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Help, Mommy

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A wave of worry and fear washed over me quickly. “Levi?”

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A/N: Thank everyone who reviewed (which wasn't many), but I deeply appreciate it.

It’s been a month from Levi’s first birthday and this feeling of worry won’t shake. Something is coming. I can feel it. But what? It’s getting closer and closer everyday and I can’t get it off of my mind. “Phoenix?!” I hear Michael call to me from Levi’s room.
“Yeah!?” I call back wondering what he wants and why he would disturb me in the kitchen while I was taking out his favorite food. Sushi.
“Where’s Levi?” He asked when he enters the kitchen. I stare at him confused.
“He was in his room playing with his dinosaurs.” I dropped the plastic tray down onto the counter that contained the sushi and fast walk to Levi’s room only to find it empty. A wave of worry and fear washed over me quickly. “Levi?” I call out and looked around the room for any clues to where he might be. Then I hear a giggle come from the closet. I grin. He’s playing hide and seek. “Come out, come out wherever you are.” I called playfully. I creep to the closet and tear open the door. There I spot Levi sitting on his toy chest smiling up at me. “I found you!” I scooped him up and swung him around. Relief swept through out my body and I could see Michael grinning at the scene he was seeing.
I stopped and held Levi on my hip. “Are you ready for dinner?” I asked him and he nodded eagerly. “Let’s go.” I put him down and he slowly walked to Michael before losing his balance and falling onto Michael’s legs. I giggled and Michael helped him get to the table and into his high chair. I finished the plates and made my way to the table to enjoy our family dinner.


