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I really hate Pete. And yes, I have to say it again.

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‘Well, well, well. Never thought I’d see you here, Iero.’ He teased.
‘Last time I checked. This place was for cool people, and their family.’

‘Cork it Wentz!’ E-Jays voice echoed down the street. When I looked, she was sitting on the window sill with Mikey by her side. If I hadn’t known better, I’d say they were dating. Mikey already had a crush that he was pursuing.

‘What you gonna do if I don’t? Hit me? HA! Not even Iero can do that. How’s ya face?’ He asked me.

‘Better than yours.’ I growled. Gerard stepped to my side, grinning.

‘Looks like someone finally hit the gay fuck. Who was it? I wanna give him a medal.’ Pete cackled, referring to Gerard’s black eye.

‘How’s your girlfriend, Pete? Still cock blocking you?’ Gerard said back, grinning still. I giggled and turned towards the house.

‘Don’t walk away from me!’ Pete yelled. I felt his hand on my shoulder, I tried to pull away but he spun me round and decked me. Blood poured from my nose, drenching my white shirt.
I heard another yelp of pain, all I saw was Gerard standing over Pete’s unconscious form. He quickly turned to me and sunk to his knees.

‘You okay, Frankie?’ Gerard asked, taking my hand to help me up. I kept pinching my nose while I looked at Pete laid out on the grass.

‘Better than him.’ I glanced up and smiled at him.
‘You didn’t have to stand up for me.’

‘Yes I did. I don’t like it when some arrogant prick knocks my friends down. Let’s get you cleaned up.’ Gerard took me into the bathroom and sat my on the counter. He stood between my spread legs, wiping the dry blood away. My nose had stopped bleeding.
‘He got you good.’ Gerard giggled.

‘Glad you find it funny.’ I snapped.

‘Sorry. It just looked funny, is all.’

‘Why is he here anyway?’ I whined, tilting my head back so he could clean under my chin.

‘He’s Ray’s step-brother. Wherever Ray goes, Pete goes. It’s a pain in the arse.’ He continued to dab at my face gently.
‘He won’t touch you again. But on the odd chance he does, tell me.’ He said, tilting my head forward and smiled.
A sudden bass burst made me jump. I could distinctly hear Love Shack pounding. Gerard rolled his eyes.
‘Not again.’ He groaned.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘E-Jays got the music going again. She’s obsessed with this song.’
He ran a warm face washer over my face once more and tossed it in the bath. He grabbed my waist and lifted me off the bench. My heart stopped from the small, simple contact.
I followed him from the bathroom, back to the lounge room. Everyone had scattered around the room, dancing.

‘Come on, Gee!’ Mikey called over the music. Gerard pulled me by the hand into the mini mosh pit that everyone had decided to make. Gerard and I danced together, grinding up against each other. Mikey was doing something similar with E-Jay so he wasn't too fused.
E-Jays voice could be heard over the sound system, which I found amazing since the music was shaking the house.

‘Nic's coming over!’ I heard her yell towards Gerard. He just nodded. At least 5 minutes later, a very pretty girl walked through the door and joined us. She was tall, like everyone else, long blue hair and a sweet smile.
Gerard grabbed my hand and pulled me to the couch. I didn’t understand why until the music changed and E-Jay and the new girl had taken the lounge room as their stage. E-Jay was taller, though the new girl wore high heel boots.
I was shocked when Fighter started and E-Jay and the new girl started to dance. My jaw dropped. I had pictured E-Jay as a punk girl who wouldn’t dance for all the money in the world. I was wrong.

‘Where’s Pete?’ I whispered in Gerard's ear after everyone had joined the mini mosh again. He pulled the curtain back, Pete was still on the lawn. The music was turned down a fair bit, but everyone was still going mental.

‘Ray!’ Gerard yelled. The man with the fro came and sat next to me.
‘Get your brother off the lawn, I’m not going to jail for him.’
I heard Ray whisper something across the lines of ‘He’s not my brother.’ I continued to watch as Ray picked Pete up and drape him over his shoulder. The 2 came back inside. Ray laid Pete on the floor, obviously he didn’t like Pete much. Not that anyone did. He only had friends because everyone was afraid he’d hurt them.
I watched as Pete began to stir. I knew I was safe but I curled up against Gerard's side, just in case. He sat up and his eyes zeroed in on me.

‘You’re dead, Iero!’ He yelled, pointing at me.

‘Ger over yourself, Wentz. Your short man’s syndrome is really pissing me off.’ Gerard snapped, wrapping his arm around my cowering figure. Pete just stopped, looking between me and Gerard then decided against it. He ran out of the house, E-Jay following him and throwing marshmallows at him. I knew I was in for it at school.

‘Why is he scared of you?’ I asked, truly confused. Gerard seemed like a non-violent guy.

‘Other then the age difference, he tried to bash Mikey last year. Poor kids afraid of flag poles now.’ He winked and kissed my forehead. I didn’t attempt to move, I was safe but I was comfortable. I fit perfectly in his side. Gerard didn’t try to move me either, he seemed as comfortable as me.
I giggled in my head. I could just imagine Pete as a human flag. Then it got me wondering what he had done to Mikey. It had to be more than just picking on him. Mikey got picked on everyday for his glasses yet I hadn’t seen Gerard do anything to them.

‘Hey Frank, wanna go play the Xbox?’ Mikey asked when the music had been turned off. I gave him a smile and unwrapped myself from Gerard. He frowned again but let me go.
Mikey chose Halo, which I didn’t think I’d suck at too badd. Again, I was wrong. I couldn’t get off that damn plane without dying! Mikey did help a lot, as in he got me off the plane, into a car where I couldn’t die. I managed to die by rolling the car…. 5 times.
‘You really suck!’ Mikey laughed when I died for the 20th time.

‘I like dying so bite me!’ I stuck my tongue out at him.
I gave it one more shot and gave up when I died. Mikey nearly pissed himself laughing. I found nothing humorous about dying from a falling tree.
I left Mikey while he tried to gain composure. I walked down the hall, walking passed Gerard’s door. I heard a faint noise. I pressed my ear against the wood, trying to hear more. I heard sobbing, quiet sobbing. I slowly opened the door, peering down the steps. Gerard’s door was open a tiny bit. I walked down the stairs, taking them one at a time. Being quiet wasn't my strong suit but I made it to the door with minimal noise. I pushed the door open, luckily it didn’t squeak. Gerard sat on his bed, knees to his chest, and face in his hands. I walked towards him, kneeling down. He hadn’t noticed me yet so I tried not to scare him.
‘Gerard?’ I asked quietly. His head shot up, tear stains tainting his face. I reached forward and ran my finger underneath his eyes, wiping the tears away.
‘Are you okay?’ I asked.

‘I-I’m fine.’ He muttered, digging his palms into his eyes.

‘You’re not fine. I’m here if you wanna talk.’ I said, brushing the hair from his face. He looked up at me with sad eyes. My heart sunk, making me slap myself again.

‘It’s nothing…. Just stupid things.’ He whispered, looking away from me. I sighed and slid between his legs. I sat with my back against his bent leg and I hugged him. His head leant on top of mine again.

‘You can tell me if something’s wrong. I may be somewhat of a stranger but you can still tell me.’ I whispered. He nuzzled against me, his arms tight around my stomach.

‘As much as I’d love to spill everything, some things need to simmer a little longer. Thank you for being here, Frankie.’ He whispered back, kissing the top of my head. I was beginning to love the fact he was gay. I’d always get kisses.

I'm really loving Creed right now :)
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