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The Worst Day of Her Life

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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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Hogwarts Exposed Too Exposed - A Slytherin Among Us Chapter Sixteen

The Worst Day of Her Life

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Please be aware that this chapter contains material that some readers will find both shocking and offensive. I am an author who enjoys keeping my reader's in suspense and so, not surprisingly; there is a cliffhanger at the end of this chapter. The problem with cliffhangers is that they are intended to mislead you. Sometimes when you are misled, you also become upset, especially if you are fond of the characters. For that reason it might be best for some readers to wait until they have chapter 17 before reading chapter16. Please stick with the story, bad things happen to good people in stories to help character development and to teach lessons to characters that they otherwise would not have learned.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

"Amanda, will you be all right? You know, ready, when the time comes?" Tony asked, apprehensively.

"Yeah!" Amanda answered, trying not to show the fear that was swelled up inside her. "I better get back to the Gryffindor Tower." She turned to leave, but then ran back to Tony and flung her arms around him.

"I love you," she said, kissing him before turning and actually leaving.

Alex watched Amanda walk away and then turned to Tony. "I guess that girl's nuts about you," he said, despondently.

"I guess," Tony answered, equally downcast.

"But you're not so nuts about her?" Alex asked, a tinge of anger in his voice.

"You know better than that," Tony answered crossly.

"Well, you certainly have a funny way of showing it," Alex said in a sickened way.

"What do you mean by that?" Tony questioned, defensively.

"Look Tony, I can stand around and be your stooge, or I can be your friend and tell you what I really think."

"You are my friend."

"Okay! If it was me, I'd give up this whole idea," Alex said without hesitation.

"But how can we?" Tony asked with desperation. "What else can we do?"

"You know what." Alex answered, feeling there was only one sensible solution.

"We've been over that. I can't," Tony virtually begged.

"You've got to. It's no good Tony. It's murder," Alex cautioned.

"Will you stop saying that!" Tony shouted, as he balled up his fists. "I've got to take care of Amanda. I don't know how to take care of a baby, too. Besides, it hasn't even got a heart or a name yet. It isn't anything yet."

"It's alive isn't it?" Alex countered. "Tony, these things are dangerous. I mean the guys that do it aren't so hot sometimes."

"I don't want to talk about it," Tony said, trying to block such thoughts from his mind. "It'll turn out all right. It's got to."

"Yeah, well say he uses the wrong spell or a dirty knife or something and Amanda got blood poisoning," Alex questioned, refusing to stop.

"SHUT UP!" Tony yelled, his fists starting to shake.

"Or he slipped up some how and killed her even," Alex added.

"Will you shut up?" Tony beseeched, swinging around and punching the wall behind Alex.

"Then what would you do?" Alex questioned. "Say you left your girlfriend to die because you were scared to tell your folks?"

"I'm not scared," Tony lied. "It's only that they trust me, like I told Amanda."

"You're kidding yourself, Tony. You're scared," Alex affirmed.

"Just come right out and tell them?" Tony hedged.

"Why not?" Alex asked. "Maybe start off by telling them how much you like Amanda and lead into the baby part sort of casually."

"Yeah! Yeah! You're right," Tony agreed. "What do I do? Just go up right now and send them an owl?"

"Either that, or better yet, talk to them," Alex said encouragingly. "I'm sure Professor Potter would allow you to use his fireplace."

Monday, November 15, 2004

"Are you allowed visitors?" Tyler asked, meekly as he stood outside the infirmary door.

Emily turned on her side and then sat up, her face suddenly displaying an ear-to-ear smile. "Technically, not for another fifteen minutes," she said, "but I'm sure Madam Pomfrey won't complain."

Tyler hesitated as the bedcovers fell to Emily's waist, first exposing her shoulders and then her small, but attention-grabbing breasts. "I'll wait here," he said turning away, "until you put on a hospital gown."

"Then you'll be waiting a long time," Emily said with a laugh. "I'm not about to put on one of those horrid things. Besides you're certainly accustomed to seeing, my breasts by now."

