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No Ordinary Mystery

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When a killer starts to kill the most popular people in school, Jamie thinks this is no ordinary mystery, until she finds out what she is up against! Please R/R!

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No Ordinary Mystery
By lilyqueen777

Chapter 1: Shocking News

Jamie Brown was like no other ordinary girl. She was a girl who likes to write stories and wrote under a different name. Her pen name was quite simple. Jane Elise Bobbins and was considered at the all-time as the next to Mary Higgins Clark. She was quite an extraordinary writer but in school she was considered a loner. She had only a few friends and most of the popular kids in her high school loved picking on her! The popular kids loved picking on her because she was so sensitive. All well, she thought.
Somehow Jamie thought that it would be an ordinary day for her. Instead she would find out that today was a different day for her, because Sarah Mary, the most popular school-girl would never be murdered. Only that she would have been found after homeroom in the gym, being hanged and strangled also.
Sarah Mary was last seen alive at 8:30 talking with her friends in the bathroom during homeroom period. She never really attended homeroom, she will enter the room and to be checked off during the attendance roll out and then she would go to the bathroom to talk with her friends. At 9:03 AM, Jane Summers, a friend of Sarah, found Sarah in the gym. She had screamed and then fainted because of the sick scene.
To Jamie, something seemed odd, the fact is that the first period would usually started at 9 o'clock and no one was in the gym but Jane three minutes after gym class should have started. So as a detective that she would usually be she began talking to Jane.
"Hello Jane, could you exactly tell me when was the last time you saw Sarah alive?" asked Jamie
"At 8:30 this morning, she said she had to meet someone here and she wanted to be alone, so I thought she was going to see Eugene, her boyfriend at the gym. Mandy and I decided to tell everyone not to go to the gym because Sarah needed to decorate the gym for the party. So I decided to come here to tell her that she would be late for class, she usually wanted me to that when she was alone with her boyfriend. " Said Jane between her tears. "Did Sarah have any known enemies?" Asked Jamie.
"Yes, Eugene and Sarah had a fight last week about something, I am not really so sure about that and maybe some geeks or dorks, I am not really so sure about that." said Jane. Jamie looked around to see the body and see Sarah's hand cupped up as if she had some paper in her hand.
"This is the last question, I promise, OK! Did Sarah leave with any paper?" Asked Jamie
"No, she didn't have anything in her pockets except her lip-gloss and some money, of course" answered Jane.
Jamie scrawled her lips, thinking how Jane acted so stupid and how she sounds so much a valley girl. But what Jamie thought was weird was the fact that everyone gave Sarah her privacy even though no one knew who she was talking to or why.
Jamie wanted to go and take the piece of paper but the police came and she thought she will get them later.

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