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Annoyances and Troubles

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Anakin distracts himself from his dreams and from his annoyance with Obi-Wan.

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Anakin was in a sulk, as was typical after Obi-wan had corrected his flighty Padawan in his own gentle, but annoying manner. It angered Anakin whenever his master was obnoxiously passive, he just wished that Obi-wan would just yell or get angry or /something/. But the most he would ever get was a labored, but patient sigh which would always infuriate him more. Anakin knew how to deal with anger, but Obi-wan's calm countenance was a wall that Anakin's rage could never penetrate. He just wanted a reaction out of the calm Jedi other than slight irritation.

So instead of raging pointlessly at his stoic master, Anakin stomped off like a sullen child to the hanger bay, hoping a mechanic there would be in need of help. As he left Obi-wan, he again heard that sigh he had come to hate over the years.

Mechanical work always calmed Anakin as it was a much more effective meditation for him than the traditional style, as it filled his mind with nothing but intricate and mindless work. Whenever Anakin was angry, his mechanical work was done quickly and was always of high quality-as if his restless anger helped him focus.

Today Anakin was lucky and a mechanic was happy to receive help, setting Anakin on fixing a damaged fighter. Wholeheartedly welcoming the work, he was grateful for the distraction-especially since more than just Obi-wan was bothering him.

He hadn't been sleeping well for the last few weeks due to nightmares, which he tried to ignore, even if they caused him to wake up with a start. They were always about his mother and while he worried about her before, he never had nightmares of her with this frequency before. However, whenever he asked for advice, all he was told was to let go of his attachments.

Also not helping his sleep was the not as alarming dreams about the girl who had captured his heart when he was nine. These dreams didn't seem to be of the same sort as his nightmares, so Anakin dismissed them as just dreams of a love sick adolescent and never spoke of them to others.

Thankfully, he didn't have to think about anything of these things or any other problem he had while he was working.

Ironic, thought Anakin idly as he worked, The Jedi encourage finding peace in being passive, while I can only find peace in action.

He wiped the grease from his hands once he completed the task and sat back, looking at his work.

At least machines are predictable-unlike people, bitterly thought Anakin, Once I think I've figured out a person, they always prove me wrong, but a fighter never really changes.

Looking down at the comlink that he had turned off when he stomped off earlier, Anakin thought about turning it back on now that his anger was mostly gone, but decided against it because he still didn't want to talk to Obi-wan. However, Obi-wan didn't need a comlink to find Anakin since when the sullen nineteen year old left the hanger bay, he ran into his master, who preceded to talk to Anakin.

"I've been trying to call you on the comlink. We have an assignment."

"I needed some time alone, so I turned it off...what assignment?"

"It's a basic protection assignment. We'll be protecting a senator from assassination."

Anakin was now curious, "Which senator?"

"Senator Padmé Amidala."
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