"But what will Madame Pomfrey say?" Tyler asked as he halfheartedly entered the room.

"She's fine that I'm a nudist and that I won't have a cow if I'm seen naked," Emily answered, happily. "I'm sure she feels it would be more proper if I covered myself, but she doesn't think of me as a tart for not doing so."

"I don't think I'll ever become completely accustomed to you," Tyler said, trying desperately to maintain eye contact and not stare at Emily's chest. "I've never met a girl like you."

"I'm just glad that you want to get to know me better," Emily said, a slight blush covering her face. "You didn't see me immediately after the accident, did you?"

"No, at first no one in the crowd had any idea what had happened. When they finally announced that you had crashed, I tried to get to you, but by the time I was out of the stands they had already put you is stasis, and your Mum was doing a cleansing charm," Tyler answered. "Soon after that, they floated you off."

"Thank god she did a cleansing charm," Emily said, relief evident in her voice.

"I imagine it was necessary before they could check you out any further," Tyler remarked. "You were somewhat coated with mud."

"I think I might have been soaked in my own pee, too," Emily said, not seeming at all embarrassed to admit this. "I had been holding it for what felt like forever, but when that Bludger hit me, I sort of lost control of my bodily functions."

"There you go again," Tyler said in disbelief. "The things you do and say are incredible. I could never admit that happening to me, especially not to a girl. Doesn't anything faze you?"

"Sure," Emily answered. "I'm embarrassed by many of the same things you are. I would have been mortified if you had seen me immediately after the accident. I understand I wasn't a very pretty sight."

"I imagine not," Tyler answered, cringing at the thought of what damage the Bludger must have done to Emily's face, "but you look beautiful now."

"Thanks to Madam Pomfrey, Professor Granger and Caitlin," Emily said in relief. "That Bludger was only hit from about twelve feet away, so it meted out a lot of damage. I'm glad they didn't take me out of stasis until they had completed fixing me up."

"How bad were you injured?" Tyler asked, seemingly genuinely concerned.

"Caitlin told me I was a bona fide disaster," Emily answered, "but that in all probability it would have been worse if the ground hadn't been as mushy as it was. In addition to a cracked shoulder blade and a broken jaw, my face was bruised and swollen, and I had five broken or missing teeth. Not exactly someone you'd look forward to escorting to the Yule Ball."

"I'm thankful they were able to mend you so fast and completely," Tyler said, wincing as he imagined the intensity of the pain Emily must have felt when the Bludger struck her. "I doubt, however, that anything could make me not want to take you to the Ball."

Emily blushed deeply. "See," she said pointing at her face, "I do get embarrassed."

Emily tried to change the topic of conversation to something other than her. "Has your brother relented at all, or does he still hate me and my sister?"

The last thing Tyler wanted to do was talk about his git of a brother. "No! If anything, you catching the Snitch and securing the Quidditch match for Slytherin made him detest you even more," Tyler answered, glumly. "He had a lot of people convinced that Slytherin wouldn't win any games at all this year because he wasn't playing as Seeker. You've certainly proved that to be bollocks."

"Is he still threatening to cause you trouble at home because of me?" Emily asked concernedly.

"No!" Tyler lied. "He's being more reasonable."

In truth, Dick was doing his best to make Tyler's life a living hell. Their father had always held a low opinion of the Zacherleys, feeling that they besmirched the name of wizard. If Dick divulged that Tyler was seeing Emily, there would be no Christmas, no new broomstick and most certainly no Yule Ball.

Dick had offered Tyler a deal for his silence, but the price was steep. Either way it seemed Tyler was destined to lose what was coming to mean more and more to him with each passing day.

"I better get going," Tyler said, disappointingly, trying to forget about his obnoxious brother. "I have your mum's class next, and you know how she is when it comes to lateness."

"Thanks for coming," Emily said as she slipped out of bed and into her slippers. "I'll walk you to the door."

Tyler wanted to say that it wasn't necessary, but the words caught in his throat when he saw all of her. She looked prettier to him every time he saw her.

