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Love Sucks (Re-Written)

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.:Frerard:. Gerard Way: gorgeous, sexy, sweet, gay... did i meantion a whore?! Can true love change that?

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It was Friday night. Usually I’d be lying on my bed, reading some comic or watching TV with my mum, but not tonight, tonight I was at a friend’s house. I never had many friends and having just moved to Belleville, I hadn’t expected to have any. I was thankful for Mikey Way and his family.
I’d lived in Belleville for a month. I met Mikey on my first day. He sat next to me in every class we had together. After a month, he invited me over for a sleep over.

About midnight, Friday night. We sat in the kitchen, munching on whatever was within reach. The floor was covered in chip packets, lollie packets and cigarette butts that were mine, even though the bin was within throwing distance.
Mrs. Way was a nurse so her work hours were ridiculous. We were left in the house under the care of Mikey’s older brother, Gerard. From 3.30 till then, I hadn’t seen Gerard once. Mikey said he liked to sit in his room and draw. I was surprised. Gerard was 19, surely he had better things to do of a Friday. I’d heard stories about Gerard. Apparently he was a good drawer, he could sing and he was a complete bastard. I didn’t believe the latter.

‘Hey Frank, wanna meet Gee?’ Mikey asked suddenly with a mouth full of marshmallows, cream and spaghetti. I felt like gagging at the sight.

‘Uh…. Sure.’ I said, shrugging my shoulders, averting my eyes away from his mouth. It took him 5 minutes to swallow what he had in his mouth.
Mikey lead the way, down the hall and through a door which lead to a small staircase. A draft lofted up, making me shiver.

‘He’s in the basement?’ I asked as we descended the stairs. They didn’t creak, like I thought they would. You know in scary movies, the stairs creak? Yeah, I was expecting that.

‘Gerard likes the dark.’ Mikey said simply.

‘Stop talkin bout me!’ A smooth voice called through the door.

‘M-Maybe we shouldn’t.’ I whispered nervously. I was afraid to piss Gerard off. I was 15 but I was short for my age. My body was tiny, short and thin.
Before Mikey could say anything, the door swung open and there stood Gerard. Leaning against the door frame, topless. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn't that! Gerard was hot! Totally pale, thin with some definition, perfect thin pink lips, raven hair and golden hazel eyes to die for. I mentally slapped myself, Jamia was the only person allowed to pass through my mind but I felt like I knew Gerard. His face held some resemblance. I settled it down to Billy Corgan.

‘What do I owe this late night pleasure?’ Gerard asked. His voice was amazing. Smooth and delicate, yet still masculine. The words seem to roll off his tongue. I felt something drawing me to him. I wanted to reach out and stroke his milky white chest.

‘Get your mind out of the gutter Gee.’ Mikey giggled as he walked passed Gerard and into his room. I followed Mikey shyly. I was usually hyper and boisterous but being around Gerard made me feel calm, mellow.

‘My minds always in the gutter. What you guys up to tonight? Or morning, whatever.’ He asked absentmindedly, running his thumb over his ribs. He seemed deep in thought.

‘We were thinking horror movie marathon till sunrise.’ Mikey said as he took a seat on Gerard's king-size bed.

‘Good idea. Have fun with that boys.’ Gerard walked to his tiny window and peered out. It was a full moon and it shined through the window, making his pale face glow.

‘Won’t you be joining us?’ Mikey asked in a posh accent. Gerard giggled a little.

‘Nah, I have someone waiting for me and E-Jay wants me to visit.’ He turned to his draws and pulled on a plain black shirt.
I looked around quickly, taking in the posters that he had to be using for wall paper. His desk had a mountain of paper on top of it.

‘Come on Gee. Blow em off…. Not literally!’ Mikey shouted when Gerard smirked. I felt left out, I didn’t know what they were talking about.

‘I’ll be quick. I’ll bring E-Jay back with me. Before I go, what’s your name cutie?’ Gerard turned to me, a smile on his lips.

‘Frank.’ I said softly. He bent down to my height, his face close enough to mine so I could feel his breath on my face.

‘Well, aren’t you sexy? See you soon.’ He placed a kiss upon mine and Mikey’s cheek before leaving the room, his walk was cute. Like he had a spring in his step. I was stunned. I wondered what my face looked like.

‘Don’t worry, he’s always like that. That’s gays for ya.’ Mikey said.

“He’s gay!” I thought. It explained a fair bit. His perfect figure, his voice, and the way he walked. His room was half messy, half clean. Most guys’ rooms were filthy.

‘Let's go get everything set up.’ Mikey said, jumping up off the bed. Before I left, I had a quick look around. I expected to see dildos or something sexual. All that I could see was art supplies.
It took us at least half an hour to set everything up. DVDs, snacks, drinks. We were half way through the 2nd movie when Gerard returned with a girl behind him. I was on the edge of the lounge and Mikey was in the middle. Gerard sat next to me with a grin on his face.
The girl he’d come back with was pretty, and pretty out there. Her hair was a deep purple with red highlights. Her make-up matched it.
Sometime during the night, I ended up on Gerard's lap, my head resting on his shoulder. I wasn't completely asleep, I was still aware of sound. I could feel his arms around my waist, his thumb rubbing circles on my exposed hip.

‘Why is Frank on your lap?’ I heard Mikey say. He obviously couldn’t see where Gerard’s hands were.

‘I was cold.’ Gerard whined.

‘He looks pretty comfortable so just leave him.’ A female voice said. E-Jay I guessed. I was comfortable, the heat from Gerard's body kept me warm and his shoulder provided a good pillow. I moved in closer, telling myself I was just keeping warm.

Yes, I'm re-writing it for sure. I was unhappy with the way it originally turned out. You may not notice the changes/see big changes but as I get into it, everything will be different. Sorry for those who liked the original and my hate this one but please don't give up on me, yeah? xxx
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