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Riku Can't Sing

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Riku finds Sora's greatest weakness. And being the good friend he is, he makes use of that information.

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover,Humor - Characters: Kairi,Riku,Selphie,Sora - Published: 2009-09-15 - Updated: 2009-09-15 - 1198 words

Chat Room of DOOM!
Riku Can’t Sing

OathkeeperWielder: Hide me!
PaopuPrincess: … Sora?
OathkeeperWielder: Don’t let Riku come anywhere near me!
PaopuPrincess: Why not?
OathkeeperWielder: shudders It’s too horrible to mention

DarknessDefeated has entered the conversation

DarknessDefeated: I’m bringing sexy back
DarknessDefeated: Them other boys don’t know how to act
OathkeeperWielder: AHHHHH! GO AWAY!!!

OathkeeperWielder has left the conversation

PaopuPrincess: Now look what you’ve done!
DarknessDefeated: What? I was just singing
PaopuPrincess: shudders That’s the point
DarknessDefeated: What’s wrong with my singing?
PaopuPrincess: Well… Oh wait I’ve got to go

PaopuPrincess has left the conversation

DarknessDefeated: Ok… What is with these people today?
DarknessDefeated: … Damn now I’m talking to myself…

BoUnCyAlBhEd has joined the conversation

GunnerGirl has joined the conversation

BoUnCyAlBhEd: poke
GunnerGirl: Did you just poke me AGAIN?
BoUnCyAlBhEd: No…
GunnerGirl: Hehe yes you did!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: No I didn’t. You just think I did!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: pokes everyone
DarknessDefeated: Don’t poke me!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: YOU!
GunnerGirl: Wait for it…
DarknessDefeated: sigh you’re never gonna give up on that, are you?
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Not until you give my name back!
DarknessDefeated: I NEVER STOLE IT!
DarknessDefeated: NO I DIDN’T!
DarknessDefeated: NO
GunnerGirl: STOP!

Silence… Crickets chirping…

GunnerGirl: Yay it worked!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: YES!
GunnerGirl: Rikku…
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Hehehehehehehe
BoUnCyAlBhEd: bounce
DarknessDefeated: Gah stop it! Can’t you just be… normal?
BoUnCyAlBhEd: does the I’m-not-normal-and-never-will-be dance
DarknessDefeated: Grrrr
GunnerGirl: Hehe typical Rikku!
GunnerGirl: I’ve gotta go. Tidus is in need of a healing spell… He and Wakka were sparring.
GunnerGirl: No it’s mean to poke people while they’re unconscious. And his name is Tidus, not Tidey.
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Awwww but I like poking people…
GunnerGirl: Hehe I know you do… Anyway, I’d better go help him

GunnerGirl has left the conversation

DarknessDefeated: Great…

BurntCookie has joined the conversation

DarknessDefeated: AXEL! I’ve never been happier to see you!
BurntCookie: Hey, settle down. I know everyone loves me, but there’s no reason to get too excited
DarknessDefeated: Axel…
BurntCookie: What?
DarknessDefeated: Don't get ahead of yourself
BurntCookie: Why? Everyone needs self confidence...
DarknessDefeated: You just have to much of it
BurntCookie: Not that thats a bad thing
DarknessDefeated: Never
BurntCookie: Hahah XD
DarknessDefeated: You loser
DarknessDefeated: Because we don't have to
BoUnCyAlBhEd: YES YOU DO!!!!!!11111!!
DarknessDefeated: You’re annoying me
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Yay!
DarknessDefeated: Grrr I’m going

DarknessDefeated has left the conversation

BoUnCyAlBhEd: Am I annoying you, Axel?
BurntCookie: Not much
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Awwww
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Be annoyed
BurntCookie: No!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Yes!
BurntCookie: Nope
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Yes! Or leave!
BurntCookie: You can’t make me
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Yes I can watch this!

BurntCookie has been kicked out of the conversation

BoUnCyAlBhEd: HAHA! I won!

BurntCookie has joined the conversation

BurntCookie: Can’t get rid of me that easily!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Oh yes I can!

BurntCookie has been kicked out of the conversation

BurntCookie has been banned from the conversation

BoUnCyAlBhEd: Who’s the best? I am!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Hmmm I’m alone now…

WaterIsMyFriend has joined the conversation

WaterIsMyFriend: RIKKU!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: I got rid of Axel!
WaterIsMyFriend: Wow really? How? I wanna try it!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: I kicked him out then banned him
WaterIsMyFriend: Cool… I doubt it’d work in real life though…
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Oh well you can try it!