Emily reached out for Tyler hand. "I should be out of here tomorrow. Madam Pomfrey wanted to be completely sure I didn't have a concussion before she released me. Mum's going to take us all for new Yule Ball robes on Saturday," she added excitedly.

"I'm kind of partial to what you have on," Tyler said frankly.

"You can't imagine how much I wish I could go like this," Emily said sincerely, as she gave Tyler a peck on the cheek. "Thanks again for stopping by."

"Thanks for being okay!"

Friday, November 19, 2004

"Sam, I do love you," Ron proclaimed. "This isn't about love; it's about.... well, it's about me being naked. I don't think I could do it."

"But last Saturday you seemed enthused at the idea of us going on a cruise with Harry and Hermione," Sam argued.

"That was before I learned it was a nudist charter," Ron answered defensively. "I'd love to go on a cruise for a week and live like a king, being waited on hand and foot - not forgetting about being able to eat twenty-four hours a day - but this king isn't about to walk around bare arsed in front of his best friends and a horde of strangers."

"But they'll all be nude, too. So will I," Sam argued.

"I know and that just makes it all the worse," Ron admitted. "I'm not sure I like the idea of hundreds of men ogling my wife. Plus, I'd feel weird about seeing and being seen naked by Harry and Hermione; they're my best friends."

"Ron, you and Harry were roommates for seven years. Are you trying to tell me that you never saw each other naked in all that time?" Sam questioned. "Didn't either of you ever change clothes or take a shower?"

"That was different," Ron disputed. "Besides, that was when we were youngsters. We're adults now."

Sam shook her head in frustration. "As for Hermione, you told me that the two of you did practically everything when you were dating short of having actual intercourse. Are you telling me now that you both kept your clothes on all the time? Hell! She flooed naked to our apartment just a few weeks ago."

"You just don't understand," Ron said. "Going without clothes is a lot easier for girls than guys."

"Ron, that's a very chauvinistic comment," Samantha said, stunned. "How exactly is it easier for a girl?"

"Well, even when you're naked, your sex organ is still hidden," Ron answered tentatively. "Guys have all their parts on the outside while yours are inside and in most cases even the entrance is hidden behind a carpet of hair. Even when you're naked, you're not really naked. The whole world, most certainly, can't tell if you're aroused."

"Ron, is that what you'll really afraid of?" Sam asked compassionately. "Some other woman getting you aroused. Things like that happen. I'm most certainly not going to leave you if some other woman causes you to get excited."

"I didn't think you would, but I'd still feel embarrassed and like I was cheating in a way," Ron said guiltily.

"Ronnie, I love you. Girls look at guys as much as guys look at girls, but just because I look at another guy and think he's handsome doesn't mean I want to crawl in bed with him or that I don't love you anymore." Sam laughed. "I won't get angry if you get an erection looking at another girl. I'll just hex off the offending member."

Ron winced in pain at the thought.

"I'm just kidding, honey. If it really bothers you, the brochure says it's not absolutely necessary to go nude," Sam said. "The organizer would prefer it, but they realize that some couples don't share a fancy for naturism. You're allowed to keep on clothes if you wish."

"I'd feel weird doing that, too," Ron admitted. "People will think I'm some sort of voyeur. Can we think about it for a while? How soon does that Michelle person have to know?

"Hermione said that to get the best rates we must book by January first." Sam said, giving Ron a hug.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

"How did the shopping go today?" Harry asked a beleaguered looking Hermione as she entered their quarters, laden with packages.

"I survived, but I'm afraid our budget took a whacking," Hermione answered as she tossed the packages on the couch and started to slip out of her clothes. "Maybe I should owl Luna and see if that offer to pose is still open."

"That bad?" Harry questioned as he started to rub Hermione's shoulders. "I'm sure many wizards would appreciate that decision, but I'm not quite certain I want to share you with the entire world."

"Oh! Please don't stop," Hermione begged, as Harry hands worked their magic on her shoulders. "That feels really good. Have you been taking lessons from Caitlin?"

"No," he answered. "Am I to gather that you are becoming accustomed to her massages?"

