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Go Bounce in the Corner or Something

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Tidus officially introduces Yuna, Rikku and Paine to Sora, Riku and Paine, and Rikku's... enthusiasm doesn't go down well with everyone...

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The Chat Room of DOOM!
Go Bounce in the Corner or Something

BlitzballRox: Hey guys
OathkeeperWielder: Hey Tidus
PaopuPrincess: Hi
DarknessDefeated: What’s up?
BlitzballRox: I just wanted you to meet my… Ummm friend Yuna and her friends Rikku and Paine
DarknessDefeated: Rikku… Not again
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Its you! Name stealer!
OathkeeperWielder: Anyway… friend, Tidus?
GunnerGirl: Hehe I’m his girlfriend
PaopuPrincess: I take it that you’re Yuna and BoUnCyAlBhEd is Rikku?
GunnerGirl: Yes
BoUnCyAlBhEd: That’s me!
PaopuPrincess: I’m Kairi
OathkeeperWielder: Sora
DarknessDefeated: Riku… And I did NOT steal her name!
CrimsonDisaster: Paine. Nice to meet you
DarknessDefeated: Paine… That’s a nice name
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Hey you’re supposed to be on my side. Rikku (or Riku in your case) is better!
DarknessDefeated: If you say so…
BlitzballRox: Rikku go bounce in the corner or something
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Don’t be such a meany!
GunnerGirl: Awww poor Rikku hehe
BoUnCyAlBhEd: You’re taking his side, aren’t you?!
CrimsonDisaster: Of course she is
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Meanies fine then goes to bounce in the corner
OathkeeperWielder: Rikku reminds me a bit of Yuffie
PaopuPrincess: Yeah she does too. They’ve got to meet some time!
DarknessDefeated: Not while I’m there please
BlitzballRox: Whoa Riku’s saying please… This Yuffie must be bad
PaopuPrincess: Hehe she’s funny
DarknessDefeated: She’s annoying
GunnerGirl: I think Rikku’s gonna get a new best friend soon
CrimsonDisaster: I’m with Riku. As long as I’m a safe distance away I’m happy
GunnerGirl: Where’s Rikku get to? She’s being unusually quiet
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Sorry can’t hear you Yunie I’m too busy bouncing in the corner
BlitzballRox: How would you be able to hear her, anyway?
BoUnCyAlBhEd: I’ve got super-duper-magic hearing
BlitzballRox: But she never said it aloud in the first place. She wrote it down
BoUnCyAlBhEd: How do you know? She could have read it out
GunnerGirl: He’s right beside me
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Fine then be like that
PaopuPrincess: Hehe you guys are funny
CrimsonDisaster: Is that a good or bad thing?
PaopuPrincess: Good. Hey Sora, Riku, are you guys still there?
DarknessDefeated: Yeah
OathkeeperWielder: Just watching the conversation
BoUnCyAlBhEd: I’ve got an idea! Let’s play the first-thing-that-comes-into-your-head game!
PaopuPrincess: What’s that?
GunnerGirl: We go in an order, and you just have to type that first thing that comes into your mind after reading the word the person in front of you writes.
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Ok here’s the order: Me, Yunie, Paine, Tidus, Kairi, Sora and the name impostor (AKA Riku)
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Here we go… Pineapple
GunnerGirl: Tropical
CrimsonDisaster: Sunburn
BlitzballRox: Tan
PaopuPrincess: Brown
OathkeeperWielder: Blue
DarknessDefeated: Water
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Swim
GunnerGirl: Run
CrimsonDisaster: Race
BlitzballRox: Win
PaopuPrincess: Yay
OathkeeperWielder: Geez Kairi… Celebrate
DarknessDefeated: Fun
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Bounce
GunnerGirl: Energetic
CrimsonDisaster: Annoying (how did you get bounce, Rikku?)
BlitzballRox: Angry (I suppose bouncing is fun to her)
PaopuPrincess: Fight
OathkeeperWielder: Bruise
DarknessDefeated: Purple
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Fish
GunnerGirl: Chips (fish? Since when are fish purple?)
CrimsonDisaster: Seagulls (Since Rikku used her imagination)
BlitzballRox: Bird poop
PaopuPrincess: Ewww Tidus! Yucky
OathkeeperWielder: Unpleasant
DarknessDefeated: Sand
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Kids
GunnerGirl: Innocent
CrimsonDisaster: Guilty
BlitzballRox: Ok is anyone else bored of this?
DarknessDefeated: Yeah
OathkeeperWielder: Sorry guys I’ve got to go now. My mum’s teaching me how to cook sigh
PaopuPrincess: Hehe have fun
BlitzballRox: Bye

OathkeeperWielder has left the conversation

DarknessDefeated: Why do I get the feeling that his mum isn’t going to be very successful?
PaopuPrincess: Maybe because he can’t even cook pasta?
DarknessDefeated: Yeah and the fact that he almost blew up the toaster the other day when he was trying to make toast
PaopuPrincess: Lol poor Sora
DarknessDefeated: Poor Sora’s mum, attempting to teach him
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