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Good Girls Go Bad

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I walked home slowly, kicking a stone for at least 5 minute. Gerard’s face was stuck in my head. The look on his face when I left. I made it home eventually. I said a quick hello to my mum and ran up to my room. I hadn’t unfinished packing completely. There were boxes of things in my closet, posters still to be put up and clothes to be put away. I lay on my double bed, looking at my bare ceiling. Back home, my room was covered in posters. All 4 walls, roof and ever some on the floor. I shot up when Jamia burst into my room.

‘I missed you!’ She squeaked, tackling me to the bed.

‘Yeah…. I missed you too.’ I said with no emotion. She didn’t notice. She never did. For the past week or 2, I had been getting more and more annoyed with her. I snapped, used no emotion in my voice and sometimes yelled at her. She just though I was home sick or something.

‘So, how’s your new friends? They nice? Can I meet them?’ She rambled. I wasn’t listening though. Could I really call them my friends? Sure Mikey was, but there was Gerard and E-Jay. Where they my friends?

‘Frank?’ Jamia snapped, pulling me from my thoughts.

‘What? Oh yeah, they’re nice. You can meet em for sure. Wanna go now?’ I was desperate to go back… which scared me. I knew it wasn’t for Mikey or E-Jay. I wanted to see Gerard. Maybe if I came back, he;d smile.

‘Let’s go!’ She grabbed my hand and dragged me from my room. Before we made it out of the house, my mobile started to ring. I didn’t have to look at the caller ID. I had set a certain ringtone for Mikey.
I hit the green button. I didn’t have to say anything because Mikey began to speak before me.

‘Hey, come back up soon. Gee says he misses your tight arse.’ He giggled.

‘Hey!’ I heard Gerard yell. He sounded happy though, which made me smile a little.

‘Yeah, I’m coming back now. Jamia’s with me, I hope you don’t mind.’ I added, I didn’t want to show up with an unwanted person.

‘Sure, that’s fine. See you soon.’ Mikey hung up before I could say good bye.
While we walked, Jamia clung onto me like I was her life-support. Normally, I wouldn’t have minded but recently I did. I refused to let myself think it was because of Gerard. I’d just met him and I wasn’t gay.
Gerard was sitting on his front step, smoking a cigarette. He was still shirtless but had a pair of skinny jeans on that hugged his thighs nicely.

‘Come back for more, Frankie?’ Gerard teased. ‘Well, hello miss.’ He said politely to Jamia.
I could tell Jamia wasn't pleased. What Gerard had said suggested I was cheating. She crossed her arms across her chest and pouted. Gerard laughed a little. I smiled again, just because he was happy.

‘Come on. E-Jay misses you.’ He was pissing Jamia off on purpose, the way he said it made my heart skip a beat. His voice was so sexy when he was patronizing someone. He tossed his cigarette butt to the ground and walked through the door. We followed. Jamia gripped my arm tighter when we entered the lounge room. Mikey was watching some show on TV and E-Jay was lying on the floor, drawing. She looked up and smiled.

‘Frankie!’ She yelled. She jumped up and hugged me. Jamia gripped tighter when E-Jay kissed my cheek. Her lips lingered longer than normal. I guess they all made a plan on pissing Jamia off.

‘If you hold on any tighter, my arm will fall off.’ I whispered harshly to her. I felt badd but she loosened up a bit.
‘This is Gerard, Mikey and E-Jay.’ I added a bit louder. ‘This is Jamia.’ I told them. Mikey waved to show he was listening, Gerard made no move and E-Jay just laid back down.

‘His girlfriend.’ She said, making it clear that I was taken. I just rolled my eyes.

‘Yeah, we got that.’ E-Jay said, not looking away from her sketch pad.

‘Ignore her. She’s just pissy coz me and Frankie woke them up this morning.’ Gerard said, reading the fear in my eyes.

“Thank you.” I mouthed. Gerard smiled in reply.
Over the next hour or so, the hostility died down and we were all sitting around the kitchen table playing Truth or Dare. I sat next to Jamia, she sat next to Mikey who sat next to E-Jay and Gee was in the middle of us.

‘Truth or Dare, Gee?’ Mikey asked. We were on our third cycle. All of us having chosen dare at least once. E-Jay was evil when it came to dares. I may never go near another washing machine again.

‘Dare.’ He replied without a second thought.

‘I dare you…. ‘He smirked evilly and I knew what he was planning. ‘To pash Frank.’
Gerard turned to face me, a wicked grin on his face. I had to smile back, he was too beautiful. He leant forward a little, looking into my eyes. I blushed a little. He came closer and closer till his thin lips pressed to mine gently. They were as soft as they looked, maybe more. His tongue slipped between my slightly parted lips. I had never kissed anyone other than Jamia, I like her kisses but Gerard’s were perfect. Not too fast, not too slow. I rested my shaking hand on Gerard’s thigh while Gerard brought one hand up to my face. He caressed my face gently. His tongue danced with mine, swirling and licking around. I barely noticed Jamia’s protests until she slapped the back of my head.

‘Frank!’ She screamed.

‘What?!’ I snapped back at her.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ She yelled right in my ear. I couldn’t answer, I didn’t know what I was doing. Without a word, I got up from the table and stormed out of the house. I didn’t go far, since I didn’t know the area. I just walked up Gerard’s street and sat on the brick wall in front of a children’s park.
I didn’t hear anyone come close to me. I didn’t even notice anyone sat next till me till they spoke.

‘I’m sorry.’ Gerard whispered, placing his hand on my knee. I looked down at his pale hand. His nails were painted black with red flicks.

