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We Are Golden

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I tippy toed across the floor, peeking behind me. The men had their backs to me, luckily. I walked slowly across the floor, avoiding broken glass I hadn’t seen before. I stood underneath my escape, thinking quickly. I was too short to climb. I took a deep breath and slid a small wooden box underneath it. It didn’t make a noise, luckily. I stood on the box and jumped into the hole. As my weight left the surface, the box creaked. I didn’t want to know if they heard me or not, I just scrambled along quickly.
I stood up quickly when I got out, brushing myself off as Gerard pulled me into a tight hug.

‘You’re a fucking idiot!’ he growled in my ear, loosening up a bit but not letting me go. His face was pressed against my neck, making my heart beat faster.

‘I found Nic, didn’t I?’

‘We could have found her another way. You didn’t have to risk your life.’ He muttered, squeezing me then putting me on the ground again. He smiled slightly, taking my hand again.

‘Where’s Matt?’ I asked, looking around for Ray’s friend.

‘He went to help Ray find Bob.’ I nodded slowly, feel fatigue kick in. I guess the shock was finally kicking in. My eyelids drooped, my feel scuffling along the floor.

‘Come here.’ Gerard said, swinging me up into his arms. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, resting my head against his shoulder again. His hand made circles on my back, soothing me. I loved being close to Gerard, feeling his body against mine.

You’re a fucking idiot! You are NOT gay. You ARE straight!

I mentally flipped myself off, most likely getting one back. I didn’t care, I was too tired to even argue with myself. Gerard walked around the tunnels with confidence. How he found his way out, I don’t know. We met everyone at Gerard's house, seeing as Immy Rock was too far away. They managed to find Bob with ease. He had found them to be honest.

‘Finally!’ Mikey yelled as we walked through the door. I was still clinging to Gerard, half asleep. I opened my eyes enough to see Bob laid out on the couch, white as a ghost.

‘What happened?’ Gerard demanded, setting me down in an armchair. I curled up with my head resting on the arm-rest. I didn’t know why I was tired, I’d spent at least an hour or 2 on Gerard's back.

‘When we found him, he collapsed. There’s no wounds, grazes or any penetration points so there can’t be any drugs in his system.’ Ray informed us. This seemed oddly familiar, not that I’d ever seen anything like this before. It might have been on TV or something. It was a documentary on mystery drugs and how to hide them. I could remember a few: in through the skin, like rubbing the substance over your skin. With powder and small pills, put thin in your tear ducts. And inhaling it.

That’s the answer you fucking idiot!

“Oh don’t start with me! Im about to pass out for fuck sake!”

I tugged on Gerard's arm, too lazy to stand up or speak more the necessary. He looked down on me, a worried expression on his face. I motioned him to come closer with one finger.

‘Check his throat.’ I whispered. Gerard looked at me funny so I rolled my eyes.
‘If he went through the steam pipes, he could have picked up something there.’

‘We owe you big time!’ Gerard whispered in my ear before kissing my cheek. I smiled and shifted a little. I drifted to sleep with the sounds of Gerard and Mikey arguing. Such a soothing sleep song…. NOT!

I woke in a good mood, which was weird since I wasn't a morning person. I stretched out, wondering why I hadn’t fallen. I was certain I had fallen asleep on the arm chair. I lifted my head a little. Again, I was in Gerard's room. Unlike the past 2 nights, I was alone. I noticed that I was in a pair of pajama pants and they looked like Gerard's. They were quiet comfortable, I could see why he was so fond of the girly pants. I got out of bed slowly, careful in case someone was asleep upstairs. I checked all the rooms, including Mrs. Ways.
Mikey was the only person in the house. He was passed out on his bed. I decided I’d go to the bathroom then try to sleep a little longer.
I stepped out of the bathroom, yawning, when I heard the front door open. I peeked around the corner in case it was robbers or something. I sighed in relief as a very tired looking Gerard walked through the front door, followed by Matt.

‘Sleep well?’ Gerard asked me. I nodded, trying not to rub it in too much. He had large, dark shadows under his gorgeous eyes.

‘I think you should sleep.’ I stated, tilting my head to the side to get a better look at his tired face.

‘Nah, I’ll be fine.’ He tried to walk past me but I blocked him.

‘Bed. Now.’ I pointed towards the stairs. Gerard groaned and marched, literally, to the stairs. I followed him to make sure he did go to bed. I even tucked him in and kissed his forehead.

‘Thank you, mummy.’ He whispered. I giggled and left the room. Matt was asleep on the couch so I couldn’t turn the TV on. I was at a loss of what to do. I decided to make some coffee, just to kill some time.
I was nearly finished my coffee when Mikey emerged from his room. I stifled a laugh as he walked to the kettle. His hair stuck in every direction and, with his glasses, he reminded me of a clown.

‘What are you staring at?’ He asked. Dammit!

‘Oh, nothing.’ I said, trying to sound innocent. Which NEVER works. He glared at me before taking a seat. I watched him a he sniffed his coffee. I burst out laughing, falling to the ground with a THUMP!

‘What did you do to it?’ Mikey asked as I got to my feet. He sniffed it again, swirling the brown liquid around the cup.

‘Nothing. You haven’t looked in the mirror today have you?’ He looked at me like I was an idiot and got up from the table. He walked to the lounge room, looking in the mirror that hung next to the bookcase. I was surprised when he started laughing. At school, Mikey had to check has hair every 20 seconds in case there was a stray hair or something. Maybe it was just at school he had to look perfect. He did look pretty hot with his hair like that.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON?!?! He is your best friend.. Our best friend!”

“I said he looked pretty hot, not that I would date him! Fuck! Would you mind your own business?”

“I am your business so shut it! Go hit on Gerard and leave Mikey alone!”

“Fine, I will!”
With a lame excuse, I headed towards Gerard's room. I knew he’d be asleep but I had to shut myself up before I murdered me. I opened the door quietly and poked my head through. Gerard was on his back, arms behind his head, staring at the ceiling. He didn’t seem to notice my presence so I tippy toed over to him and climbed in the bed, sliding under the blanket with him. I laid on my side so I could look at him.

‘You’re meant to be sleeping.’ I whispered. He turned his head to face me.

‘I can’t sleep.’ He stated. I couldn’t help but to feel sad for him. He looked so tired.

Maybe you should sing him a lullaby.

“Why don’t you? You seem to control everything I do.”

Would you shut the fuck up and say something to him! You’re just staring now.

‘You okay?’ Gerard asked me, he sounded annoyed so that couldn’t have been the first time he’d asked that question.

‘Sorry. Yeah, im fine.’ I tried to smile.

‘You sure? You seem a little spacey today.’ I just nodded. I mentally slapped myself and the voice in my head. They all probably thought I was a freak. Yeah, I talked to myself when I needed to. He rolled to his side and rested his head against my shoulder, snuggling against my neck. His arms wrapped around my waist, keeping my pined to him.
His breathing got heavier and I smiled. He’d fallen asleep. I didn’t sleep, I just lay there with him. Even if I could, I wouldn’t have moved.
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