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All The Above

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Not much change in this one.

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I opened my eyes slowly. The sun was up but I could barley tell. Either the curtain was closed, or the windows were tinted. I felt someone’s arm draped across my chest and someone’s face against my neck. I tilted my head to see who it was. Gerard lay next to me, his perfect features at peace. I felt my heart pick up, I was in bed with a guy! Jamia would freak.
I tried moving his arm off me so I could shimmy my way out. It didn’t work, Gerard readjusted himself so his head was on my chest and his hand was gripping my thigh.

‘I know you’re awake.’ I whispered. He looked up to face me. His hazel eyes glittering.

‘What gave it away?’ He asked, still not moving from my body. I pointed to his hand that rested on my thigh.
He used his thumb to rub gentle circles into my thigh. A strange wave of pleasure passed through my body. It confused me, I’d never been touched like that before.

‘Feel good?’ He asked quietly. I just stared at him with a blank expression, trying to hide my true feelings.
‘Kidding hon.’ He giggled as he got off me.
I realized we were in Gerard's room. It was just me and him. I didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I thought I would. He was my best friends’ brother after all.

‘Let’s go wake these fuckers up.’ That was the first time I heard him swear. I jumped out of the bed and stood beside him, grinning.
We stepped into Mikey’s room silently. He was fast asleep with E-Jay mere inches away.

‘Wait here.’ Gerard whispered to me. He returned in seconds with something behind his back.

‘Care to do the honors?’ He asked, pulling an air horn from behind his back. I smiled wide, baring all teeth. I took the horn and positioned it beside Mikey’s ear. I gave myself a mental countdown then pressed the button. Mikey jumped from the bed and landed at my feet. E-Jay shot up, breathing heavily.

‘What the fuck?!’ She yelled. I pointed to Gerard who was rolling on the floor, clutching his sides as he laughed. His laugh was intriguing…. I loved it.

‘I’m going to kick your arse Frank!’ Mikey yelled. I giggled madly as I ran. I made 3 laps around the house before Gerard stepped in front of me.

‘You’re running from my brother?’ He laughed. He crossed his arms over his chest.

‘I like my arse preferably white.’ I said, smiling.

‘Got you now!’ Mikey yelled, rounding the corner into the hall. Gerard stepped out of my way and I took off again. He tapped my arse as I passed, making me giggle more.
I let Mikey catch up to me eventually. I knew he couldn’t catch me in his wildest nightmares. He tackled me to the ground, crushing my ribs as punishment.

‘Fuck…. You’re…. Heavy!’ I managed to gasp. He increased the pressure on my ribs, making it harder to breathe.

‘Come on Mikes. No need to kill him.’ Gerard giggled. He lifted Mikey off me. I just lay on the floor, trying to get my breathing back to normal. Gerard held his hand out, I gladly took it.

‘You okay, Frankie?’ He asked as he pulled me to my feet. I didn’t answer. I just held onto his hand. ‘Earth to Frankie…’ He said, waving his hand in front of my face.

‘Huh? Oh… yeah, I’m fine.’ I quickly let go of his hand, blushing a bit. I turned to Mikey.
‘If there’s any internal bleeding, your arse is mine bitch!’ Gerard started laughing. It took me a moment to catch on.
‘Ewww! Not in that way!’ I yelled. Gerard just rolled his eyes, still laughing.

‘Hey! Nightmare Before Christmas is on!’ E-Jay called from the lounge room. I ran to the couch and dived. Gerard sat next to me again even though there were a lot of other places to sit.
Right at my favorite part, the house phone rang. Gerard ran to get it. I couldn’t help but to look at his arse. Those lose pajama pants did it no justice.

‘Frankie, it’s your mummy.’ He called from the kitchen with a girly voice. I got up quickly, my mum hated waiting.

‘Hello?’ I said as I took the phone from Gerard’s hand, accidently touching it. A weird sensation ran through my body.

‘Hey Frank. Jamia’s coming over in half an hour.’ Mum informed me. I groaned, I didn’t want to leave.

‘I’ll be home soon.’ I sighed. I hung the phone up and took a few steps backwards, not realizing Gerard hadn’t left. I walked right into him. His arms wrapped around me.

‘Careful, love.’ He whispered in my ear.

‘Sorry.’ I mumbled.
I said good bye to everyone as I walked out the door with my backpack on my back. I saw Gerard frown as I left, god he was cute. I didn’t live far from the Ways. Just a few streets away.

Yeah, not much change.
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