"It's hard not to relax," Hermione answered. "Her Hyperempathic powers make you feel like you're floating on a cloud."

"I know," Harry said with a smile. "Remember, I'm married to a Hyperempath."

"Not one nearly as powerful as her," Hermione answered almost enviously. "In time I think she might be capable of doing practically anything healing wise, short of resurrecting the dead. Our daughter will be famous."

"I hope she can deal with the changes life has in store for her," Harry said concernedly. "She looks so sweet and innocent when she scampers around here. In three years she'll receive her inheritance and be a wealthy young lady. Soon after that she'll be finishing Hogwarts and out on her own. I dread seeing her change."

"Maybe she won't," Hermione said hopefully. "As for her being sweet, none of the three were terribly sweet today."

"Did the girls give you a hard time shopping?" Harry asked, incredulously.

"I can't blame it all on them," Hermione admitted. "I loved the dresses we had last year and I was disappointed that I had to buy something more conservative because I'm pregnant."

"Not too conservative, I hope," Harry said boldly.

"Harry, can I be completely honest with you?" Hermione asked shyly. "I think the whole problem today was that none of us really felt comfortable in anything we tried on."

Harry looked at Hermione guardedly. "You and the girls aren't considering going to the Yule Ball dressed with only the concealment charm?"

"No," Hermione said disappointedly, "although we did discuss it at great lengths. The girls wouldn't be the least bit hesitant and I..." She paused briefly. "Harry, don't think dreadfully of me, but I'm beginning to despise clothing."

"I know," said Harry with a perceptive smile. "I think you've become faster at shedding your garments than the girls."

"It's not just that, but I've actually become exceedingly comfortable with being naked almost to the point that I don't care who sees me this way."

"Does that mean you will soon be entertaining our guests in the all together?"

"Maybe," Hermione answered sheepishly, "but only if it's acceptable to both our guests and you."

Friday, December 17, 2004

"Tony what happened to your finger?" Amanda asked with concern as she stared at the band-aid.

It's nothing, just an owl peck," he answered. "They're spoiled and get upset when you don't give them a treat."

"Does it hurt?" she asked worriedly. "You should have Caitlin heal it."

"Forget it, will you?" Tony responded, somewhat angrily.

Amanda gave Tony a hurt look. "I'm already late meeting the other girls in the library. I better get going," she said giving Tony a quick kiss on the cheek.

Tony and Alex stood silently watching her hurry down the long corridor and then turn out of sight.

"What are you doing, trying to make it bleed?" Alex asked as Tony prodded at the owl bite.

"She was worried about me," Tony answered guiltily. "Because I have a tiny bite on my stupid finger."

"Yeah, she's crazy about you," Alex said in frustration. "We've covered that more than a few times. Well... good night Tony; see you later."

"Wait a minute, where are you going? Stick around," Tony said, almost begged.

"Look!" Alex said angrily. "I said I'd help and I did and I'll keep on helping until this whole damn thing is over, but I want you to know something." He looked directly at Tony, a combination of sadness and disgust creeping into his eyes. "I'm sorry I got into it. This whole thing makes me sick. You make me sick."

"Alex, what's the matter?" Tony asked urgently.

"I'll tell you, what's the matter," Alex practically shouted. "This cry baby act of yours. You, pulling a band-aid off your hand, wanting me to stay with you, and right now she's less than twenty-four hours away from..." Alex couldn't finish the sentence.

"I told you my parents wouldn't listen," Tony pleaded. "All Dad did was give me a lecture on how expensive everything is and that I should get a good education before I worry about girls. And Mum, she sent me that stupid book on dating."

"You didn't give them a chance," Alex said crossly. "You said Dad, Mum, I want to talk to you. Did you ever once say, Dad I'm in trouble? I urgently need your help. Stop telling me you love her and show it."

Alex turned and walked off before Tony could respond

"Jamie, is everything all right between us?" Alex asked nervously. "You're not still angry about Amanda?"

