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Chapter Twelve!!

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Christie's POV

How'v you been? xx

From Eddi. Haven't spoken to her, Alice or Dan in about two days.

I've been great! Patrick's been very nice to Olly and I, and being so settled has stopped the little guy kicking so much! :D How've YOU been? ^_^ x

I don't mention the sudden awkwardness that floats around the house. I get to see Danni again soon, and she wants to be there at the birth,

"Hey." Patrick smiles as he came into his kitchen. Olly was still asleep.

"Alright?" I ask as I sit at the table, taking a sip of my coffee.

"Yeah. You alright?" He asks me as he makes himself a drink, then he sits beside me.

"Couldn't be better." I smile, "Thanks again for taking in Olly and me."

"You've only been here for two days, and I've had about a million thank you's." He rolls his eyes.

"Sorry." I laugh.

"Don't start with the sorry's." He gives me a stern look over his glasses. Suddenly my phone goes off, it's Mighty Boosh, so text.

Fine! Good to hear you're good. x

I put it in my pocket but it goes off again, this time it's Music Or The Misery, Fall out Boy, so it's a phone call. Patrick laughs at the tone.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Hello. Can you do a short phone interview for us?" One of the agent people ask.

"Uh, okay." I say, unsure. Patrick gives me a questioning look and I put the phone on speaker and onto the table.

"We're putting you through, thanks." The agent says, Patrick nods and there's a short silence.

"Good morning." And interviewer with an odd accent says.

"Hey." I reply shyly. I don't like interviews.

"If you don't mind me asking, where you at and what you doing?"

"It's okay, and I'm at uh, Patrick's house. Drinking coffee and sitting with him. Olly's here but he's still in bed. He's catching up 'cause the morning sickness was keeping him up too." Patrick and the interviewer both laugh a little.

"Can Patrick hear me right now?" The guy asks.

"Loud and clear." Patrick says.

"Good. Shall we jump into some Q's? And how long have we got you?"

"As long as you need, and yes." I reply.

"Anything you don't wanna answer, don't." The interviewer clears their throat. "How long 'till birth?"

"Just under a month." I say happily. "Will there be any questions for Patrick?" I ask shyly as I notice Patrick sitting awkwardly.

"A few actually, and pregnancy going smoothly?"

"It's going fine, but the baby's pretty smart for an un-born." I laugh lightly.

"Boy or girl?"

"Boy." I grin, I decide to be really honest.

"Patrick being nice to you and Olly?"

"He's been amazing to us." I smile at him.

"Thanks!" He grins.

"Do Patrick and Olly get on well?"

"Why wouldn't they?" I ask suspiciously.

"Sorry but I've been told to believe the rumors for this interview."

"Rumors?" Patrick says a little defensively.

"Patrick and Olly are great friends." I put in.

"You know the rumors I refer to." The interviewer says blandly. I look over to Patrick, he's reddened up a bit, "This next one's for Patrick." I give him a weak smile.

"Go for it." Patrick takes a sip of his drink.

"Sorry, I'm being made to ask these." The interviewer laughs nervously.

"It's alright man." Patrick says.

"Did you and Christie ever have, uh, a relationship?" he asks.

"If you mean best friends, then yeah. We've always been best friends. And if you meant more than best friends, then no." He replies, truthfully.

"Okay," The interviewer clears his throat.

"Any more?" I ask.

"I'm not asking that!" He hisses at someone the other end. "Fine." He sighs, "This is for both of you."

"Alright." I sit up a bit, I've finished my coffee.

"Where were you heading the night, of the party a while back?" He asks.

"Party?" Patrick looks confused and I shoot him a knowing glance.

"Oh." I laugh, hoping the nerves don't show. "I had a bit too much to drink, and Patrick was helping me find my way back to the bus." Patrick gives me a thankful glance.

"Then why were you going into a hotel?" The interviewer asks and I bite my lip.

"I decided the girls wouldn't appreciate puke all over the place they gotta sleep, so I booked her into a hotel." Patrick saves me, but he took a break before saying it. I smile at him and mouth a thanks.

"Okay." The guy replies unsure.

"That it?" I ask.

"I think so." He replies, "Thanks for your time, bye." He hangs up.

"That was, odd." Patrick says, breaking a silence. Then Olly walks in.

"Morning." I smile at him.

"And you." He smiles back, "Want a hot drink?"

"COFFEE!" I grin.

"You've had one." Patrick laughs. "No more."

"Why?" I say sadly.

"It'll hurt the baby." Patrick says sternly and I nod sadly.

"You want a hot drink Patrick?" Olly asks him,not even looking at him.

"Got one thanks." He replies. There's another awkward silence as Olly sits opposite me on the small table.

"Had a nice sleep?" I ask him casually. He simply nods. Then there's another silence.

"I'm gonna, uh, go. I have to be somewhere." Patrick says awkwardly then gets up and leaves.

"Bye!" I call after him, then I look over at Olly. "Stop it, please." I say to him.

"What?" he asks.

"You know what." I yawn.

"No, I don't." He says, getting a bit annoyed.

"Being all weird around Patrick." I say to him. "You barely talk to him. And when you do you don't even make eye contact." He shrugs at me, "What's up?" I ask him.

"Nothing, at all." He replies, looking away from me.

"Fine." I sigh. "I'm so fed up of it though." I continue, I don't want to let it drop. "If you're jealous, give it up." I add quietly.

"I'm not jealous!" He says, a little loudly. The baby kicks and I put a hand over the bump.

"Calm the fuck down will you?" I say through gritted teeth. "Why can't you just be nice to Patrick?" I ask him.

"I am!" He sighs loudly. "You're over-reacting." He rolls his eyes. I take a deep breath. Baby kicks harder. I get up and walk out, "Now where are you going?" He asks me.

"To lay down. You're making him kick." I say plainly as I head for the bedroom. Then I lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling. Maybe I was over-reacting. I sigh loudly and stroke the baby bump as he kicks lightly.
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