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Chapter.. THIRTEEN!

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Dun dun duuuuuunn..

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Danni's POV

I yawn as I open my eyes, then slowly sit up. Dick's still sleeping, I don't wake him up and head down to the kitchen. I try and be extra quiet so I don't wake him, but then I forget how heavy the kitchen door is. And it slams. I bite my lip and I hear a thud upstairs. I walk back up and Dick's on the bedroom floor, looking scared and confused. I burst into tears of laughter.

"What's going on?" He asks moodily.

"You fell out of bed you idiot." I laugh as I walk back downstairs and into the kitchen, ignoring it slam behind me. Soon Dick comes down too and then he kisses my lips as he makes himself some breakfast.

"My head hurts." He moans as he sits down at the table, I sit behind him and try not to laugh.

"Hurt it when you fell, love?"

"Shut up." He moans, hiding a smile. Just then my phone goes off, I check the time as I answer it, it's really early, like 8am. I don't usually get any calls until after now.

"Hey?" I say into the phone.

"Hey Danni." It's Christie, and she sounds upset. She's been at Patrick's for about two weeks I think.

"What's up?" I ask sadly.

"Olly and Patrick." She replies. "Can you come over today?"

"Sure. I'll be over in ten." I smile and hang up.

"Do I have to come?" Dick asks, getting up.

"No no it's okay. Go sleep more, try not to fall again though." I joke. Once I'm dressed I head out of the door, Patrick's other house isn't too far away and I know the way already. Once I get there Christie's sitting on the steps that lead up to the door.

"Hi." She says to me, she's been crying, her eye makeups a mess. And she's still in her baggy tee and baggy tracksuit bottoms she calls pj's.

"What's wrong?" I hug her and she walks in, I follow after and we both sit at the dinner table.

"Olly's being bitter towards Patrick." She frowns. "It started as him just not talking to him a lot, and no eye contact. Then I pointed it out, and after that he started completely blanking him, and Patrick asked me about it. Then now he doesn't ignore him, but he is really horrible to him. And Olly is trying to stop me from talking to Patrick so often." She sniffs her nose.

"Oh," I say, "I didn't think Olly would do something like that, he knows you and Patrick are just best friends." She nods. "Have you asked Olly why?"

"Yeah. But not since he's been mean to Patrick. Olly's gone over a friends now and Patrick's out shopping." She adds.

"Oh dear." I frown. "I guess you better ask Olly about this when he gets in." She nods again. Then the front door open, we both look towards the kitchen door, then Patrick comes in, carrying about 6 big grocery bags at once. He looks over to us, then his eyes widen when he sees Christie's run makeup. He drops all the bags on the floor, making a nasty mess. Then walks over and hugs Christie.

"What's wrong?" He asks her as he sits the other side of her.

"Nothing." She lies, looking down at the table.

"Christie." he frowns at her.

"Olly." She admits. I nudge her lightly to carry on, "He's being mean to you for no reason." She says, looking up at Patrick for a second, then back at the table.

"Why's that making you sad?" He asks her, biting his lip a bit. It hurts him as much as it hurts me to see her upset.

"You don't deserve it! Olly's being silly about this whole thing." She frowns.

"But I should be the upset one. Christie, don't worry about it." He says awkwardly. She shakes her head. "Look, I'll talk to him when he gets in, okay? Maybe it's a personal problem he has with me?" He offers and Christie looks up at him.

"Thanks." She says and he hugs her again. "OUCHY!" She almost wails.

"Sorry." Patrick says.

"No it wasn't you, it was him.." She taps her baby bump lightly and I laugh.

"Nasty little guy." I put in and they both laugh.

"Ya'know. I'm the biological father, and I haven't even felt the little guy kick." Patrick says, smiling with half his mouth.

"Then go ahead." Christie moves her hand from the bump and Patrick puts his there. Then his face lights up, and Christie bites her lip in pain, "You didn't have to kick that hard for him to feel ya'know?" She laughs.

"Wow." Patrick smiles as he takes his hand from the bump. "He's strong." He adds and we both laugh.

"Is that a good thing?" I ask sarcastically. Just then the door opens again, this time Olly walks in. He looks at the mess on the floor Patrick made earlier and frowns.

"Who made this?" He asks, sounding annoyed.

"I don't think that's what you should be noticing first." I say, rolling my eyes, then Olly looks up at Christie,

"What's wrong?" He asks, but he doesn't even sound concerned. Christie doesn't reply and just shakes her head at him and glares. "What?" Olly asks.

"I, uh, I need to have a word with you." Patrick says awkwardly.

"Later." Olly snaps, "Now someone needs to clean this up.." he begins.

"It's not even your fucking house Olly!" Patrick says loudly, dropping his fist onto the table. "It's more than fucking obvious Christie's upset, and all you can think about is a mess?" He almost yells. Olly looks a little taken back, I think we all do, Patrick hardly ever yells. Patrick takes a deep breath. "Olly. Come sit down." He says, a little calmer. Olly just looks at him.

"Olly. Sit down." Christie says quietly, and Olly sits at the table.

"You and Danni can go watch tv while I do this?" Patrick offers, looking at me and Christie,

"Okay." I say, getting up and helping Christie to her feet and helping her out into the tv room. She sits lightly and I flick through channels.
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