people.” He hissed and grabbed Ray’s cupcakes that were stored in his mini fridge. He grabbed them and carefully lined them up on Ray’s bathroom door. He giggled as they laid there pink and perfect as they awaited their fallen demise. He threw away the plastic container and grabbed his dental floss before wrapping it around his suitcase. He cleaned up his mess and went to Mikey’s room next.

“What I shall do with Mikir?” He rubbed his hands together. He raised an eyebrow before giggling.

“Perfecto.” He whispered and grabbed Mikey’s clear nail polish, why he had clear polish the world will never know. He grabbed Mikey’s favorite ivory soap and began painting it with the nail polish. He had let it dry and when it was, he placed it back in the shower where Mikey had left it. Also taking the hotel soap so he couldn’t have an alternative.

“Take that.” He smiled and headed towards his third victim’s room when he forgot his special item.

“Shit.” He whispered before running into his room and grabbing the three small bags and grabbing them and running back to Bob’s room. He was lucky considering the MCR guys were somewhat forgetful, so they would forget to lock their doors, which is the worst thing you can do. Imagine Frank walking back to his room and finding a crap load of fan girls hiding in the bathroom. He shuddered at the thought.

He placed the three bags right in front of the door. They would surely bring a new smell to Bob’s eyes as he laughed at the time he pulled this on his old friend, and former band mate of Prency Prep. He was so pissed! He made sure the three bags were all close together, so when Bob stepped in they would all go off. He made everything secure and walked out silent as the night.

“Gee…Gee…what will it be?” He laughed as he entered Gerard’s room and looked around. Damn, everything was put away, which is odd because Gerard is a very cluttery person. Smirking as he searched through the suitcase, he grabbed Gerard’s favorite new book he picked up at the gas station. He was that bored, but the book turned out to be pretty good. He only had 5 or pages left before he finished it. Frank swiftly ripped the last page out and grabbed his handy mini black sharpie out of his pocket before writing on the last cover page. He folded the last page in his pocket and laughed at how mad Gerard would be. Frank couldn’t contain his fit of giggles as he recalled the last time he hid Gee’s comic book. He could still the exact whines of Gerard as he mindlessly searched for his beloved comic book.

Now again as I have mentioned, Frank was seeking revenge. Why you ask? Well once upon a time there’s a rather short boy named Frank Iero. Always full of smiles and love. Then he grew up, and sadly Frank didn’t grow much. Maybe its because he was vegan. Maybe he was just naturally short, point being Frank was tired of being picked on for his size. It went on and on and on and on, being a little older, Frank officially wanted to put an end to the madness. He would dedicate this to all the short people in the world who have ever felt small and unknown to the rest of the world.

He placed the book back in the suitcase and shut it. He would finish his final prank on Gerard later. But first he would need to go the kitchen to get some special supplies for tonight…..

“Tag you’re it.” Mikey poked Bob who was still on the grass meditating. Another habit he discovered. It helped calm his hate for cameras, and other things. Bob ignored it, and Mikey continued.

“Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers; A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked;
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?” He said poking Bob’s back with every ‘P’ word. Bob gritted his teeth and pretended to be on a deserted island with a beautiful sunset and a cat and a dog, not the annoying humans he’s calls band mates. Ray laughed as Mikey refused to leave Bob alone. Gerard was texting Brian on the phone, when suddenly a cry of pain erupted and Mikey was on the floor clutching his crotch.

“That is what you get when mess with serenity.” Bob said calmly and pulled his fist back into a meditating position.

“Oww!” Mikey was still on the floor grabbing his balls, as if they were about to fall off any minute.

Five minutes passed before Gerard stood up and the boys followed.

“Let’s go find Frank.”

“Yeah let’s hope he’s not jerking off to skittles again.”

“Oh god, I still have nightmares about that.” Mikey cringed as he tried to walk while keeping his hand on his crotch and glaring at Bob who smiled.

“Hey guys.” Frank smiled coolly.

“Feeling better?”

“Absolutely.” He hid his smirk.

“Well we were going to go get cleaned up, and what not, but we’re going to eat soon, so will you be gracing us with your presence?”

“Yeah. I’m feeling much better now, and hungry too. Just let me know when you’re going.”

“Alright man.” Gerard nodded and they exited the room, leaving Frank to giggle as they would now meet their destiny of doom.

“Let the pranks begin.” He smirked.

Mikey sighed as he stepped into the room and closed his windows. He had been real paranoid since the last encounter with the fan girl. He went to the bathroom and turned the water on, steam began to form already and he swiftly removed his clothes and stepped into the warm spray. Letting the water soak his body, he smiled as he reached for his favorite soap.

“Oh Ivory, how I count the hours until get to meet. You release your sweet scent on to me and I’m back to myself once more.” he beamed as he reached for the bar of soap and began to lather it onto his body, but there’s was a slight problem. There was no soap. There was no suds.

“Huh?” Mikey said as he rubbed the soap harder onto his skin, but it wouldn’t work. The soap was slippery, but it would not sud, making Mikey frustrated.

“What the hell?!” He yelled as he continued to scrub, determined to make it work. His skin was red before he gave up and chucked the damn soap across the bathroom.

