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When You Look Me In The Eyes

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People are gone :)

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‘I swear to god, if that isn’t you guys, I’m gonna piss myself.’ Gerard's voice echoed around the stone tunnels.

‘That’d be funny.’ I recognized Mikey’s voice. I sighed in relief as Gerard relaxed.

‘Roll call.’ Gerard said.
Everyone called out their names, it was hard to tell where the voices were coming from since it all echoed.

‘Please say Bob and Nic are here.’ I heard Ray say. As the echo faded, it became deathly quiet. My heart sank. I knew I couldn’t have done anything about it but maybe if I hadn’t had come, Gerard would have tried to convince me to come, giving him enough time to remember what day it was. Or he might have even stayed back with me.

‘We’ll find them.’ I whispered, needing no more volume thanks to the echoes. Although I couldn’t see, I knew all eyes were on me, or near me at least.
‘We can’t leave then out there’

‘I agree but you, Mikey and E-Jay are going home.’ Gerard gripped my waist a little tighter as he said this.

‘Bullshit I am!’ E-Jay yelled. I cringed back, it hurt my ears slightly.

‘What if they get hold of you? You can’t fight them off.’ Ray intervened.

‘That’s where you’re wrong. They’ve got my best friend and I’m not going anywhere till I know she’s safe and with me!’

‘I don’t think we should split up again.’ I whispered, mostly to myself.

‘Why?’ Ray snapped at me. I hated being yelled at.

‘Ray, be nice! He’s trying to help, unlike you!’ Gerard snapped back, defending me.
‘What were you saying, hon?’

‘I don’t think we should split up again. It’d be more logical to go as a group, they can’t exactly take us all if we’re together.’ I whispered again. I didn’t want to be yelled at if I was wrong.

‘That’s actually a good idea.’ Mikey said.

‘No, I’m not letting you 2 go out there! If I lose one of you, I’ll have some angry mother on my arse and a death on my conscious. It’s not gonna happen!’ Gerard yelled, squeezing my waist a little too tight.
Everyone started to argue their points. I don’t know how but I could hear a distant voice screaming. I tried to listen but everyone’s screaming over powered it. My ears hurt from everyone’s yelling, making them ring.

‘SHUT THE FUCK UP!’ I screamed. I waited till it was quiet again till I spoke.
‘Can anyone else hear that?’ I asked, a little pissed off. The voice got a little louder at some parts.

‘How the fuck could you hear that?’ Ray asked.

‘I don’t know. I just did.’ I snapped, a little payback never hurt anybody. I felt Gerard move so he was somewhat crouched in front of me.

‘Jump on, Frankie.’ He said. I jumped on his back quickly. We headed off towards the voice, hoping it was Bob or Nic. My guess was Nic. The voice was more soprano.
Every now and then we’d turn. Once or twice we had to turn around completely. We came to a T-intersection, whoever was in the lead wasn't listening well enough because they went the wrong way.

‘Opposite direction.’ I called to the front.
‘What are you talking about?’ Mikey said.
‘It's coming from this way.’ I listened again. There were 2 voices. One closer than the other.

‘I think we can split up now. 3 one way, 3 the other.’ I said, listening still.

‘Make up your fucking mind!’ Ray snapped at me again.
After a few minute of deliberation, Matt came with us. We took off in the general direction of the first voice. It started to get colder as we went along so I tightened my grip around Gerard neck and buried my face between his neck and shoulder.
Matt sparked his lighter, giving us some vision. The orange glow reflected off the water beneath our feet, giving the whole tunnel an orange tint.

‘Good idea.’ Gerard complimented. It really did help, it made turning corners that much easier.
I closed my eyes and listened. We were getting closer yet we came to a brick wall. It didn’t belong though. They were bricks, for one, and they were relatively new.

‘I swear it was coming from this way.’ Matt complained. They started to turn back when I saw an opening in the wall. I slid off Gerard's back with no warning. I crouched down by the wall. There was a small handle that had been bashed into the wall. It was bronze so it blended into the wall well.

‘Frankie, come on. We have to go back.’ Gerard said. I pulled at the handle. A portion of the wall came with it, revealing a small tunnel. It looked big enough for me to get through with ease. When I had pulled the wall, the voice got louder.
‘Don’t even think about it.’ Gerard warned me. I gave him an apologetic smile and crawled through before he could grab me.
‘Frankie! Get back here! Frank!’

‘Stop yelling! Its giving me a headache!’ I yelled back. I heard Matt laugh then something that sounded like a hit. Matt groaned and mumbled something I couldn’t hear.

‘Then get your tiny arse back here!’ I ignored him. I could see an opening ahead. There was no cover, thank god. I poked my head through the hole, trying to see how far it was down. It didn’t look like much of a jump, just a few feet. I turned in the tunnel so my feet were at the opening. I slid till my stomach was against the edge then jumped. I was wrong. It was pretty far. I fell backwards and whacked my head on the stone. After getting over the shock, I stood up and looked around the room. There were boxes, crates and large tubes scattered around the room. The crates were huge. Like the ones that were used to ecport cars. Behind a large stack of wooden boxes was a cage, containing the girl everyone was calling Nic. She looked up at me, her eyes swollen and red.

‘Oh thank god! Can you get me out?’ She asked, pointing towards a very outdated padlock. It was bigger than my hand, rusted and chipped.

‘That’s what I’m here for.’ I smiled. Looking around, I saw a key hanging above a desk. I stood on the desk, reaching for the key. I was just tall enough to get it. The key was large and rusted, like the lock. I ran back to Nic, smiling. I slid the key in the lock and turned it. The lock made a popping noise and unlatched. Nic hugged me before asking the question I had been thinking.

‘How are we getting out?’

‘How’d you get in?’ I asked. There was no way she could fit through the hole. Her tits were too big, not that I was looking. Totally not looking… Yeah.

‘A door but I don’t remember where it is. And it comes from the drains.’ She said, looking around the room as well.

‘Well look. Quickly though. I’m not getting thrown in a cage.’
While we moved the boxes, a thought occurred to me. We were under ground. There was no way those boxes’ being stacked like stairs could be a coincidence.
‘Look up. We’re under the drains now, if that door leads directly to the drains, then we have to get on the same level.’
It took 10 minutes to find the door. It was kinda small but I had nothing to complain about. I opened the door slowly, making sure it wasn't a trap.

‘Hey!’ a voice called from behind us. I spun to see 2 men dressed in black suits standing beside a box with a door inside. I pushed Nic through the door and ran. I figured there were enough hiding places in that room for me to make it out. The men didn’t move at all. I hoped that Nic made it out okay, or I would have done this for nothing.

‘I hate when they run!’ One of them complained.

‘Well, keep the door lock numb nuts!’ the other yelled.
While they argued, I peeked around the corner of a crate I was hiding behind. The hole was still open and within running distance but the men stood near it.

“Fuck it!” I thought to myself.

Get us killed, Iero and I swear, I’ll kick your arse!

“It's your arse too!”
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