"I'm still upset, but I was never angry with you," Jamie answered, giving Alex a smile and a gentle hug. "I just thought that Amanda and I were close, special friends. For her not to have shared her problem with me hurts."

Jamie looked tenderly at Alex. "I'm sorry," she said, sincerely. "I told you that I wouldn't make you wait a long time before we joined and here it is December. It's just that I wanted everything to be perfect and..."

"And everything has been anything but perfect since the start of school," Alex said understandingly. "First it was the custody trial, then the magazine pictures and now Amanda being pregnant. Honestly, Amanda being pregnant even gave me qualms about us having sex."

"We don't have to worry about that, but I understand how you feel." Jamie hugged Alex. "I love you. Maybe you can't plan this like a wedding or a party. Maybe you just have to let it happen," she said undecidedly. "Do you want to go to the Room of Requirements now?"

Alex kissed Jamie and returned her hug even more securely. He was ready; he'd been ready for this for what seemed like years. His body kept telling him to lift this girl into his arms and carry her off, but his principles wouldn't let him.

"We can't; not now," Alex said sorrowfully. "Neither one of us would be able to stop thinking about Amanda and what's going to happen tomorrow."

"No we wouldn't, and it would ruin everything." Jamie said honestly, looking into Alex's eyes as if begging. "I promised you that I'd stay out of this and let you try to talk some sense into them, but it hasn't worked. I have to go to Amanda, tell her that I know and somehow stop her from making a horrible mistake."

"She's going to hate us both," Alex said shaking his head, "but she has to be stopped. If you can't talk some common sense into her, we'll have to go to your parents in the morning and prevent her from keeping the appointment."

Jamie just nodded in agreement.

"I was waiting for you," Jamie said desolately, as Amanda entered their dormitory from the common room. "You've been ignoring me the last few weeks. Can we please talk?"

Amanda looked piercingly at Jamie. "He told you, didn't he?" she asked calculatingly. "I told Tony that Alex couldn't keep a secret from you."

"He didn't tell me," Jamie answered in defense of Alex. "I guessed it the day we were in Hogsmeade - the day you made the plans."

"And you never said anything," Amanda responded in surprise.

"I wanted to, but Alex advised against it," Jamie said glumly. "He said you specifically didn't want me to know."

"It's not that I didn't want you to know," Amanda said, tears coming to her eyes. "You're my best friend. You can't imagine how many times I wanted to talk to you; cry on your shoulder. It's just that you're so close to Professor Granger. I was afraid you'd go to her and that she'd contact my parents and Tony's."

"Amanda, that's what you should do," Jamie said emphatically. "This plan is dangerous and illegal; you could even die."

"Don't you understand," Amanda said, tears now flowing freely. "I'd rather die then have to tell my parents that I've totally disappointed them. I'm their little girl. Mum had three miscarriages before she was able to carry me full term. They think I'm special."

"I'm not going to be kicked out of Hogwarts at sixteen because I'm pregnant. I can't hurt them that way. Besides," she added desolately, "it would ruin Tony's life, too. His father has plans for him to work at the Ministry. I doubt very much that they'd hire him at sixteen without him finishing Hogwarts. How would we take care of ourselves, yet alone a baby? It wouldn't be fair to the child."

"It's not exactly fair to the child to terminate its life either," Jamie said harshly, without thinking.

"Don't you think I've been anguishing about that," Amanda cried. "What if I have problems like my Mum and I'm never able to have another child? I could be aborting my only chance of having a baby."

Jamie put her arm around Amanda and drew her friend close to her. "But if anyone finds out, you could go to Azkaban. Is the clinic safe? Where did you get the money?"

"Jamie, that's why you must promise not to tell anyone," Amanda begged. "I wouldn't last a day in that horrible place." Amanda got off the bed and started to pace the room. "Tony had an account at Gringotts. He had to close it plus beg some money off his parents. Of course, he didn't say what it was for. He gave it to me tonight."

"What about the clinic?" Jamie pushed.

"There is no clinic," Amanda answered hesitantly. "I'm not exactly sure where the procedure will take place."