“What am I gonna do now?” He sighed as he notice the hotel soap was missing as well.

That was the first night Mikey Way took a shower without soap. Something wasn’t right.

Gerard grabbed his book from his suitcase and sat down on the bed as he opened to the last page he read. He smiled after reading the makeup of Ross and Rosalina as they discussed their feelings to one another. Right when he was reaching for the next page he frowned. There was no page.

“What the fun?!” He asked as he looked for the other page.

“I need to know if Ross died!! I need to know! Where is it?!” He shouted to himself as he looked back in the book. Surely it didn’t end like that. There was more, there had to be. He shook his head before seeing black ink on the last page. He glared as he read the note.

Page 172 could be found…in Bert McCracken’s BUTT! Haha! Gotcha!

“Who the hell?!” He yelled and slammed his book down. He grabbed his coat and stomped towards the dining hall. Someone’s ass was grass.

“Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor.” Bob sang, and he had no idea why. He was in a calm mood after meditating and he wanted to keep it up after the rough couple days of touring they did. The fans were great, the music was great, getting pain in your wrists however, was not.

“How cute!” He called to the cat that was outside looking up at him. It’s green eyes reflecting in the light. His fur was black with blonde in the mix. It looked no older than 5 months. He entered the hotel room and right when he did a sudden pop went off. He looked down to find three small bags beginning to get bigger and make a funny sound. He was afraid it was a bomb of some sort, but couldn’t look away. The bag looked like a Capri sun if you blow it up after you drink the juice. Just when he looked away…

POP! POP! POP! The three bags exploded and Bob covered his mouth as the most nauseating smell came from the three bags.

“Oh my god!” He said fanning the air while scrambling for air freshener. He never smelt anything so rotten.

“Who put those there?!” He called and his voice echoed off the walls. He was definitely going to find out who cause his nose temporary trauma.

“Alright you hookers, who took the last page of my book?!”

“Who messed up my soap?!”

“Who put those nasty ass fart bags in my room?!” All three boys yelled at each other as they blamed one another for the events that happened to them.

“You did it didn’t you?!” Mikey yelled at Gerard who glared.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, I bet you’re the one who stole the last page of my book!” He yelled back.
Frank was hiding behind the corner and laughed as he watched his friends tear each other a new asshole while trying to figure out who caused this.

“You are too good, Frankie.” He said to himself as he waited for his last victim to arrive, pissed the hell off. One second later he heard shout down the hall, and soon Ray came stomping down the halls with pink frosting stuck in his fro, causing him to look like…Well a cupcake. He never saw Ray so mad as he stormed in the room.

“WHO PUT MY CUPCAKES IN THE BATHROOM?!” His shout made the three men stop arguing and turned to Ray with a shocked look on their faces. They all fell to the ground in a fit of giggles.

“What happened to you?” Gerard choked out between laughs. Ray glared.

“I was going to wash my hands when all of sudden flipping pink cupcakes fell on me! They were in the fridge last time I saw them! Who did it? Huh? HUH?!” He said pointing at all of them in a row.

“Hey man calm down, stuff has happened to us too.”

“Like what?”

“Someone put fart bags in room! It smells like rotten eggs!” Bob whined.

“Someone fucked with my favorite soap. I had to shower soapless!”

“Someone stole the last page of my damn book and wrote a mean note!” Gerard yelled.

“So obviously it wasn’t one of us if we all have something to bitch about.” Ray put in. They all agreed and nodded.

“Well then who?”

“What about Mark that bell boy dude? He was pretty upset when Bob called him a douche.”

“Hey! That’s only because he was making fun of cats.”

“He was kidding Bob.”

“Well he should’ve known I’m a very dedicated feline lover. The joke was unnecessary.” Bob said in a tone that they all knew he wanted to be right.

“Whoa, watch the frosting.” Mikey giggled as Ray frowned.

“Shut up!”

“Hey guys, wait a minute.” Gerard put his hands out.

“What?” Bob asked.

“Don’t you think it’s funny how Frank’s not here? I mean if something happened to him, surely he would’ve been here bitching about it.”

“Good point.”

“Yeah you’re right!”

“What if he did it?”

“He’s the only one who could’ve had access to the hotel rooms.”

“Being sick, my aunt fanny.” Gerard muttered. Frank smiled from the corner of the room. Should he tell them or later? Now.

“Hey guys what’s up? Hey Mikey how’s the soap, I mean you? Bob you smell wonderful, and Gee did you finish the last page of the book yet? Ray you look so tasty.” He smirked.

“You fucker!”

“I’m gonna get you!” Mikey yelled.

“Get over here short ass!” Ray shouted, while frosting dropped in certain places as he stood, his poor fro was sticky and pink.

“Run.” Was all Gerard said. Frank laughed and ran off as they chased him outside screaming threats as the fun sized man ran down the green grass throwing his hands in the air and never feeling so free after pissing off 75% percent of his band. Now they understood his pain.

“You can’t catch me! That’s what you get for calling me short ass all the time!” He called back. They all shook their fists at him and he continued to run, making him laugh harder.

Maybe being short wasn’t so bad after all….

A/N: Yay for fart bags. They are stinky, but their fun to step on! R&R please? xoxo
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