FlamingBetrayal has joined the conversation

Flaming Betrayal: Haha bet you didn’t expect me to log in on my other account!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Grrr Demyx? Will you do the honours?
WaterIsMyFriend: I’d be honoured

FlamingBetrayal has been kicked out of the conversation

FlamingBetrayal has been banned from the conversation

WaterIsMyFriend: Yay I got him!

SugaryPaopu has joined the conversation

WaterIsMyFriend: … Hi Selphie
SugaryPaopu: WHERE?
BoUnCyAlBhEd: In your name
SugaryPaopu: Oh… hehe

PaopuPrincess has joined the conversation

PaopuPrincess: Has anyone seen Riku?
SugaryPaopu: dreamy sigh I know Riku…
PaopuPrincess: Have you seen him?
SugaryPaopu: No
SugaryPaopu: sigh Riku…
PaopuPrincess: What’s with the sighing?
SugaryPaopu: Riku is so HOT!
PaopuPrincess: Ok then… Has anyone else seen him?
BoUnCyAlBhEd: No. mutters Name stealer…
WaterIsMyFriend: Nope. Why are you looking for him?
PaopuPrincess: He deserves a stern talking to. When I’m finished with him, he’ll have a phobia of lectures!
SugaryPaopu: What did he do?
PaopuPrincess: shudders He was singing
SugaryPaopu: What’s so bad about that? I’m sure he’s a great singer
PaopuPrincess: No he’s horrible. Poor Sora…
BoUnCyAlBhEd: What’s wrong with Sora?
PaopuPrincess: I think he’s had a nervous breakdown. He’s hiding under my bed and is refusing to come out
WaterIsMyFriend: I’ll drench him! That’ll get him out!
PaopuPrincess: NO! I don’t want my room turned into a swimming pool!
PaopuPrincess: Anyway, I’m off to hunt for Riku some more

PaopuPrincess has left the conversation

SugaryPaopu: I like sugar. Sometimes… I give some to Tidus… And he goes a bit hypo. Not as much as I’d have liked, but good enough. Then we go and annoy people.
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Hehe fun!
WaterIsMyFriend: I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: What do you know?
WaterIsMyFriend: Selphie should join the Defenders of Insanity!
SugaryPaopu: Oooh I like the sound of that. I’ll join!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: If only Yuffie were here then we’d have all the Insaners

NinjaMadness has joined the conversation

BoUnCyAlBhEd: Yuffie’s here!
NinjaMadness: No I’m not
NinjaMadness: I’m a figment of your imaginations
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Ok hi Yuffie-who-is-actually-a-figment-of-our-imaginations
WaterIsMyFriend: Yuffie-who-is-actually-a-figment-of-our-imaginations, meet the newest member of the Defenders of Insanity: Selphie!
SugaryPaopu: Hi Yuffie-who-is-actually-a-figment-of-our-imaginations!
NinjaMadness: Hehe ok, it’s really me, not your imaginations
WaterIsMyFriend: I KNEW IT!
NinjaMadness: Ok, focus, Insaners
WaterIsMyFriend: FOCUSED!
NinjaMadness: Have you turned anyone since our last meeting?
WaterIsMyFriend: I’ve started on Axel, and I think it’s working!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: I’ve been trying to turn Yunie, but it’s hard with Paine around
SugaryPaopu: Ummm I could try turning Tidus. That might help with Yuna, too
NinjaMadness: Good idea! Let’s meet tomorrow to discuss Insaning techniques and plan our next attack. Where can we meet?
SugaryPaopu: My house is free tomorrow!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Yay! Time for the official farewell, now. Copy after us, Selphie
NinjaMadness: Farewell, fellow Insaners!
WaterIsMyFriend: Farewell, fellow Insaners!
BoUnCyAlBhEd: Farewell, fellow Insaners!
SugaryPaopu: Farewell, fellow Insaners!

NinjaMadness has left the conversation

BoUnCyAlBhEd has left the conversation

WaterIsMyFriend has left the conversation

SugaryPaopu: Hmm I don’t feel like leaving…

PaopuPrincess has joined the conversation

PaopuPrincess: Is Riku here?
SugaryPaopu: Unfortunately, no
PaopuPrincess: Sora, it’s safe!

OathkeeperWielder has joined the conversation

OathkeeperWielder: Good he’s not here
SugaryPaopu: It’s not good. Every moment not spent in his presence is misery

DarknessDefeated has joined the conversation

OathkeeperWielder: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!!!

OathkeeperWielder has left the conversation

PaopuPrincess: Why can’t you leave us alone?

PaopuPrincess has left the conversation

SugaryPaopu: glomp RIKU!
DarknessDefeated: Ummm… Selphie, would you mind letting go?
SugaryPaopu: No! hugs tighter
DarknessDefeated: Grrr fangirls…
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