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Sing along now kiddies! ^_^

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My holidays were fun.
Thanks to Danni.
The queen of the hyfee's!
Lovesyouuu x3
And thankyou for this idea.
Nom nom nom...

We're going to Butlins! -woop-
They're these people, in red coats, and they are ALWAYS happy, like ALWAYS! And I love them! -grins-
ALLLLLL of the band is going!
No. -frown-
No Ray. He's had enough of me attacking his fro. So he wants a break. I forced Bob and Mikey to come, and Gee is just happy to spend time with me. ^_^
Once we get there I skip out of the car and we all skip to our little bungalow thingy. It's smelly and not cleaned properly. We are all in one. Me and Gee share the double bed. And Mikey and Bob have the room with the two single beds. And Ray would of been in the single single room if he hadn't gotten out of it.

"LET'S GO PARTEEEEH!" I yell and the others let out a moody moan. THAT'S THE BUTLINS SPIRIT! -grin- We all go out and sit in the show room, Center stage. The red coats are all on the stage dancing. I down two bags of Skittles then laugh. Mikey gets up and walks too the loo, on his way back a Red coat calls him on stage.

"AHAHA MIKEY!" Gee laughs loudly. Mikey goes on stage and the Red Coats have him dancing with them to Boom Boom Pow and we cheer him on. He's really getting into it. There's a red coat beside him who looks a lot like him. They are both raving to the song. YAY THEM! ;D

"Waay heeeeeey!" A little chav guy, about 17, says in my ear. He's in pink. I scream.

"WAY HEY!" Gee yells at him angrily and then he walks away.

"Thank you Geegee." I smile. We all get up and join them on the dance floor, but Bob just shakes his head at us and denies knowing us. The only other people dancing are the red coats and a few little kids.

"Hey," one of the red coats comes over to me. "Are you interested in a part time job?"

"As a red coat?" I ask and he nods. I scream. I squee.

"Come on." He leads me, Gee and Mikey up the stairs, and Bob follows after us. They lead us back stage at the big stage in the huuuuuge tent. Then they hand us each a costume. I has the dinosaur, Gee has a bear, Mikey has a hippo, and bob has a pink duck. Yummage. We all get changed, Bob moaning the whole time. His face full of terror. Then we all go on stage as they begin to make us dance. It's so much fun.

[*Grr at random mood swings.
I owe you more than this.
Sorry. :(
There will be more.. eventually.
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