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Demyx the Councillor

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Demyx stirrs up some mischief

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover,Humor - Characters: Axel,Demyx,Goofy,Roxas,Sora - Published: 2009-09-15 - Updated: 2009-09-15 - 727 words

Chat Room of DOOM!
Demyx the councillor

BurntCookie: You know… I really really really feel like eating dirt
WaterIsMyFriend: Yeah I did that last week and it wasn’t that good… What about sand?
BurntCookie: Hmmm… No, too grainy.
TwilightStruggler: O.o
BurntCookie: What?
TwilightStruggler: How would you know that sand is too grainy?
BurntCookie: Well… I was fighting with Larxene the other day on the beach… And she hit me on the ankle with lightning and it tripped me over… I ended up getting a face full of sand.
TwilightStruggler: … You and Larxene fight too much
WaterIsMyFriend: They fight to hide the love they feel for each other!
BurntCookie: What the? We do not!
WaterIsMyFriend: Yeah that’s the thing. You’re too scared to admit that you love each other
TwilightStruggler: Lol try telling that to Larxene
WaterIsMyFriend: No thanks. Water and lightning don’t mix

EmoManipulator had entered the conversation

EmoManipulator: DEMYX?
WaterIsMyFriend: Eep that doesn’t sound good… I’m not here!
EmoManipulator: Don’t be stupid. You’re supposed to be cleaning the meeting room, remember
WaterIsMyFriend: I… am…?
EmoManipulator: Yes. So I suggest you get there and start cleaning before the Superior gets angry
WaterIsMyFriend: Poor Xemnas…
BurntCookie: … Why?
WaterIsMyFriend: He needs to learn to control his temper. He won’t get anywhere in life if he gets really angry every time something goes wrong
EmoManipulator: Since when were you a councillor, Demyx?
WaterIsMyFriend: Huh? I’m not a councillor…
EmoManipulator: sigh I know but you just sounded like one
WaterIsMyFriend: How would you know? You can’t hear me, can you?
EmoManipulator: Grrr that’s not what I meant
WaterIsMyFriend: What did you mean then?
EmoManipulator: That’s enough! I suggest that you get out of here RIGHT NOW and start cleaning the damage you did to the meeting room!

EmoManipulator has left the conversation

WaterIsMyFriend: … Enough of what?
TwilightStruggler: I dunno but you’d better go
WaterIsMyFriend: Go where?
BurntCookie: …
TwilightStruggler: Clean the meeting room…
WaterIsMyFriend: Haha I knew that!
TwilightStruggler: Really…?
WaterIsMyFriend: Yeah…

WaterIsMyFriend has left the conversation

BurntCookie: Lol he’s silly
TwilightStruggler: Well, I was thinking more along the lines of weird, strange and unusual, but whatever works for you
BurntCookie: Fire works for me!

beer+cigars=heaven has entered the conversation

TwilightStruggler: Yes we all know that from the many burns we’ve got
beer+cigars=heaven: Who the hell are you people?
BurntCookie: What the? Who on earth are you?
beer+cigars=heaven: Wrong chat room

beer+cigars=heaven has left the conversation

TwilightStruggler: Who was that?
BurntCookie: No idea…
BurntCookie: Some weirdo

BoUnCyAlBhEd has joined the conversation

TwilightStruggler: A very weird weirdo
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Who? Me?
BurntCookie: No
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Who then? I like weird people! Weird is good!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: byebye!

BoUnCyAlBhEd has left the conversation

TwilightStruggler: What is with people today?

OathkeeperWielder has entered the conversation

OathkeeperWielder: Hey guys!
BurntCookie: Hi
TwilightStruggler: I’m bored
OathkeeperWielder: Same
BurntCookie: Why is life so boring?
OathkeeperWielder: Whoever said that only boring people get bored was really stupid. Boredom attacks everyone at least once in their life

defender-of-the-heart has joined the conversation

defender-of-the-heart: Hiya
OathkeeperWielder: Hi…
defender-of-the-heart: Sora?
OathkeeperWielder: Yeah…
defender-of-the-heart: Its Goofy
OathkeeperWielder: Hi!
OathkeeperWielder: How’s Donald and the King and everyone?
defender-of-the-heart: We’re all good. There haven’t been any signs of any heartless or anything
OathkeeperWielder: That’s good Kairi would kill me if I had to go and do the whole saving the worlds thing again

NinjaMadness has joined the conversation

NinjaMadness: No need to fear! Yuffie is here!
defender-of-the-heart: Why would we be scared, anyway?
NinjaMadness: Who’s that? Who doubts the Great Ninja Yuffie?!
defender-of-the-heart: Goofy
BurntCookie: Haha that rhymed!
TwilightStruggler: What?
BurntCookie: Yuffie and Goofy
OathkeeperWielder: Lol
TwilightStruggler: What’s up with you today? You’ve been acting… Demyx-ish. You haven’t been hanging out with him lately, have you?
BurntCookie: Well… Superior’s been putting me on Demyx guard
NinjaMadness: What’s wrong with Demyx? Why does he need to be guarded?
BurntCookie: We’re taking it in turns to keep an eye on him while he cleans up the meeting room
TwilightStruggler: And his… insaneness has been wearing off onto you, hasn’t it?
BurntCookie: Well… I suppose so… Maybe a little bit…
NinjaMadness: Hehe yay victory number 1 for the Defenders of Insanity!
OathkeeperWielder: o.O
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