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Meet The Creeper

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Drains again :)

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I sat with Gerard for a while, rubbing his back as he slowly calmed down. He began rocking us back and forth, giggling every now and then. I took it as a good sign.

‘Okay, I’m better now. Thank you Frankie.’ He said, squeezing me then standing up, pulling me with him. He took my hand and pulled me up the stairs. I noticed a chain on his wrist. I pulled myself closer to him so I could look. It was an ID bracelet. The inscription was 2 letters. B~M. I put that to the back of my mind and kept following. He let go of my hand at the lounge room door. I stood where he left me, watching as he walked through the kitchen door. His arse swayed and the jeans shaped him perfectly.

What the fuck are you talking about?!” My inner self screamed.


You’re not gay so stop thinking about him!

“How would you know if I was gay or not?”

Coz I am you! Fuck head!

“Fuck you!”

‘Earth to Frank….’ A voice called. I snapped my eyes open, unaware of how they even closed.

‘Huh, sorry. What?’

‘What are you doing?’ Mikey asked.

‘Having an internal battle.’ He looked at me as if I was crazy.

‘Umm.. Okay. Well. We’re going for pizza, coming or waiting?’

‘Coming.’ I nodded.

So you can perv on Gerard. And you know you just said cumming?

“That makes no sense!”

Instead of the ‘o’ repla – you know what? You’re stupid!

“Shut up!”

‘Well, Ray’s friend, Matt is tagging along.’ Mikey informed me. Gerard came out of the kitchen with a smile and new eyeliner applied.

‘Come on, we’ll wait out the front.’ He said, opening the front door. We only waited 5 minutes till everyone showed up. I hadn’t even heard them leave.
The pizza parlor, known as Immy Rock, was a five minute walk away so we ditched the cars. We walked in a line down the empty street. Everyone was having their own conversation except me. I was in my own world, dreaming as the rest chatted. The sun was beginning to set so, when I looked up at Gerard, his skin seemed to glow with a pinky tinge. He was laughing along with Ray. Mikey was chatting along with E-Jay, the guy I didn’t get a name for and the guy I presumed to be Matt. The blue haired girl stood between Ray and Mikey so she contributed to both conversations.
Gerard stopped walking. I took his lead and stopped as well. Everyone else took moment or 2 to realize that half the group was missing.

‘What's going on?’ Ray asked. Gerard just kept his eyes on something in the distance. I couldn’t see anything, and by the looks on everyone else’s faces, they couldn’t either.
‘Gee?’ Ray tried again.

‘Everyone go in pairs. Girls, take a guy in case, split up and meet at The Heart. I forgot what tonight was.’ Gerard grabbed my hand and pulled me off down one of the many side streets. I looked back to see who was with who: E-Jay and Mikey, Bob and Nic, Ray and Matt.

‘What's going on?’ I repeated Ray’s earlier question. We kept a steady pace down the side street till it met with another. Gerard stopped at the corner and turned to me with an unreadable expression.

‘I am so sorry! I should have remembered. Not only is it their annual feast, its Sunday night, holy fu-‘

‘Gerard! Remember I have no idea what you’re talking about.’ I said, cutting him off.

‘Right, sorry. The Belleville Mafia, as they like to call themselves, are having a special feast tonight. It’s also their anniversary so anyone caught out is as good as dead. They’ve already spotted us so we have to get indoors real quick.’
I let Gerard take my hand again. I didn’t know these things, so I was glad I had Gerard and Mikey. If I didn’t know them, I could have been on the streets that night and ended up dead in a ditch somewhere. We didn’t run, whether it be because he didn’t want unwanted attention or he just didn’t want to run, I didn’t know.
We continued to walk till we got to a dead end. I thought Gerard had made a mistake but his hands suddenly around my waist made me think not. He lifted me over the fence and jumped over himself. We were standing on the bank of a drain, it was at least a 20ft drop to reach the actual drain. I backed up against the railing, trying not to look down. My heart rate accelerated, beating hard against my chest.
‘What's the matter, Frankie?’ Gerard asked urgently, he was trying to be kind in a very stressful situation.

‘I-I’m afraid of h-heights.’ I stuttered. Gerard reached for my hand. He rubbed circles on the back of my hand with his thumb, trying to keep me calm.

‘I won’t let you fall. I promise.’ I don’t know why, but I trusted him with my entire being. He led me down a narrow path that lead to the bottom of the drain. I didn’t let go of his hand, even when we reached the bottom. We stood for a moment as Gerard looked at the drain pipes. I prayed that we didn’t have to go in one. I had nothing against the dark but the spiders I couldn’t deal with.
‘This one.’ He muttered to himself. He pulled me to the largest tunnel in the drain, it was big enough for Gerard to stand in. Without a word, I followed him into the tunnel. It was dark and smelt like shit. I didn’t know how Gerard had any clue of where he was going, it was too dark to see Gerard, who was right next to me, still holding my hand.
We suddenly stopped. A bunch of footsteps could be heard echoing down the surrounding tunnels. I could feel myself shaking. Gerard put his arm around me and pulled me to his side. He just stood there as the footsteps got closer and closer. I didn’t want to speak in case I gave our position away.
The footsteps stopped and so did heart. I felt Gerard tense at my side, his arm tight around my waist.

I'll take longer to update now. I have people over that wont leave. xxx
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