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An Organised Chat

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Organistion XIII takes time out of their evil plots to chat.

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover,Humor - Characters: Axel,Demyx,Larxene,Roxas,Saix,Xemnas - Published: 2009-09-15 - Updated: 2009-09-15 - 1219 words

Chat Room of DOOM!
An Organised Chat

WaterIsMyFriend: Hello fellow Organisers
BurntCookie: Hi
TwilightStruggler: Yo Demyx
WaterIsMyFriend: It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?
ScarMan: Ummm…
WaterIsMyFriend: And don’t you all love me so much?
SuperiorMonkey: Two problems there- One, we can’t feel. Two, even if we could, we wouldn’t love you
WaterIsMyFriend: Awww well aren’t you being mean. The rest of you love me, don’t you?
ThunderingSavage: Not really
LoonyBerserker: Well…
DivineWind: No…
EmoManipulator: Why, should we?
WaterIsMyFriend: YES I’m such a nice person who would never do anything wrong…
BurntCookie: Out with it, Demyx. What have you done?
WaterIsMyFriend: Nothing… Come on Axel, you like me don’t you? Don’t be mean like Xemnas, Larxene, Saïx, Xaldin and Zexion…
BurntCookie: Demyx…
FrozenBooks: Just tell us how much we’re gonna have to pay in repairs
WaterIsMyFriend: I didn’t do anything!
GamblingConfuser: Yeah sure, Demyx
WaterIsMyFriend: :( Now I’ve got Vexen and Luxord to add to my mean list
PinkFlowers: Got room for one more?
WaterIsMyFriend: Not you too, Marluxia!
EarthyPuzzles: What’s wrong with being on your mean list?
WaterIsMyFriend: Noooo you haven’t turned against me too, Laxaeus, have you?
EarthyPuzzles: Depends on how much the repairs cost
WaterIsMyFriend: NO it wasn’t me!
TwilightStruggler: So something DID happen!
BurntCookie: Why don’t I believe you when you say it wasn’t you?
WaterIsMyFriend: Because you all don’t like me?
SuperiorMonkey: Or maybe because those stupid forms of yours are always breaking things around the castle?
ThunderingSavage: Hey, why are we all talking on here if we’re in the same castle?
BurntCookie: Cause we can’t be bothered portaling to each other’s rooms?
ScarMan: Yeah that might be it…
EmoManipulator: How do we get anything done if we’re this lazy?
LoonyBerserker: Cause we’re only lazy when it comes to things we don’t have to do, maybe?
WaterIsMyFriend: Says who?
DivineWind: What, you want us to know that you’re lazy?
WaterIsMyFriend: What? There’s nothing wrong with being lazy!
BurntCookie: …
TwilightStruggler: Demyx, you have a weird mind
SuperiorMonkey: Hey Laxaeus, feel like going on a mission?
EarthyPuzzles: Why…?
SuperiorMonkey: Cause there’s heaps of heartless around the place and I’m sick of them
EarthyPuzzles: Ok then

EarthyPuzzles has left the conversation

SuperiorMonkey: Yay got rid of him
FrozenBooks: …
SuperiorMonkey: He’s been annoying me
FrozenBooks: Why? He hasn’t been doing anything
SuperiorMonkey: You know, now that I think of it, Laxaeus might be needing some help…
FrozenBooks: So?
SuperiorMonkey: Feel like going to help him?
FrozenBooks: Fine then

FrozenBooks has left the conversation

SuperiorMonkey: Haha killed two birds with one stone
WaterIsMyFriend: Poor birds
BurntCookie: …
TwilightStruggler: Don’t tell me you didn’t get that, Demyx
WaterIsMyFriend: Why would you want to kill of those poor innocent birds?
LoonyBerserker: Demyx, it’s a saying
PinkFlowers: It means like getting two things done at once… that sort of thing
WaterIsMyFriend: But why birds? Why not Heartless or something that deserves it?
SuperiorMonkey: I don’t know I didn’t make it up
WaterIsMyFriend: You didn’t? Who did, then?
BurntCookie: Grrr we don’t know, Demyx! Do you even know what a saying is?
WaterIsMyFriend: … Something that people say?
TwilightStruggler: Sort of… It’s something that people say all the time, and usually has a slightly different meaning than the literal meaning, and almost everyone (except Demyx…) knows what it means
WaterIsMyFriend: … I got lost at about the fifth word…
EmoManipulator: -sigh- Why do we bother with you?
WaterIsMyFriend: Because you love me?
SuperiorMonkey: That brings us back to the point… Demyx, what did you break?
WaterIsMyFriend: Nothing… nothing important… AND IT WASN’T ME!!!
GamblingConfuser: Sure…
WaterIsMyFriend: None of you believe me! I’m sad now!
BurntCookie: Boo hoo go cry
WaterIsMyFriend: That’s just plain mean
DivineWind: Get over it, Demyx
WaterIsMyFriend: Why are you all so mean?
GamblingConfuser: I’m going to go and see what damage Demyx has done