“Mommy!” I heard a small squeaky voice come from the front door. I looked up from my book and from where I sat on the couch draped with a blanket I could see Levi running as fast as his little legs would allow him to towards me. A smile plastered on his face. His straight light brown hair flopping in his eyes. It made my heart soar when he looked so happy.
“Hey, buddy!” I placed my book aside and lifted him onto my lap when he reached me. I looked at his hands and saw something clutched in them tightly. “What ya got there?” I smiled and looked at his beautiful hazel eyes.
“Car!” He squeaked as he held up a control. A black box with an antenna and little knobs. I looked at Michael.
“It’s a remote control car.” He smiled as I heard a zip coming towards me. Then something hit my foot and I jumped. I looked down over my lap and saw a small shiny black car. It backed up and ran into my foot again.
“What the fuck is that?” I looked at Michael with wide eyes. “It’s possessed.” I looked back at the car that was still ramming away at my feet.
“It’s a remote control car.” Michael repeated. I looked at him confused. I’ve never heard of this before. “You don’t know what a remote control car is?” Michael smiled wildly with disbelief as he took a seat next to Levi and I on the couch. I shook my head with embarrassment. “Are you serious?” Michael laughed.
“Shut up, Michael!” I smacked him on his arm and he stopped.
“Can I see that car, buddy?” Michael pointed to Levi’s black box in his hands.
“Yeah!” Levi squealed and threw his arms up in the air and handed his dad the box. Michael went into detail about the car and the remote control how it controls the car and stuff like that.
“So, this is suppose to be a toy?” I asked looking at Michael. He nodded and I nodded back. “So, what are we gonna do today?” I asked. It was rather boring here, and I wanted to get out of the house.
“I don’t know. What do you want to do?” Michael shrugged and asked. I wondered around in my head for an answer when Levi spoke up for the both of us.
“Ice cream!” He squeaked. I smiled and we headed out the door to get some delicious ice cream.
We all walked side by side, me holding onto Levi’s small hand while his other pulled his medium ice cream cone of mint chocolate to his tongue to lick very hungrily. I smiled down at him while it swirled my tongue on the tip of my swirled vanilla and chocolate ice cream and smiled. I licked my lips for leftover ice cream and then looked back up from Levi. We walked for a few more minutes till we had no more ice cream left to fill our tummies we stopped into a local bookstore. And automatically Michael led Levi straight for the comics. I rolled my eyes and shook my head with a playful smile and be lined it for the mystery and suspense books. Hunter Morgan or Stephen King would do for now. Some Poe is always great. But I wanted to pick up some children’s books for Levi. I always have to tell him some kind of story before bed, and I’m rapidly running out. Maybe some Mother Goose Rhymes will do for now. I just needed some adventurous book for him. He loved cars, and dinosaurs. Anything a three year old little boy would.
I slowly looked through the aisles and picked out some Magic School Bus picture books, some cool coloring books and some kid Compact Discs. Then I picked up a Hunter Morgan book and headed to the comic books to look for Michael and Levi. They were found each scanning the pages of Watchmen. Even though Levi couldn’t read yet, he still looked at the colorful pictures and tried to figure out was going on. I smiled and walked over to them and cleared my throat. Neither of them looked up from the pages so I frowned and said, “C’mon, boys. Let’s go.” They both looked up and placed the books back on the racks. They both sighed at the same time and I just smiled at them. “Go ahead.” I rolled my eyes as they picked the previous comics up and we headed to the register to pay and leave.
Once we got home the boys sat on the couch and indulged themselves into the world of Watchmen. I threw my books on the bed and started to make dinner for all. Grilled cheeze and tomato soup. While I was stirring the soup I heard the titter tatter of small feet coming towards me. “Mommy!” A small high pitched voice shrilled. I looked back and down to the ground to see Levi looking up at me with his great hazel eyes sparkling with excitement. “Ee! Ee!” He sounded shoving the book in the air with the open pages facing me to see.
I squatted down to his level and took the book he was outstretching to me freely. “Yeah! It’s Watchmen.” I turned to book over in his hands to face him and pointed to a picture.
“Yeah! That’s a superhero like Superman and Flash. Aqua Man and Wolverine.” I explained. “Why don’t you join your daddy and I’ll call you for dinner?” I suggested and turned him and walked him to Michael. “Here. Dinners almost ready.” He just nodded and I sat Levi on the couch next to him.
I returned to the kitchen and then heard Levi follow me again. I looked back and he looked at me too. “Help, Mommy.” I smiled. I assumed he wanted to help me with dinner. “Help you for food.” He pointed to the stove behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and thought of a job he could do.
“You can set the table.” I gave the plates and silverware and led him to the dining table that was bare except for a white table cloth atop the oak wood. “Put a plate here.” I gave him directions and helped him set the table. Just then the soup was done along with the sandwiches. “Michael, dinner is done.” I called and heard soft footsteps coming to the table. I smiled and he beamed back.
After dinner we all watched Monsters Inc. and another Star Wars episode before Levi fell asleep on my lap. “I think we should call it a night.” I suggested with a small yawn.
“Yeah, all this Star Wars is making me sleepy.” Michael got up stretched. I giggled and Levi stirred. “C’mon, buddy. Tomorrow is another day.” Michael lifted Levi over his shoulder and carried him to his bed. I just got up and quickly cleaned up the kitchen real quick before jumping in the shower and got out dressing into some black shot shorts and a red tank top. Hopping into bed I immediately shut my eyes and started to drift when I felt someone was watching me. I opened my eyes but Michael was already in bed beside me. Weird, I hadn’t felt him slip in. I looked around at the lit room. I still felt that someone else was with us. I slowly got up being careful not to wake Michael in doing so. I looked back at his still sleeping form and then cautiously walked to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. Reaching for a glass up in cabinet I heard something out in the living room. I closed the cabinet silently and placed the glass on the counter looking toward the dark room where the sound flowed into the kitchen.
Then there was heavy breathing I could hear in the darkness. It’s so good to see you, Phoenix. I could hear a hoarse echo in my head.
What the fuck do you want, Angel? I asked.
“You should know, Phoenix. You love it dearly and grow worried about the future of it’s mixed soul.” Angel said in the darkness.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I didn’t. Why was he here?
“You mean, Michael didn’t tell you?” He mocked.
“Tell me what?” I asked through anger. Michael tells me everything. At least, I assume he does. When Angel didn’t answer I grew impatient. “Tell me what?” I gritted my teeth.
“Your precious Levi is to take the throne of our world.” I saw the glow of his yellow eyes in the darkness. “Well, my world. Not so much yours anymore.” I could feel him smirk.
“You’re fucking lying. Michael would have told me.” My night vision started to act up and I saw Angel standing a few yards before me.
“Would he?” Angel was pissing me off.
“Dude, just leave. I don’t need you hear to tell me what I know isn’t true.” I turned to walk back to my warm bed to join my love, but I felt a tight hand grip my shoulder.
“Give me the boy.” He demanded. I shook off his hand and looked back over my shoulder at him.
“No.” I glared at him.
“You’re making a terrible mistake, Phoenix.” He said. “It could cost you all of your lives.”
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