"Amanda, there must be another way," Jamie implored. "Please talk to Professor Ganger. Hermione is a wonderful person. You can trust her."

Amanda turned and looked at Jamie resolutely. "Jamie, I love you," she said calmly. "You are my best friend and I think the world of you. But if you try to stop me or go to Professor Granger, I'll hate you and never speak to you for the balance of my life."

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Amanda stepped through the magnificent wrought iron gates, flanked with stone columns topped with winged boars and proceeded down the long sloping road that lead to Hogsmeade. Briefly, she stopped and looked back at the many turrets and towers of the ancient castle wondering fearfully if she would ever view them again. The instructions the owl delivered at breakfast had been specific and she had followed them precisely.

For the security of all involved, the time of your appointment has been altered. Upon delivery of this letter, gather your belongings, including the fee, and immediately proceed to Hogsmeade. Come alone and tell no one.

You will be watched. Should it appear, in any way, that you are being followed, you will not be contacted.

Follow all instructions and you will be returned to the main gate late this afternoon.

It was shortly after nine when she was logged out by Filch, who had looked at her skeptically, but made no comment. Amanda was sure Filch was wondering why she was departing so early and unaccompanied.

As she nervously ambled down the lane tightly clutching the bag containing the 'healer's fee', she frequently looked from side to side, but saw no one. The air was chilly, but it promised to be a beautiful sunny day for the students visiting the village. Today's visit would not be one that she would likely enjoy or soon forget.

Amanda, feeling extremely jumpy, was frightened by the voice of an aged witch, who seemed to have appeared from nowhere, standing beside the road. "Not lost are you, my dear," the old woman cackled.

Amanda clutched her sack of Galleons tightly as she nervously shook her head, no.

"If you be Amanda Pierce, then it would be I that you are seeking," the woman hooted.

"Are you the 'healer'? I thought you were meeting me outside the post office?" Amanda questioned, her body feeling sweaty despite the cool temperatures.

"Healer? You use the word slackly," the old woman said with a snicker. "No, I'm just the delivery person. I am here to take you to your appointment. Now quickly step off the road and into the cover of the trees before anyone sees us."

Amanda did as she was instructed and soon they were out of sight of the road.

"I must do a blinding spell on you," the old witch said almost apologetically. "We can't have you knowing details of his location."

Amanda nodded her head grudgingly.

"The walk will take in the region of an hour, but most of it is on smooth paths. Take my hand and I will guide you," the elderly woman ordered after performing the charm.

The woman's hand was rough, due to both age and over a century of toil, but Amanda held it tightly. She had no alternative but to trust this witch.

After what seemed like hours, the woman told her to stop and then guided her through a doorway. "I'll remove the spell in a moment," she crackled. "Close you eyes now and then open them very slowly in order to allow them to adjust to the light gradually."

As Amanda opened her eyes and attuned to her environment, she was on the verge of tears. This was certainly no clinic; in fact, it had no resemblance to any health facility she had ever seen. It had more the appearance of a store, a very filthy, grimy store that specialized in the dark arts. Evil-looking masks stared down at her from the walls. Rusty spiked instruments hung from the ceiling and an assortment of dust covered human bones lay upon the counters.

"I trust you had no trouble," Amanda heard a man's voice inquire of the witch. "Does she have the fee?"

"Everything went smoothly," the elderly witch replied. "I imagine the fee is in that sack she is clutching to her chest ever so tightly. What time should I return for her?"

"If everything goes in the approved manner, she should be ready to be returned by three," he said.

Amanda heard a door close and then there was silence, chilling silence. The old witch evidently had left by a rear door and now Amanda was alone in this place with him. She waited nervously. Part of her, a very large part, wanted to turn and dash. She wanted to open the door and run back to Hogwarts, never giving a glance back. But then what?

Instead she just stood, trembling and waited until he entered the room.

"Well now, you are a pretty one," he said, slimily. "I can certainly see why the boys would be anxious to poke you. Have you brought the fee?"

At first Amanda just stared at the man aghast, then she handed him the sack of Galleons.