GamblingConfuser has left the conversation

WaterIsMyFriend: Umm heh I think I’d better go do that mission you had for me, Superior…
SuperiorMonkey: What mission? I’ve made sure I didn’t give you any missions since you made such a mess of the last one
WaterIsMyFriend: No… remember the one you gave me… the one where I had to go somewhere no one would be able to find me?
SuperiorMonkey: No…
WaterIsMyFriend: Well I think this might be a good time for me to do it…

WaterIsMyFriend has left the conversation

TwilightStruggler: What a chicken
BurntCookie: Yeah seriously, what were you thinking when you let him into the Organisation, Superior?
SuperiorMonkey: I wasn’t
TwilightStruggler: Well that explains it
BurntCookie: Hey, where is everyone else?
ScarMan: I’m still here
LoonyBerserker: So am I
DivineWind: Me too
ThunderingSavage: And me
PinkFlowers: Ya
EmoManipulator: Yeah…
BurntCookie: I’m bored
TwilightStruggler: Oh no. You know what happens when he gets bored…
SuperiorMonkey: Something ends up as a pile of ashes on the floor
BurntCookie: What do you reckon my Other's name is?
PinkFlowers: You’ve got an a, an e and an l…
ScarMan: Ael
LoonyBerserker: Eal…
ThunderingSavage: How about Ela… Haha like Ella, a girl’s name!
DivineWind: It could be Lae
BurntCookie: Or Ale haha
PinkFlowers: Lea… As in Leah, another girl’s name!
SuperiorMonkey: Haha Axel’s Other is a girl!
BurntCookie: NO!
TwilightStruggler: Is that even possible?
SuperiorMonkey: Sure it is. We’ve got Axel as proof
EmoManipulator: … That’s just weird
PinkFlowers: Imagine if Axel fell in love with his Other
LoonyBerserker: Ewww Marluxia that’s just wrong
PinkFlowers: What, it’s possible isn’t it, if his Other is a chick
TwilightStruggler: Haha Axel loves Ela or Lea or whatever his Other’s name is
BurntCookie: Gah NO
DivineWind: Hmmm actually, I remember Axel mentioning someone he likes…
EmoManipulator: Yeah… Can you remember her name?
LoonyBerserker: It’s on the tip of my tongue… Can’t remember it, though

WaterIsMyFriend has joined the conversation

WaterIsMyFriend: I’m baaaaaack! Did you all miss me?
DivineWind: Are you insane?
EmoManipulator: Of course we didn’t!
TwilightStruggler: Hey Demyx, do you remember the name of the girl Axel likes?
WaterIsMyFriend: What, Axel’s in love with a girl who doesn’t exist? Is it just me or is that a bit… weird
ThunderingSavage: sigh You’re hopeless, Demyx
TwilightStruggler: She does exist. Axel just doesn’t want to admit that he’s in love
PinkFlowers: Yeah I hear that the girl’s having a hard time facing the fact that she likes him, too
ScarMan: Yeah they’re perfect for each other
PinkFlowers: sigh It’s so cute
ThunderingSavage: Marluxia… That sounded a bit girly…
BurntCookie: Yeah but we all know that he’s gay
PinkFlowers: Shut it you
BurntCookie: No
SuperiorMonkey: You know… I might just remember the name of that girl…
BurntCookie: Gah everyone’s against me!
TwilightStruggler: Yeah apparently she says ‘gah’ a lot, too
WaterIsMyFriend: Who, Olivia?
TwilightStruggler: YES THAT’S IT!!!
LoonyBerserker: Haha Axel loves Olivia!
BurntCookie: No… I don’t… it’s not… gah I give up!
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