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The Twilight Gang

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Roxas, Pence and Hayner hang out until Olette arrives wielding the threat of homework.

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover,Humor - Characters: Hayner,Pence,Roxas - Published: 2009-09-15 - Updated: 2009-09-15 - 366 words

The Chat Room of DOOM!
The Twilight Gang

IceCreamYummy: I feel like ice cream, Roxas
TwilightStruggler: Really? What’s it like? Wouldn’t it be all sticky?
IceCreamYummy: Oh sorry I meant that I feel like eating ice cream
TwilightStruggler: I know that, Pence. I was only joking
IceCreamYummy: Oh… Ok then… How about that ice cream?
TwilightStruggler: Yeah ok I’ll get some in a minute

CargoPants has joined the conversation

CargoPants: Hi Guys
TwilightStruggler: Ummm… Hayner what’s with your name?
CargoPants: I couldn’t think of anything, so I was looking around and saw that I’m wearing cargo pants so…
TwilightStruggler: That’s sad
IceCreamYummy: Very sad
CargoPants: You can talk! ‘IceCreamYummy’ what sort of a name is that?
IceCreamYummy: What? I like ice cream. What’s wrong with that?
CargoPants: shakes head I give up
IceCreamYummy: Is it just me or does now seem like a good time for ice cream…?
TwilightStruggler: Yeah ok I get the hint I said I’ll go in a minute
CargoPants: It’s always a good time for ice cream with you
IceCreamYummy: So what if it is? It’s yummy!
CargoPants: Yes, I think we’ve established the fact that you like ice cream

IndependentStudier has entered the conversation

IndependentStudier: Hi everyone
TwilightStruggler: Hi Olette
CargoPants: And you guys thought I had a bad name!
IndependentStudier: Don’t be mean, Hayner
CargoPants: Sorry…
IndependentStudier: Hehe it’s ok
IceCreamYummy: Roxas that ice cream…
TwilightStruggler: Yeah hang on I’ll go get them soon
IceCreamYummy: Hurry up I’m hungry
CargoPants: Go get them yourself
IceCreamYummy: … Can’t be bothered right now
IndependentStudier: Have you guys done your homework?
TwilightStruggler: Awww come on its Saturday
CargoPants: Yeah we can do it tomorrow
IndependentStudier: But what if you don’t get time to finish it tomorrow?
CargoPants: We will
IndependentStudier: But you can’t know that!
TwilightStruggler: Ummm… I might get those ice creams now…

TwilightStruggler has left the conversation

IceCreamYummy: Yeah I’ll go help him…

IceCreamYummy has left the conversation

CargoPants: I might go make sure Pence doesn’t eat them all on the way back…

CargoPants has left the conversation

IndependentStudier: -sigh- boys…
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