"I don't even have to count these, do I?" he asked. "I bet your arms are tired from carrying all that weight."

"Are you the one that is going to...?"

"Rid you of that bastard growing within you?" he interrupted. "Yes, that would be me."

Amanda tried to hide the horror she felt inside. She didn't want this filthy, greasy man touching her. Her eye dropped to his hands. Although they appeared semi-washed, his fingernails were embedded with dirt.

"We'll be doing the procedure in the backroom," he said matter-of-factly. "Take your clothes off and come back as soon as you're ready."

"Take off my clothes?" Amanda said, alarmed.

The man looked at Amanada incredulously. "There is no magical way to unimpregnate you lass. I have to go in and take that fetus out the same way Muggles do. It's very messy and you're wasting valuable time. Take everything off and be quick about it."

Amanda was about to ask if he had a dressing gown for her, but after taking another look around the room, deduced the answer.

He returned to the backroom and once again Amanda studied the door to the shop. She could run. He wouldn't come after her. Of course he wouldn't; he had the money now. But if she ran, she'd still be pregnant.

If she lived, this would most assuredly be remembered as the worse day of her life. Amanda took a deep breath and started to slowly remove her clothes. First she removed her winter robes, followed by her boots and socks and then finally her skirt and blouse. She hesitated for a few moments and then undid her bra. Finally, she took a deep breath and slipped out of her knickers.

Amanda was naked, but her legs refused to move. There was no way she could just strut starkers into that room with him there.

"I could have undressed and dressed three times by now," he bellowed, sternly. "You have ten seconds to get back here or you can end up delivering that bastard child of yours."

Tears streamed from Amanda's eyes as walked toward the backroom, covering herself as best as possible with her hands and arms.

The first sight that greeted her was him, dressed in his dry-blood splattered smock taking a quick drink from his hip flask. Then she saw the operating table; an old workbench with a stained sheet covering the wood.

"You certainly are a pretty one," he said as he studied Amanda, lecherously, all the while puffing on a cigarette. "Sit your pretty arse on the end of the table."

Amanda did as ordered and than sat with her legs squeezed together and arms crossed across her chest, her hands covering her breasts.

He handed her a glass containing a bubbling potion. Amanda sighed, in relief that at least the glass appeared clean. "That is a sleeping draft," he said, while his eyes remained fixed on her body. "Once you are completely prepared, I will also put you in stasis. The combination of the two should prevent you feeling any pain. When you wake up, it will all be over."

Amanda looked at the glass apprehensively, recognizing that once she swallowed the potion, she would be helpless in this man's hands.

"Drink it now," he said impatiently. "Every last drop."

Amanda leaned her head back and drank. As she swallowed the last bit, she thought of Tony and wondered if she would ever see his face again.

"It will take a few minutes for the potion to take affect," he said in a businesslike manner. "Meanwhile I'll begin to prepare you. Lie back on the table with you head at this end."

Amanda did as instructed, realizing the futility in trying to any longer hide her shame.

"Now then, spread your legs as far apart as possible. If you can, grab the sides of the table with your toes," he ordered.

Amanda blushed deeply as she once again followed his orders.

"The pubic hair will have to go," he said reaching for his wand and performing the hair removal spell. "It's not hygienic."

The sleeping potion was evidently starting to take hold because Amanda was beginning to feel drowsy. She almost laughed at the absurdity of his remark. Considering the pains she had taken washing this morning, her body was more than likely a great deal cleaner than anything in this room. This was her last thought prior to falling into a deep sleep.

He hesitated before proceeding. This one was indeed quite attractive, younger and far better looking than he would ever legitimately enjoy. He couldn't stop gawking at her. Finally, he was overwhelmed by the temptation. He started caressing her nude body, first with one hand and then both, being sure not to miss a spot and paying special attention to the moist folds between her legs.

The more he caressed her, the more intense his needs became. His body was begging for pleasurable relief and the vessel for such liberation lie just before him. She'd never know. He hastily removed the bloodstained smock and then dropped his pants and boxers to his ankles.

End Chapter 16

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