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Chapter Fifteen! X3

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BIG apologies to anyone reading this for my dissappearance..
School sucks! ):
But here's a chapter I've had written up for a while..
Gonna be finishing off my stories soon as I can.

Danni's POV
I yawn and open my eyes, my phone's going off. Just as I get a hold of it it's stopped.
28 missed calls? From.. Patrick? My slow morning brain wonders what he would want. Dick's snoring. I get out of bed and as I get to the kitchen and I go to ring him he rings me again. I notice the time, it's like 5am.

"Hey?" I ask, then yawn.

"Danni!" He says loudly, then a woman I don't recognise tells him to calm down.

"What's wrong?" I ask, trying to calm him a bit.

"She, him, uh, now, you, here!" He stutters, talking way too fast.

"Slow down!" I say softly, worrying, "take a breath.." I hear him inhale deeply. "Where are you?" I ask.

"H-Hu-Hospital." He stutters like mad. I start to walk fast up the stairs and get changed while still on the phone.

"The local one?" I ask, a little frantically.


"I'll be right there, has she given birth?" I ask as calmly as I can.

"Yuss.. bu-but..." He starts to get worked up again.

"Patrick, dude, breath." I say as calmly as I can. "Tell me when I'm there."

"Okay. Be fast." He hangs up and I push Dick off the bed and tell him to come when he's dressed, then I run to the hospital. I know the way and it's close. When I get there the receptionist points me towards the room, Patrick's sitting on a chair outside the door, head in hands.

"Is anyone else here?" I ask him when I get beside him.

"No." He's calmed down, "Olly won't answer his phone." He added, I simply nod.

"Was he out last night?" Patrick takes his hands from his face and sits up, then nods. His eyes are blood shot and tear stained, his hair is really messy, unwashed, and even his hat is out of place. I also notice he's in his pyjama bottoms, trainers, scruffy baggy tee and a jacket. Basically, he's just rushed out of bed.

"You can come in now." A tired looking nurse says as she leaves the room Christie must be in. "ring the buzzer if you need me." she adds. Me and Patrick walk in, I let him lead. Christie's laying in the small bed, hugging her knees, eyes wide open. She looks so vulnerable and weak, eye makeup down her face, hair unwashed and messy. She's frowning deeply. Patrick almost-runs to her side and she gets up when she sees him. He wraps his arms around her tightly and she returns the hug and starts to sob onto his shoulder. I go and sit beside the bed, worried and confused. Isn't this supposed to be happy?

"They still won't tell me anything." Christie sniffles. Patrick hugs her tighter, then tries to pull away but Christie holds onto him. He slides to sit beside her and keeps an arm around her, then she lets go.

"I won't leave." He promises quietly and I see my chance, I get up and hug her tight, she hugs back, her arms as weak as she looks.

"Sorry I wasn't here sooner." I whisper.

"It's okay." She replies softly and sadly. Then I pull away and sit the other side of her. She wiggles a little to get comfortable and looks down, tears still running.

"What happened?" I ask quietly.

"He, his breathing it," Christie starts sobbing again, I go to hug her but Patrick beats me there, she curls against his chest.

"He was born," Patrick says to me, not making eye contact, "But then his breathing just, stopped, and they took him away." I feel a tear fall down my own cheek.

"Have they told you anything at all yet?" I ask, almost a whisper.

"They're trying their best." He replies, then bites his lip. In the silence all that can be heard is Christie sobbing then Patrick hushing her slightly, I reach out and take one of her hands to help comfort her. We sit there for a while but then the door opens, and Dick walks in quietly. He looks at me questioningly, he must of noticed we'd all been crying. I shake my head and he sits at the chair next to me. Not long later I notice Christie's breathing is a tiny bit more steady, she's fallen asleep.

Just as the room really calms down the door swings open and hits the wall loudly, we all jump and Christie sits up from Patrick's lap fast, but Patrick still loosely holds her. IN the doorway is Olly, swaying. He's drunk.

"What's going on?" He slurs, walking over to the bed. I glare at him.

"What you think? Sit down!" I snap, Christie leans back into Patrick's chest and he holds her protectively.

"Get off of her." Olly points at Patrick.

"She's upset, she needs comforting." Patrick states.

"Then I will." Olly says loudly, making Christie jump a bit.

"Olly, sit down. When you're calm and sober we'll let you be the one to comfort her." Patrick says evenly. I'm suddenly a bit suspicious of why Olly is such a threat when drunk.

"Don't you tell me what to do!" he yells,

"You should be upset and worried for your son. Not angry at Patrick for being here for me." Christie speaks up, pulling a tiny bit away from Patrick to look at Olly. He looks really angry,

"It's not my son." He spits. There's a shocked silence.

"Then I'm not your girlfriend." Christie breaks the silence. "So, leave." She keeps her eyes locked on him, another tear smearing her makeup even more.

"I'm not leaving." Olly says, "this is all his fault." he hisses, eyeing up Patrick. THen he takes a step towards the bed, rolling up his sleeves. Dick gets up and goes towards him.

"Olly leave, don't make any more mistakes than you have," Dick says calmly. Olly thinks for a minute, but then without a work he storms out. Dick shuts the door behind him then walks and sits beside me.

"Thanks everyone." Christie sniffles. The door opens slowly and the tired nurse walks in.

"Good morning." She greets, then she walks over, Christie sits up properly, moving from Patrick's chest to turn to the nurse. "Your son is breathing again with the help of support machines." she smiles gently. "But he has his own healthy heart beat." I look and see Christie, and Patrick's faces beam. "Are you ready to name him and sign the papers?" She asks.

"Can we see him?" Christie asks impatiently.

"One minute," The nurse asks someone through the walkie talkie thing, then smiles up at Christie. "Yes, but only the parents are allowed in the room this soon." Christie nods and I hug her. Patrick keeps an arm around her to help her walk as they leave.

I think I have more of this one written up somewhere..
Will go look as soon as I can.
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