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Camping with a cat

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Cheesy feet much?

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Two girlies make an appearance in this one. :D
No plans, just writing, expect... uh...

Yeah, that's me. "Frankie's baccck! TELL A FRIEEEND!" I scream. 'Cause I'm Frank Iero so I can do that. Stand back BITCHES! I wonder why all the other people in the shop are giving me odd looks? All I did was dance and rap and scream and cry and eat some lettuce and yeah.

"Hello. Santa fish." A girl says as she stands in front of me, staring me out.

"Greetings sir-larks-a lot." I salute her as I eat more lettuce, or maybe it's bread. You never know these days, damn kids.

"I have come to take you to your leader." She nods slowly at me.

"What's your name young one?" I ask as I drop the breadlettuce and walk after her.

"I am Megz. Do not be afraid." She says loudly as I follow her out of the shop and down an alley.

"I'm not afraid.... I'm Frank. Ya duffus." I grin at the back of her head and she leads me through a door. In there is sat another three people, hoods far over their faces. She locks the door behinds me and taps my head as she goes and sits beside them.

"Good evening sir sandwich." One whispers. One of the others pulls their hoody up, it's Coffeecookie from the other night.

"Good evening ma'am." I nod at her, then one of the others lifts their hood. I stare at the face then let out a shocked breath.

"Hello." Pete smiles. I take off my shoe and throw it at him, "What was that for bro?" He frowns at me.

"You. Ate. My. Hamster." I say sternly and he looks down sadly. Then the last one lifts their hood. It's Bert.

"YOUUUUUUU!" He yells.

"CRANK THAT GERARD HOOEEE!" I sing, finishing it off for him and he grins at me. There is a silence and I look from face to face. "Why am I here?" I ask.

"I don't know." Pete yawns.

"And, why are you here?" I look from Pete to Bert, tilting my head to the side 'till my neck hurts.

"Dunno." Bert shrugs and Pete gets up and walks out, no questions asked.

"I don't like this room. Smells like Monday." I frown deeply. Then arms wrap around my back and lips are pressed to my ear.

"Shhhh honey." Gerard hisses and I scream and grin.

"I misseded you!" I whine.

"Let's go back to the bus." He takes my hand and pulls me out and we head back for the bus slowly. When we get back the others are having a rave party with Brendon Urie, They all has wacky awesome cowboy and shoe hats on. YUM! Big smiles I start dancing like crazy and Brenny laughs at me and I stick my tongue out. I don't even know why he's here.

And our rave party was rather amusing.

The end.

From tomorrow I'm on holiday for a week.
All stories on a break.
Hope this chapter was alriiiiiiiiiiiight. :D
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