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Chapter Fourteen..

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Patrick talks to Olly..

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Patrick's POV

Once Danni and Christie have left I wait for the tv to go on, then once it is I turn to Olly.

"Why are you being so bitter to me?" I ask him, jumping right into the point of the conversation.

"Why should I say?" He snaps.

"Because it's bringing Christie down! And I can see why, she wants you and her to be happy together, for you to help her raise the kid. But she also wants me in her life, but you aren't letting it happen." I ramble. "Because you're being all snappy and mean, and you ignore me a lot of the time. It's actually getting pathetic. I don't know why you're doing it and maybe if you could enlighten me I might be able to actually do something about it!" I take a breath. There's a silence.

"I don't know." He says quietly.

"You must." I say, keeping my eyes locked on him.

"I guess, I'm jealous, or something." He shrugs.

"But why? She loves you." I reply.

"I don't know any more." He shrugs again, I try to read his face. There's another long silence.

"Look, she does. And I don't care what it is that makes you hate me. But please, please could you at least pretend to want me in the kids life, when Christie's around?" I plead him and he nods after a while. "Thanks man." I say. "And if you wanna talk about what's bothering you, I'm all ears." He shakes his head.

"I have my own friends, thanks." he snaps. I sigh. Did this conversation get us nowhere? "Which I am going out with tonight." He adds.

"Again?" I ask him, raising an eyebrow. He was out with them last night, all day today, and for at least two other nights in the past week or so.

"Don't see what it has to do with you." He says as he stands up, heading for the door.

"At least go say bye to Christie." I call after him. I hear the front door slam, he couldn't even do that. I sigh and head for the tv room.

"Where's he gone?" Christie asks me.

"Out with friends again. I told him to come and--"

"I know, I heard you." She cuts in sadly.

"I better go clean up the mess." I say heading back for the kitchen.

"Want help?" Danni offers.

"It's alright." I call back, "but thanks!"

"Has Dick been going out at all the past week?" I hear Christie ask Danni.

"Nope. He's stayed in."

"Odd, what other friends does Olly have?" Christie asks.

"Other than those he shares with Dick, none."

"And Dick would of been invited too, wouldn't he." Christie says, it doesn't sound like she's asking it either, more like she's pointing it out.

"Olly wouldn't do that.... would he?" Danni asks. I know exactly what they're referring too.

"I really don't know him anymore." Christie sighs. I carry on picking up the groceries.
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