‘For what?’ I asked. We were only doing what we were dared.
‘I didn’t mean to piss your …girlfriend off.’ He said, hesitating on one word.
‘I’m glad you did.’ I said truthfully.
‘We’ve been drifting apart since I moved.’

‘That’s not that long though.’ Gerard’s face screwed up in confusion. I had to laugh.

‘I’ve been at school for a month but I left Nutley 3 months ago. My mum wanted to see a bit of everywhere we passed.’

‘I still feel badd.’ He mumbled.

‘It’s not like I asked you to kiss me. If anything, I blame Mikey.’ I looked him in the eye, sadness still haunted his wonderful hazel eyes.
‘I realized I never really loved her today when I didn’t want to be with her like I usually do.’

‘Are you going to break it off with her?’ He asked politely, like he didn’t want to push or offend me.

‘I have to. I’m not sure how though. I’ve never broken up with someone before.’ I admitted.

‘Sit her down, tell her you had fun being with her. Explain why you don’t want to be with her anymore and try to leave with good terms. Last thing you want is an ex out for revenge.’ He smiled. I smiled back. He took his hand from my knee and brushed my hair from my face.

‘Thank you, Gerard.’ I said, blushing again.

‘It’s what I’m here for.’ He smiled ‘I’m sorry to run off like this but I have to go. I’ll see you soon.’ He got off the wall and kissed my cheek before jogging in the opposite direction than we’d come. A million questions ran through my mind. One of them was where he went. This was the 2nd time he’d left without a true explanation. I pushed it to the back of my mind, Gerard had his own life and it wasn’t my place to stick my nose in.
I started to walk back to Mikey’s. Jamia would have left but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to see her at that moment. I wasn't ready to face her.

‘Are you okay, Frank?’ Mikey’s worried voice pieced the silence. He was sitting on the front step like Gerard had been an hour ago, just minus the cigarette.

‘Yeah, I’m fine.’ I said, sitting next to him.
‘I am curious though.’

‘About what?’ He asked, fumbling with the hem of his shirt. He always did that when he was worried or bored.

‘Where Gerard goes.’ I mumbled. I felt I shouldn’t know but I wanted to.

‘No-one knows. He’s a whore so he goes where his clients are.’ Mikey seemed so cool about it. I nearly freaked. Someone that beautiful, nice and caring couldn’t be a whore!
‘Don’t worry Frank. He’s safe. He uses protection in every way. I believe he calls himself ‘The Cleanest Whore’.’ Mikey laughed. I saw nothing funny about it.

‘I don’t get it. He’s so nice.’ I tried piecing it together. The whore I knew and the ones on TV were arseholes.

‘Gerard's complex. He’s like this because his boyfriend died a few years ago. This is his therapy. He doesn’t want to get hurt again.’ Mikey said, still fumbling with his shirt.

‘That’s horrible. The dying part, not the whore part. I guess if it makes him feel better, it’s okay.’ I felt a little better knowing that Gerard was happy.
‘How do you know he’s okay?’ I asked before I could stop myself.

‘If he takes more than half an hour, we send a search party for him. It’s never happened though.’
I let Mikey’s words sink in. I felt so much better, even about Jamia. But I wasn't sure why I cared so much about Gerard. Sure he was my friend but I had never cared for my friends like I was now.
I let Mikey distract me with music and beer. E-Jay watched over us but didn’t drink herself. She said it was fine that we drank but only if we took it easy. I wasn't much of a drinker so I got pissed easily.
I tried to stand still but I kept swaying. I couldn’t sit either, I had too much energy so I decided to walk. I walked around the house, in and out of doors and back again. I heard the front door open. I went to investigate.

‘Gerard!’ I yelled as he closed the front door. I ran up to him, jumping into his strong arms.

‘Whoa! What’s up with you?’ He laughed, readjusting me so I was on his hip like a baby.

‘’m drunk.’ I tried to say clearly before bursting into a fit of laughter. It took me a minute to calm down. When I did, I felt drowsy.

‘I can see that. Where’s E-Jay?’ He asked, making me lean my head on his shoulder.

‘Bea’s me.’

‘How bout I help you get sober?’ He asked sweetly. I nodded quickly. As long as he was helping me, I didn’t care.
He continued to carry me like a little kid, probably not trusting my stability. I felt my energy levels slipping, falling in and out on consciousness every now and then. My head rested on his shoulder still, as he carried me. One minute we were in the kitchen, next Gerard was laying me in his bed.

‘Sit up hon.’ He whispered. I obeyed. He sat next to me and tilted my head back a little then put a water bottle to my lips. He let me take a few breaks but told me I had to drink the whole bottle. Again, I obeyed.
After the bottle was empty, Gerard took me to the bathroom. He didn’t go in with me, he just stood at the door just in case. I staggered out of the bathroom, smiling like a complete fool.

‘Feel better?’ Gerard asked.

‘Yeah.’ I giggled.
I let Gerard carry me back to his room.

‘Stay with me?’ I begged as he laid me back down and covered me with his black doona. I didn’t want to be alone.

‘Of course.’ He lay down next to me, on his side so he could watch me.
I was almost asleep but a question popped into my head and I couldn’t stop myself from asking.

‘What’s it like being a whore?’ I mumbled.

‘Okay, I guess. Why do you ask?’ I turned my head to face him, his face didn’t show signs of embarrassment or anger. He was as calm as he always was.

‘You seem soooooo happy.’ I stated. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

‘Shh…. Go to sleep, we’ll talk in the morning.’ He kissed my forehead. It didn’t take long for me to crash.

I think this just got longer, not much change at all. xxx
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